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  • clansaw Level 1 Level 1

    Hi, newbie here! I was a little concerned on battery life with my new 16 GB iPhone 5 after using the iPhone 4 for last 2 years.. Which lead me here.. However mine seems pretty good compared to what I have read, but not as good as my iPhone 4.. Hope it's an iOS 6 issue and it gets better, anyway for the record. I unplugged my iPhone 5 this morning at 7:30, I have surfed the web, plenty eBay use, Facebook, texts, a couple of calls and some music and I'm currently at 24% battery left 11 and 1/2 hrs later, which doesn't seem too bad.. I have plenty apps and iCloud etc running too. Hope everyone gets better performance soon :-)

  • ebrown711 Level 1 Level 1

    After 6hours 20minutes of being off of the charger I must now recharge my phone as I am down to 5 percent. Apple needs to address this ASAP.

  • keepshorting Level 1 Level 1

    Why are these battery issues such a huge surprise?  LTE coverage in America is weak in most areas and the phone is constantly hunting for a signal which is draining the battery very fast.  Certain areas have excellent LTE coverage, like Silicon Valley, and if Apple limited their research to that area then they made a huge blunder because they are overestimating battery life.  You can download some apps to preserve battery life but that only helps a little.  I would recommend downloading an app that lets you toggle between 3G and 4G and keep it on 3G until coverage in your area gets better.  Your provider doesn't want you to do that because they want you to consume as much data as possible so your monthly bill is higher.

  • Bythehour Level 1 Level 1

    Off charger for 6 hours. Limited usage.  Down to 20%.  This is completely unacceptable.  Rethinking my switch to iPhone.

  • RkoViper81 Level 1 Level 1

    I am also noticing the same battery issue that was happening with the 4S we don't have 4G LTE in my area so I have tured it off but I hate that there is no toggle to turn off the 3G I don't want it running when I am at home connected to WiFi

  • terrorgear Level 1 Level 1

    Can confirm seeing fast drain as well.


    Today my phone was at 93%. I took a call that lasted 36 minutes and my battery dropped to 48%

    The only thing syncing on my phone are Photos (iCloud is still restoring photo albums). all other background apps are closed and push for mail is disabled. I'm also in a non-LTE area.

  • t.katz Level 1 Level 1

    For grins I did a backup then DFU restore on my iPhone 5 (and restored the backup) and its been 2 and a half hours off the charger now and still 100% (LTE enabled but not available in my area, on ATT 4G)... before that it was dropping a full percent every few minutes.  Still too early I think to tell if this worked, though.

  • nmyounsi Level 1 Level 1

    I bought iphone5 from 3 in London. 5% battery is draining every 10 minutes without any browsing, just used for messaging. It is also getting really warm from the back. I will take this to my operator tomorrow to see if they can do anything.

    Apple has to fix this otherwise I will leave the Apple Brand. It is my first experience with Apple and it turn out be a worst experience so far. I was on S2 and it was working really good. Thinking going back to S3

  • peppersdad Level 1 Level 1

    I'm having the same issue. I tried putting the phone in Airplane mode for a little while but the problem persisted, so I don't think this has anything to do with 4G or Wi-Fi.

  • clansaw Level 1 Level 1

    Just to update, my iPhone 5 has been in use now for 16hrs and still at 9% battery remaining. I'd say thats far less than my iPhone 4 but its had probably more use, being a new phone and getting used to it.

    However, 4G - LTE compatible, as far as I'm aware there is no 4G - LTG network available in the UK? At least on my network, Three? So I'm just good ol' 3G.

    I hope there is a fix, I'd like to see a little more life left being a night owl!

  • waynefrompoway Level 1 Level 1

    I checked my email three times during my lunch - no apps running in the background, no Bluetooth, on LTE and after lunch I had lost 30% of power!!!!


    I hope this is a software thing...


    Pales in comparison to my iPhone 4.

  • selfmadewinter Level 1 Level 1

    I am having the same experience as t.katz, I did a restore to factory settings and now I feel like my battery is draining at a reasonable rate, for sure not as slow as it was.  It was going down at over 25% per hour with perodic texting.  I too am skeptical that the restore fixed it but it is working thus far.

  • t.katz Level 1 Level 1

    FWIW, I'm at almost 5 and a half hours since I restored, and with light usage I'm now at 94%.

  • badbill_uk Level 1 Level 1

    I charged my iPhone 5 up last night after draining battery till it powered off. Charged it over night and started using it at 745am for web browsing via wifi, downloading apps, Facebook and games for few hours. Battery was at 80%. Went out for hour and used 3G to check Facebook, got home and been playing games for most of afternoon. Had brightness set at 50% and battery has finally died at 1130pm !!! Amazing battery life. Has everyone conditioned their batteries ? I.e drained and fully charged.

  • some one Level 1 Level 1

    I had charged the phone overnight and at 8:00 am it was 100% now through the day I was not using it much just for a couple of text messages, a 1 min call and for driving directions for like 30 minutes. And at 1:30 pm it was down to 17%. *** !!! A new phone that cannot give even a days worth of charge is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE !!! I never had a phone die on me in the middle of the day. FIX IT APPLE !!


    Just to compare I got two iphones one from Sprint and other from verizon. The Sprint one refses to activate no matter what and i left it in the morning at 49% when I got back home at 7:30 pm it was 28% still trying to activate  Both phones have been restored from a previous iphone, so both have the same apps. And I do not have a bunch of apps running. Just the basics, mail, message, facebook, clock, safari, starbucks, maps. Nothing that is constantly looking for a data connection.



    I also live in an area with good LTE coverage both from Sprint and Big Red.

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