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    Umm..didn't they advertise that the 5 has a better battery life?  That means BETTER.  Not better if your adjust your use to help the battery!

  • crescentrose Level 1 (0 points)

    Now I'm curious why you're in here in this forum batting down people's concerns, one by one?  Curious hobby.

  • crescentrose Level 1 (0 points)

    Nice handle

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    The iphone 5 being my first apple purchase, having had the problem with battery drain, phoned apple care ( might as well of phoned the brick wall outside for what use that was ) reading from a script solved nothing, found searching on google more helpful. I know this type of problem and customer service has insured that it will be my last apple purchase, I find it disgusting that you buy a so called high end mobile phone and it barely fit for the purpose.

    I was going to purchase a apple pc system to go with the iphone, Apple have about as much chance of me purchasing one of their systems as lord lucan turning up.


    APPLE this is disgusting you are treating people you need to sort your problems, we are not beta testers for your products, it just ensures you will not have any future sales

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    I share some of your feelings, but wanted to go wireless, and after trying the 3 android sets, I came back to iphone. The 5 uses more energy than my 4, and gets shorter battery  life.


    However, I don't think they screwed anything up to cause the problems you and I see.


    Perhaps, if we had both read the very thorough CNET review, we would have been forwarned about the overheating and short battery life when using all the bells and whistles.


    For my money, I intend to stay with it, because it"s still better than the competition available at this time.


    BTW, the other thread on this seems to be locked.



  • coolkenny13 Level 1 (15 points)

    Really the other thread is locked. I'm sad because they have already reached the final 6.1 beta 4 and there's no mention of a battery fix in any of the betas. I guess 6.1 isn't going to help and after feb-mar I might have to start looking at competition. Hope blackberry 10 supports LTE

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    There's no mention because it doesn't exist.  6.1 beta 4 does nothing to improve the battery at all.  It might even be worse.  I can't even tell anymore.  The phone is a battery draining machine.  I understand that being the case on LTE but the fact that it is just as bad on 3G is what makes me so angry.  Basically, there is absolutely no way to have anything close to the previous iphones in terms of battery life unless you shut off cellular data ... really helpful, right? I can't believe so many people just let the issue go and went on using their battery draining phone. This says to Apple: "they aren't returning them. we can get away with this" -  - - awesome! what a great company!

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    Yup, apple locked that thread and its kinda hard to find it unless you really search for it. I'm assuming it was locked because it started taking a wrong direction and discussed downgrading to 6.0.1.


    I thought apple would've released 6.0.3 before Christmas Day knowing that there were now EVEN MORE users with horrible battery life after upgrading their software. This obviously wasn't the case and they still can't fix this problem.

  • cocktail5555 Level 1 (50 points)

    Even in airplane mode the battery is draining fast.


    Really, the only time I notice a little better battery life is when I'm connected to Wifi all day. As soon as I leave a wifi signal and 4G/LTE takes over the battery suffers tremendously.


    I'm hoping after today, with all the new iPhone 5 users, more people will notice the battery drain and speak up like all of us here.

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    Guys....   It's not going to change with 6.1.   Make a decision to:


    1. Carry a charge around and get a car charger.

    2. Trade the phone in and head in another direction.  


    Hand wringing and whining about it are just a huge waste of time.  If you can't live with the battery life, go buy a RAZR MAXX and see if that OS will make you happy.   Personally, I still prefer iOS and the seamless way that APPLE products work with each other.


    For now, I'll keep my i5, charge it as much as necessary and enjoy what it does so well.   Maybe APPLE will come to its senses with i6 and increase battery capacity to Mach the power requirements of the phone!

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    This is an unacceptable attitude.  This is clearly not "just the way the phone is".  It performs amazingly without cellular data.  Yesterday I had 2 days standby and over 7.5 hours heavy WiFi usage with 20% still left.  It' only with cellular data and there IS a bug.

  • Jameson! Level 1 (40 points)

    You're dreaming.   It's not a bug, it's a design flaw.  The dual antenna used to manage LTE and 3G, ***** the battery power down.   The i5 requires more power to operate in cellular mode, but Apple chose to make the phone thinner and keep the same battery capacity, instead of leaving the thickness alone and sticking in a bigger battery.


    You can moan and groan all you want, but battery and power physics are what they are.   6.1 is not going to fix the problem.   That'll be the third firmware version dropped into the i5.   How many more will it take for you to believe it is not a firmware issue?

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    You are dead wrong OBVIOUSLY because iPhone 4 and 4S are having the same problem with the new versions of the OS.  Furthermore if 3G/LTE is such a power hog why has it not been an issue in previous iPhones?

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    Ummmmm...   iPhone 5 is the FIRST model to utilize LTE.


    THE 4s also had terrible battery life as was evidenced by a thread larger than this one when that phone was released.   On top of that, iOS 6 has the dual antenna management issues, even in those older version phones.  


    Now you can talk like you know what you're talking about all you want, but the proof is in the fact that 6.1 is in its 4th beta release and nobody is seeing better battery life.    Do you think if there was a firmware fix to be had, that the most valuable company in the world would not have come up with it after 6.0, 6.01, 6.02 and 4 beta versions of 6.1????


    Give us a break, ok?   The iPhone needs a bigger battery.   Period!

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    Why are you such a retard?  Can't you see the screen shots that some people get the normal 8 hours and some get 2?  Some peoples batteries drain in standby while others don't.