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    Say guy.. Apple care here in the states r sayin that your post is a fraud. They claim that the battery replacement kit/process is not avaliable and is still pending or waiting for approval or some ****.. Thats what i was told yesterday when trying to get my battery replaced in my iphone 5. They r more than happy to give me another phone tho..


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    Well I believe the point is when you unplug it from an overnight charge it immediately goes to 98 or 97%. Not that how you charge it makes the battery life better. I agree with you that flip the cable on either side or use usb isnt gonna do squat for battery lilfe. However, if its not starting with a full charge to begin with then............


    I have a 4s and for whatever reason if I unplug in the AM its on 98% or 97% and steadly drops from there. But what I have found is if I shut down the device, then plug in the charger and let it power on and never log it back in (passworded) it ALWAYS is on 100 % and remains that way for several hours (if on standby) and even with some use will remain charged longer. Like you I am on wifi most of the time and I get great battery life, I have a few tweaks done but not missing any features. 1 day10 hr std by and 3 hr use with 60% remaining or 15 hrs stdby and 7 hr use with 5% remaining are some typical times. Anyway if I dont do the turn off then it doesnt start out at fully charged and I get less. Guess that is the point. 


    Maybe you guys should try that with the 5 and see if it matters. I cannot figure out whats running causing mine to behave this way (close all apps, turn off wifi, etc) but 100% of the time if I shut down first then plug in and let it power on and not log back on it starts with a full battery 100% and lasts a long time.  I gave up trying to figure out why and just do that process and it works.

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    Dont get to hung on on battery life for beta software. Its typically never like it will be for the final release due to changes and other logs and such Apple is generating for debug etc.  While some reports are currently positive if you are running beta and not getting great battery life it doesnt mean its not fixed or wont be when final is released.

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    Well actually you are correct about the 4s. iOS 5.0 was BAD and the thread about battery life approached a million. (you were there too ) However 5.0.1 then 5.1 then 5.11 all got better. I am running 6.0.1 currently and it has better battery life now than it did when it was new over a year ago with iOS5.  The best yet. So yes the iOS/software CAN and does make a difference. My 1 yr 2 month old battery lasts WAY better now than it did when I first unboxed the phone with iOS5 and only thing that changed was iOS (and the battery got older) Wonder if I had a new battery and iOS 6.0.1 if I could get even better? hmmm just thought of that,



    Jameson! wrote:


    Ummmmm...   iPhone 5 is the FIRST model to utilize LTE.


    THE 4s also had terrible battery life as was evidenced by a thread larger than this one when that phone was released.   On top of that, iOS 6 has the dual antenna management issues, even in those older version phones.  


    Now you can talk like you know what you're talking about all you want, but the proof is in the fact that 6.1 is in its 4th beta release and nobody is seeing better battery life.    Do you think if there was a firmware fix to be had, that the most valuable company in the world would not have come up with it after 6.0, 6.01, 6.02 and 4 beta versions of 6.1????


    Give us a break, ok?   The iPhone needs a bigger battery.   Period!


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    I will be happy if i lose 4% overnight on battery like firmware 6.0.1 did

    with this 6.0.2 I am losing around 40% overnight.

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    Yeah I have heard a lot of folks got better wifi but lost battery with 6.0.2. Thats too bad. Further to the point that the iOS version can make a difference. So all hope is not lost.

    Jandyfromhuntvilla wrote:


    I will be happy if i lose 4% overnight on battery like firmware 6.0.1 did

    with this 6.0.2 I am losing around 40% overnight.

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    hey guys ,


    am sooo depressed ... thank you apple for the verry happy new year u gave me .. i spent 800 dollars for a phone doesn't last for 4 hours , i started missing my old blackberry .


    i tried everything i read all the posts all websites ... restored to 6.0.1 and its still the battery drains faster than the minutes in the clock i guess apple got confused with the clock and the battery indicator ..


    we don't have any apple stores in middle east and unfortunately i bought it in California so i cant replace it here i don't know what to do I don't want to sell it although I cannot live with this issue its making me crazy ..


    any suggestions ??

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    One thing I noticed when fiddling with deeper settings was this:


    Go to settings->iCloud->tap your apple ID at the very top->then scroll to bottom where it says advanced.


    All this time on my phone, nothing was selected. So I tapped it and made sure to select the account then tap "done".


    I am not sure if THIS is what was causing my battery drain, but if you read my earlier post one page back, you'll see that my battery was awesome yesterday.


    And again today, I took the phone off the charger at 9:30am and its now 8:39pm and my battery is 40% with:

    Usage 4hrs, 54min

    Standby 11hrs, 11mins


    Who knows if this is the case but so far the past two days I have had the best battery life I've seen since iphone 5 release day.

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    They are just fobbing you off dude - the only reason I manged to get the battery replaced was the fact the store had one in, and I asked if they could just change the battery because I have a Front and Back Zagg protector on the iPhone and I was unwilling to have to purchase another set


    The lady that dealt with me (stated she needed to go check that they had one because of how new the phone was at that time)


    She came out with it in her hand and they changed it, so go back to you Apple Store and explain to them from me that "it's not fake it's what happened, they obviously haven't had any sent through so they can't comment on the apple store here in the UK"

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    Same thing over here spent £699 uk money all I get is plugged into a charger all day and night Apple should test their firmware before releasing it.

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    Just read a report from Reuters, here's an excerpt:


    "Apple launched iPhone 5 in September and it has been reported that the new iPhone will be released in the middle of 2013.

  reported last month that Apple could unveil the next version of its iPhone as early as the spring of 2013"

    There you have it, that's going to be the fix for the battery issue.

    We've been duped into buying a subpar phone at a premium price, it also irritates me that there's been no acknowledgment from any Apple support representative to this thread.

    Here's the link for the report:


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    Hello, I had no problem with battery problem on 6.0.1 once updated to 6.0.2 battery problems started happening.

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    You're assuming that a 5s will fix the problem?   Will it include a bigger battery?   TBD in my opinion!

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    They acknowledge it and then what. What's a point of acknowledging something they can't fix. I'm sure they have been trying for a fix. And I'm sure they have bloody **** come up with nothing cuz they release a prototype instead of giving us the real thing.


    Face it. You wait for 5s and acknowledge they screwed all of us or you can move to competition. I for one will go for latter. I lost all brand faith in apple and will be going to blackberry 10 once again.



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    I agree I could even had over 10 hours standby time with this product they better come up with a fix soon.