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    PS... My autofocus does not shake.

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    There's a post that explains its the camera autofocus that rattling near the camera. If your phone shakes and gives a huge thumping noise then yes the battery is improperly placed in the phone.. But if it's not, then by all means replace your battery. I'm sure it won't make a huge difference.. Only way to determine a defective battery is that when your charging it, and it heats up your phone really hot. Then the battery can be the culprit. But other then that I best believe it's the way they made its 6.0.2 in attempt to fix the wifi is causing problems. And yes without wifi I still can push 7-8hrs of usage without wifi.

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    And there's a whole thread here explaining its the camera causing the rattle, and that it does nothing to the performance nor is it defective. As mine does rattle as well

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    I c u totally misunderstood my post about faulty assembly. I used those as an example as well as to emphasize that the battery problem COULD b due to wires not being seated correctly. As far as something in the phone shaking, I dont have that issue, sorry..


    U get 7 to 8hr of usage on either wifi r 4G so what is your actual complaint again??? I think i missed that. O yea, u advise ppl having problems to downgrade back to 6.0.1..


    Thx for the advice.. Been there, done that. Didnt wrk for me.

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    I've recently purchased an iphone 5(middle of Dec) and the battery life is truely awful. Get about 6 hours standby with minimal usage. If I play just the music I get about 2 hours and a totally dead battery. I've turned off all the features like Wifi, bluetooth etc and it makes absolutely no difference. The most galling fact is that even if I don't use it at all, it's dead after half a day.


    Tried the whole reboot thing with holding the 2 keys down (repeatedly) but makes no difference,


    If this issue has been such a prominent one (from reading the posts), why on earth haven't Apple done anything about it? Can I simply walk into a store and get a replacement or my money back (bought it sim-free)?



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    Hello, all


    I've been on this board a little over a month ago when I also had the same battery problem.  Infact, after exchanging the iPhone with a brand new(not the swappable in a brown box, but retail box) one at the Apple Store and having the same problem, I returned the iPhone to trot onto the other "greener" pasture.


    I've already used JellyBean and didn't like it.  Just a bit messy for my taste.  No elegance.  I really wanted to like Windows 8 phone.  I got the Lumia 920 and tried it out for a week.  Found that the OS lacked maturity, so I used my iPhone 4 for a while until i tried my luck at iPhone 5 again.


    This time, the battery is very acceptable.  Before, my iPhone would drain 60% (leaving me 40% in the morning) overnight while on standby.


    As for this iPhone, I get about 6-7 hours of intense uses with 1+ days worth of standby.

    I did set it up as new and I later synced icloud.  It currently has all the PUSH email off, but that's about it.  It has BT on, LTE on, WiFi also on when available.


    I couldn't tell you what made the difference and I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help.  I just hope Apple gets to the bottom of this fast because I really was disappointed with the "other" pastures.

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    hey man please come and answer my question help me with my problem

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    Same here ,since the update my battery dosent last one day ,and not using nothing ,fix this please .

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    The iPhone 5S will have a more good battery

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    I had the exact same experience as Yunivers reports. The new iPhone received on Friday is working like it should. I had 24+ hours Standby after 10+ hours of usage. I am a heavy user of various things. This I can live with.


    However, what I did different was that I just restored it from the old iPhone 5 backup. I have too much going on to setup as NEW.


    What I do want to add is - for all of you stuggling with older iPhone5 (I bought my defective one on Nov 15th) the problem IS hardware and not the iOS version.  I have struggled with the question - did the iOS 6.0.2 firmware cause a problem with the battery life - the answer is "I dont really know" - it sure looked like it. But having read all the forums and my own experience with the new iPhone - I feel it was the upgrade and something else, as in Hardware. I did DFU upgrades. I downgraded to iOS 6.0.1 and I installed from a new computer as NEW and left the phone without anything running. So I went thought all the software possibilities and then some. 


    What I am glad to report is that Apple has now fixed this issue and I am happy with Apple again. I have a friend who is using the fixed iPhone5 and he gets similar battery life and no wifi issues.


    My old Model No. was MD297HN and the new one is MD297ZP. My friend has the MD297T?. It seems like the model numbers indicate there was an issue with the xxxxxHN models and maybe before and for a bit later.

    If anyone know different please correct me. This is just my own theory. Not confirmed by Apple.


    I have left the iOS at 6.0.1 for the moment as everything is working (including wifi) so I am not upgrading.


    Also I have an iPhone 4 (8GB) that goes 2+ days standby - but is not used that much. And an iPhone 3GS(32GB)  that does 3+ days standby and is also not used much. However, both phones are on all the time.


    If you have a battery life problem and you can go in to Apple and get a replacement. Do so.

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    As I have pointed out previously


    Yes I have had my battery replaced - I showed that the battery is working great and also the invoice for the battery replacement (people have questioned it but hey I have no reason to lie about something like this) just trying to help you people out


    here is two more pictures showing how my phone has been holding up to everyday activities

    the following applications are used daily


    games/email/calls/twitter/pictures/fourquare/skype/whatsapp/instrgram/flickr/goo gle+/googlemaps/youtube -



    both picture show usage being a mixture of 3G&4G whilst at work and Wifi when at home


    image.jpgimage copy.jpg

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    I recently bought an iPhone 5 (64gb). After a few days of using I noticed that the battery was draining extremely fast and the phone overheated quited fast. I thought that the problem was in the OS, so I updated to 6.0.2. It didn't help at all. I exchanged the iPhone to a new one, but nothing changed. I also updated it to iOS 6.0.2, and it's battery also drains and the phone also overheats quite fast. For example, after charging it to 100%,I get to 70% after around 30 minutes of internet browsing on 3G, or after  35-40 minutes of playing a game. And the back of the phone gets VERY hot after about 10 minutes of playing GTA Vice City.

    I've tryed everything I've read on the net - setting it up as a new one, resetting network settings, etc., but nothing helped.

    Is there a way to fix it or, at least, find out what causes the problem? And also, is that just my phone's problem, or is it a general bug and should I expect it to be fixed in new OS versions?

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    I'm going to test my battery like you did.  It just finished recharging to 100%.  I will leave it off the charger until i get to 1% and see if mine is anywhere close to yours.  It just seems that mine doesn't get anywhere close to the battery life that my iphone 4 did.  I regularly got 2 days of use/standby out of my 4 before it needed charged.  This one seems to only be 1 day and some hours.  I'll leave it off the charger all night and see what happens by morning.



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    Simply opening the Settings app puts a strain on the battery more than any other app.. On my phone anyway.


    This battery issue can't and will not b fixed so i was doing a little experiment to c which apps r the most power hungry..

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    If you can get your phone to last through out the day and not only half a day.. Isn't that the only thing that counts? wither how long your iphone 4 battery last is different compared to iphone 5 when it uses more power then the iphone 4. So it makes sense the 5 would consume more juice then the 4. But if you can get it to last through out the day and only charge when you get home, then to me that is acceptable.. I don't need a phone that can last 2 days, even though i wish i did. A phone that can last a full day is okay for me