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  • leefromsheffield Level 1 Level 1

    what were the results after leaving the phone off charge


    I would like to point out that today I am having a crap battery day


    phone was taken off charge at 8am,with 100% battery, it is now 15.41 and the battery is at 58%


    Usage 2hours 27minutes

    Standby 7hours 46minutes


    The 2 hour usage was 40 minutes call this morning and mainly emails on 2 bars 4G at work.


    so it happens to all of us 

  • dexxter Level 1 Level 1


    yes, I stand anytime by my claim. I started doing this well after the phone had its first charges and when I have enough time to let the phone sit for that long, still do it now. As a rule of thumb I would recommend draining the battery once a month (till it dies completely) and a full recharge (the mains does it in approx. 2,5 hours; I would give it an additional hour plugged in).


    The main difference is the voltage (power): USB is "smaller" intensity (thus taking longer) than wall.

  • 1980something Level 1 Level 1

    I am on my second iphone 5.  I acquired the first one thru AT&T and returned it because of horrible battery life.  I just came back from Apple and they ran a diagnostics test and everything seemed fine.  They took my phone to the back to install some "software" and returned my phone completely reset.  The Genius stated that they just received some info on how Passbook is partly responsible for excess battery drain.  I found a passbook setting under the SETTINGS>GENERAL>CELLULAR>PASSBOOK UPDATES and turned it off.  I will update here whether or not this helped. 


    I do hear that the Google Nexus phone is a great sub for iPhone users.....

  • Jangeles323 Level 1 Level 1

    Have you considered trying to calibrate your battery? I was getting the same results as you did before i calibrated it. Try killing it then from 100- till it shuts off. then fully charge it. Then drop it to about 20 then plug it in charger. NOW here is something you have to know. When you plug it in the charger, if the percent dramatically increase by like 3-4% take it off charger, and drop it to 20 again. Plug it in the charger, and if it increases again do the same thing over and over. Till when you charge it it shows 20, then charge it to 100. Then do the same thing again, drop it too 20% or even lower just not below 10%. and see if when you charge it, the % increase rather then it shows the correct percentage before you charge it. The percentage should be close to the same before you charge it or if not repeat the same process. For some reason, when i did this, my battery has been good so far, dropped about 3-4% over night from 100% about (10hrs). But also some people found results in killing the battery 3 times, but i wouldn't advice doing it more then once a month because these batteries aren't meant to be killed..

    not sure if this even make sense lol but it worked out for me

  • leefromsheffield Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you for the post on calibration but I fear you have not read past posts of mine, I was asking a direct question to someone who was trying what I normally do


    My normal usage is 8-10 hours with 1.5 days standby, the reason for my fast drain today has been isolated to GPS settings being on constantly


    Again thanks for the heads up

  • Jangeles323 Level 1 Level 1

    Oh i see, then yeah gps can kill your battery if you have every app having it constantly on..

  • kbevz Level 1 Level 1

    Hi guys you shold try this

    and see video here

    and write repply

  • paulfromhere Level 1 Level 1

    Do you know if the apps poll the gps even when they're not running?


    If not, is there any way to test this?


    This is a question for me as I have a lot of apps that could use it, but I keep them stopped most of the time.


    They mention a purple arrow icon that's supposed to appear when gps is on. I never see it on mine, unless I have one of those apps running. Is that icon working correctly.

  • Jameson! Level 1 Level 1

    Battery Doctor will let you display everything which is running on your device.   You may want to download it and investigate.

  • BuferaRomena Level 1 Level 1

    IPhone 5 6.0.2 ... tried that tip two hours ago, recharged to 92% ... 3G on ... 41 mins + 1h22mins Standby ... 82% ... fingers crossed ... I will tell you tomorrow.

    If it will not work ... I will DOWNGRADE to 6.0.1

  • tim3k Level 1 Level 1

    BuferaRomena wrote:


    IPhone 5 6.0.2 ... I will DOWNGRADE to 6.0.1

    I thing i've got some bad news for you...

  • BuferaRomena Level 1 Level 1

    I guess that it will not be done ... isn't?
    A collegue of mine who purchased an iphone 5 months ago told me that in the first three or four weeks his battery was a §.it, then, without any trick, it start to run better. He said me "be patient"

  • tim3k Level 1 Level 1

    BuferaRomena wrote:

    I guess that it will not be done ... isn't?

    Right, so far there is no was to downgrade the iPhone 5.

    A collegue of mine who purchased an iphone 5 months ago told me that in the first three or four weeks his battery was a §.it, then, without any trick, it start to run better. He said me "be patient"

    Well, my phone is 3 months old now, nothing has been improved. Still the same behaviour: 3G on = 2-4 hours of light usage, 7-8 all together; 3G off = 8-9 hours usage, up to 24 hours standby

  • IL mac Level 1 Level 1

    Based on experience on my own iphone 5, there may be some glitches in battery usage display. I unplugged my phone at 100% this morning and within less than 2 hours it dropped down to 95% with minimal use (2 min usage, less than 2 hours standby). I did a Reset all settings and the battery display went back up to 99% and the battery drain seems to be slower (drops only 1 percent during about the same amount of time). The percentage going back up after a reset leads me to believe the problem is related to capacity calculation and display. If the problem has to do with actual usage, the reset should not have caused an increaed in capacity. I am sure iphone 5 or iOS 6 is using more battery but I think this glitch is making things worse. This is the second time I have done the reset and each time the batter capacity went up after the reset. So, it's not a permanent fix and it seems to come back randomly. I hope they find the problem soon. It's somewhat of a pain to reestablish all the wi-fi's, wallpapers, and whatever other settings that function wiped out.