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    The guy wanted to know how to flash a rom, so i gave a full on description in how to do it.. Android is moving up and becoming better and better.. Pretty soon it will be up in par if not better than ios.. 4.2 is an amazing os since i played with it with on my bros phone (cm 10.1).. Its not all about ios anymore, android is becoming an option now.

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    Thanks Jangeles323!  I really appreciate it and apologize for the brief discussion about Android.  Again, I have been a Apple loyalist for years, and just recently came over to Android.  So, this is all new to me...I wanted to keep my iPhone 5...I really did.  But, like you say, Android is better and I hear 4.2 is actually better than iOS.  We will see...nonetheless, thanks and I will definitely register with XDA. 


    Back on track...I did contact Mophie today and they said a battery pack for the iPhone 5 should be here shortly (she hinted at the next couple of weeks).  The juice pack pro (available for the 4s) should be available by summer.  I also contacted Apple today...once again, they tell me that there is no battery fix and basically the only way to get a good 8-10 hour day out of the phone is to shut things off in settings and only use the minimum needed.  Bottom line, it all falls back to the small 1440mAh's simply not big enough for the average to above average user to get through a full day.  So, either a battery pack or battery case is the obivous but unfortunate option.  Again, what in the world was Apple thinking????

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    Im getting good enough battery for it to last the whole day. Only things turned off are some notifications shut off like games as facebook (annoying as ****) to keep my phone from cluttering my lockscreen notifications. Other than that, majority is on minus bluetooth

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    I can't believe Apple said that. My first ip5 was a dud, but this replacement is getting great battery life. Today I unplugged it around 6am. I've used it a bunch. Streamed Thor on amazon prime for 2 hours just to stress the battery. Surfed a bunch. Checked email and weather channel a lot. Bluetooth is always on. Notifications on. Wifi and cellular settings all on. Couldn't tell you how many apps open in background. Still at 40% after all that.


    Last 4 days I've been skiing with it in my pocket. I took video and pictures. Bad wifi at resort with all our devices not related to ip5 wifi issues. Only had 3G at resort but after a whole day of skiing and taking pics vids and checking emails and weather was at 70-80% each day.

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    guys iphone is seems to be good phone read some info here...

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    All that was with personal hotspot on as well. I forgot that. Turned it on during our drive to the resort Friday so the kids could kill my data plan with their iPad minis. :)  they did. I got charged for overages. Wish I'd have bought it outright and kept my unlimited data.

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    Good news regarding the only solution to this *****  iphone 5 battery (which is a battery case or being tied to an power outlet). My close friend who is a manager for sprint said that it shows in their inventory that the iP5 Mophie Juicepacks should be delievered to their warehouse sometime this week. I would be suprised if we don't see or hear about them publicly before the end of this month.

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    ok, I'm down to 1%.  I got about 10 hours total.  I got almost 6 hours of usage.  For the last couple hours, I cranked the brightness up to 100%.  I think my battery is getting better as I use it.  Without streaming video for 4 hours and having the brightness up for 1/2 that, I think I'd get at least a full day of reasonable usage out of it without a charge, which is all I expect or care about.  I can charge it every night.  I hope you all get to this point.  If you're having problems, get it replaced until wifi works well, and your battery will work all day.


    Good luck,


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    I left the phone on for 55 hours and battery was still at 51%. This was after the initial immediate restart following the full charge I posted earlier. During that time it was just standby time (on both wifi and LTE) and some light use (short calls, some app use, and imessage). I am now following this practice after every full charge. I did the same this morning and after 14+ hours, battery is still at 91%. Again, just standby with some light use (but at least 1 hour connected to bluetooth while driving).

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    IL Mac,


    Are you mostly attached to wifi?

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    After leaving it unplugged all night I still had 100%. 8 hours 11 minutes of standby. 18 minutes of use.



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    I am on my 2nd iPhone. This one is no different. But I have learnt to compromise. It's a shame that this product is subpar and we paid a premium ( I paid around $850 to get this in India).


    Some of the things I have in common with most of you are -


    1. Extremely poor battery life when on 3G( 1% drop every 2 mins)

    2. Wi - Fi is as expected. but you have to shut down your cellular data radio to achieve that. While it sleeps - it connects to cellular data that drains the battery real bad. That is why most of us are seeing extreme drainage even on standby.


    3. The newest observation is - while on EDGE ( as we have just 3G or EDGE  and no LTE) the battery is getting close to 7-8 hours of usage easily. And now I keep it on EDGE and switch to 3G ONLY WHEN  I need data intensive tasks.

    For whatsapp and push I am okay with EDGE.


    4. While at 100% - the battery stays for about 50 minutes and then starts to drop. But when that did not happen this morning ( went down to 98% with in 11 minutes) , I restarted my iPhone and saw it at 100% again.


    5. The battery holds on at 1% but not anywhere close to - when on 100%.


    6. I have switched auto detection of time zone. Not sure if that helped.


    7. The phone gets heated even while browsing  on 3G.


    8. I have tested my 3G and EDGE experience on at least two operators and found the results almost identical.


    I have been offered another replacement by Apple Support guys but I have refused and would wait till 6.1 is here.One of the guy has given me his email and has found all my observations helpful and he would share it with his design team.


    I am gonna send them an email later today.





    Current Status:



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    Just curious how do you get to post your screen shot, as I haven't been able to get the forum to accept mine?


    I see similar funny things happen around 100%, sometimes it drops overnight and other times not. I wonder if it's a goofy reading or an actual battery loss.


    I thought the bug you mention about switching to data from wi-fi when on standby was fixed. Are you able to verify that it's still happening.


    You don't mention anything about brightness level, but it can cut the battery duration in half. It's worth playing with the Auto Brightness Off and using the slider to set it as low as possible.



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    Funny enough i can still verify it happens to me . Im still on 6.0.1 . I have no intention on going to 6.0.2 because of the scary battery drains ..


    Im on wifi at home .At first i thought i was seeing things, but just when im about to unlock the phone i can see its on 3g for a minute second and then it changes back to wifi

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    I don't see that here. Mine shows wi-fi as soon as the screen lights up when I hit the button.