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    maybe you should get the phone replaced. Because even on 6.0.1 where wifi was a huge issue i was still getting full bars and it would drop as i go away from it. Which indicates it is working as expected. I am on 6.1 official build and my wifi has always been the same. I had beta 5 yesterday before i restored to the official build and the battery lasted me about almost a full day with almost 7hrs of usage on lte. I guess every iphone 5 works differently compared to others..

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    spyd4r wrote:


    Since upgrading "Personal Hotspot" is now greyed out. What gives?


    If restarting doesn't fix it, try updaring your carrier profile.

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    Not seeing any major difference. Held charge at 100% for about 30 minutes. Now the usage is 1 Hour 43 minutes and the battery reads 77%. No heavy usage. Just one message over whatsapp. 7-8 web pages optimized for mobile phones. 3-4 emails - reading and not writing. That's pretty much it. Push email was on. Now have switched that off. Pretty disappointed. photo.jpg



    Note: I am on 3G. And that is what I am disappointed with.

    I see as expected stats on Wi-Fi. 2G is okay ( around 6.30- 7.00 hours of usage)

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    While you write on the rich text box provided for writing new posts/replies, you will see the camera button - right next to bullets. Clicking on will bring up a pop-up to insert images.





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    Did 6.1 fix the battery issue people had with 6.0.2?

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    Nothing changed on my end. Took the phone off the charger at 3am. (100%) left the phone in sleep mode for the entire time. Didn't even pick it up to check the time. At 8am, the battery was down to 71% and said I had 2hrs, 40min of usage. I NEVER TOUCHED THE PHONE!

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    Do you use iCloud?   After an upgrade, reset, etc., the phone will spend a lot of time syncing and backing up via iCloud.   I would suggest leaving the phone settings alone for a couple fo days and see if things settle out.

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    cocktail5555, was your battery life OK under 6.0.1?  Also, I suggest getting System Activity Monitor to see if there is a runaway process.  The normal CPU usage on an iPhone 5 should be about 2-5%.

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    I had the beta 5 installed so I am a day ahead of most and had time to let things "settle in". Yes, I use iCloud but that shouldn't make a difference. I've used iCloud on all my devices with no trouble.


    I did a full restore, set up phone as new, then synced over iCloud just my contacts. Then synced everything through iTunes. Charged the phone fully and and used the rest of the night. Used it all day yesterday only at home over wifi. My iCloud backup was taken and everything in regular working order(except battery life).


    Charged the phone before bed last night. Like I stated, unplugged at 3am with full 100% charge and when I woke up at 8am it had dropped 30%. The phone should only drop maybe 3-5% max in that time with absolutely NO usage.

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    Here are my intial obsersvations using beta 5.  I'm at 50% with 4.5hr useage and 21 hours of standby on a mix of both wifi and 4G.  I've had pretty good usage stats in the past, but I've never had such great standby simultaneously.


    It's only been a day but so far it appears that there is a marked improvement of drain related to cellular connection.  Hope this continues and that everyone sees an improvement

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    Not trying to challenge you at all.   Just relating what I have seen with the i5.   My wife and I both have them from the first day of release.   Every time we do an update, we see usage spike for a couple of days, then settle out.


    I also manage the wireless program for my company and have over 30 i5's out there now.   Nobody is screaming about some of the horrible battery life experiences that many in here have reported, but that's not to say that people arent experiencing issues and not speaking up.   I would just expect that with well over 30 handsets out there, spread all over the country, I would be getting SOME complaints.


    My phone is plugged in and sreaming radio on wifi right now, so I cannot comment.   I also updated my iPad Mini this morning at about 5:30am and now, at 4.5 hours later, it still displays 100%.  


    I'll toy with the phone over the next couple of days.  


    BTW, I have noted a significant improvement in wifi stability and speeds.

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    Hi Jameson, when you are speaking of improved wifi are you referring to the iP5 or the mini or both? And improved over 6.0.2 ?

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    BOTH, but please remember, it's only been a handful of hours!   I hate to jump to any conclusions.......

    sbailey4 wrote:


    Hi Jameson, when you are speaking of improved wifi are you referring to the iP5 or the mini or both? And improved over 6.0.2 ?

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    Hmm...battery life is affecting me as well and i want to update to 6.1 but i go to General/Settings/Software Update and it tells me that "iOS 6.1 beta 4" is available....Didn't the official 6.1 came out yesterday (i.e. non-beta) ??

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    Yes it was released yesterday. Beta 4 expired Monday morning Jan 28th at 12:00 so you wont be able to get it. Not sure why the update is telling you there is an expired beta available. Were you running beta iOS 6.1 already? Beta 5 was pushed to developers on Saturday and the release to public Monday (which appear to be the same build as I understand).