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    Hey I believe Mark replied to Calebs response not you. You dont have to prove anything to anyone here.  As long as your phone is working as you expect it to and you are happy with it thats what matters. If you have information to maybe help someone else here then post it. Remember most here are disgruntled because they are here because their devices are not functioning as they should so they are here looking for assistance or information from other users that may help their situation.  Of course you will get some calling you Fanboy or Apple spy or dismissing that what you say is the truth or may help them. Just have to overlook it. Others will get some resolution to their issue hopefully. Everyone here has the option to do what they want with their device. Anyway glad your device is working for you!

    Shahd Elfatih wrote:




    Many thanks. I'm working on it.


    I'll find a way to post my snapshots to prove that " I'm for real " and that I'm not on "weed " like I've been called by ca1eb and mark_mark896 on this specific page of the forum.

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    Since my first reply has bee deleted by apple cos i wasent polite enough,im gonna rearange my brains.

    Shahd,man up a bit

    I can still drain the phone from full in less than 3 hours,and i belive that no other smart phone on the current market can be completely dead in such a short time

    If your problem is sorted,then im gonna go to the pub,and get awlfully drunk for the sake of you matter,but mine isnt,so lets forget about it and say to eachother"i love you"

    I love you maaan


    There apple,is that good enough for you lot??

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    Yes Shahad. Relax I responded to Caleb's drugged up comment. But if you're that paranoid maybe you too should limit your weed usage. Lol!

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    Mines a bit better on wifi with 6.1 but with 3g it still is bad. I think im going to restore a couple of times ..

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    did someone say weeeeeddddd .. oh wait the iphone is on weed. It thinks its draining slow cuz its on weed but in reality It drains itself a tad to quickly

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    Thank you for your comments and positive thinking. I guess you are right and as I mentioned earlier this forum is dedicated for us - users - to help each other work things out.


    Hats off.




    I'll consider your comments as an appology and I truly accept it.


    Everybody else,


    The deletion of ca1eb response by apple really means that the apple guys ARE FOLLOWING up everything posted in this forum and I think it's a good thing cos all our discussions about the iOS issues are tracked down to find solutions.


    I'll soon be posting everything I did since getting the 3 devices out of the box. It's gonna be a long story but I'll do my very best to make it short without omitting any points.


    Thanks to all.

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    Just so people don't think you're making it up heres my usage....


    Usage 2hrs 40min


    Standby 6 hrs 31min


    Worse than 6.0 in my opinion where previously I got about 3hrs 45min absolute minimum usage and lost no battery % overnight to where now at 6.1 I'm losing about 5% (not much but still) overnight and I'm able to drain the phone in 2hrs 40min


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    battery life continues being MUCH better,can actually use it all day like i used my iphone 4 without having to recharge.

    turns out it really WAS a software issue and not an underpowered battery.still very disappointed in apple though,gave us months of frustrations,totally unacceptable for a premium product with a very premium price.eventhough it is fixed for me this will probably be my last iphone.i refuse to pay this kind of money for a product that is released with obvious flaws and by that f*<£s its customers

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    Turbo below is a post I made in another thread. You mention with 6.0 "lost no battery % overnight ". Obviously the battery is draining if the unit is on. Apples spec for iP5 is .44% per hr in standby. So it would appear that you are seeing the same deal as I reported below. The phone most definitely should report some drain overnight.


    I believe the battery meter has changed and may be deceiving some. Before on 6.0.1, I could take my phone off charge at say 8:00 and if not doing much it would stay on 100% maybe until 12:00. Clearly with .5% per hr standby spec in 4 hrs it should be reporting at 98% . Now is seems to be more realistic. I see the meter dropping sooner but the real usage is either the same or better! I got 7 hr 15 min usage and 1 day 15 hr standby while discharging my device to calibrate the battery until it cut off. Today doing the math is was just about dead on.


    30 min use

    3 hr.30min stby



    3.5/200 =.017%  stby use .5/9= .055%  (wifi use)  100%-(.017+.055)=93%  should be remaining. So 94% is about as close as you can get I would say.


    Anyway the point here is it appears they adjusted how the battery meter reports and it seems to drop sooner than before but the real actual usage is still as it should be so it seems. (ignoring the idea that the battery meter seems to be less today than it was before 6.1 doing the same things) Anyway that is my observation.

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    Hello everybody,


    I've achieved these stats on the 3 i5 sets ( mine , wife and daughter ) after updating OTA to 6.1. These stats are pretty much the same in the 3 sets with some minor variations of course.


    Current usage/standby time:


    At 65% charge usage : 3:33 hrs standby : 8:24 hrs..

    At 40% charge usage: 5:24 hrs standby: 14:43 hrs.

    At 8% charge usage: 8:00 hrs standby: 1 day 12 hrs.


    BTW these stats are not only once, but the usual stats since I upgraded OTA to 6.1 on Monday 25/1.


    Devices out of the box with iOS6.0.1.  NEVER connected to computer. Initial setup - as a new device - no iCloud backup/restore. Immediately downloaded an app called Bump - it transfers all your contacts and photos in between iPhones - and transferred contacts and photos to each set from older iPhones ( 1 i4s set and 2 i4 sets ). I used the Bump app since I've been following this forum from September and made use of valuable comments here about connecting the new devices to a computer.


    I downloaded the other apps that each of us was using in each set - my daughter later connected to iTunes to download her music - my wife and I have iPods in our cars, so no music in the phone.

    Now to settings :

    1. Bluetooth - off. We use the earphones while driving.

    2. Notifications: a\  sort apps > manual..

    2. b\ only the apps that I need are in the notification center. Weather, stocks, passbook, etc.... All off.

    3. Siri > on. Raise to speak > off.

    4. Vibrate on ring > off. Vibrate on silent > on.

    5. Brightness set to halfway. Auto-brightness > off.

    6. Location services > only the apps that I need are on - find my iPhone is on, of course - lol.

    7. System services > all off except for cell network search, compass calibration and setting time zone.

    8. Twitter and Facebook > downloaded as apps. Not through that incorporated with the iOS.

    9. iCloud > all off except for Documents and Data and find my iPhone.. I'm not iCloud user at all, but that's just me.

    10. Mail, contacts, calendar > 1 hotmail account active.

    11. Push > on > hourly. Usually I don't get emergency mails that I have to respond to immediately.

    12. iMessage > on.

    13. FaceTime > on. Use cellular data > on.

    14. Safari > reading list > use cellular data > off.

    15. iTunes and App Store > use cellular data > off.

    16. Once I'm done using an app I immediately double click home button and shut it off.

    17. I've no LTE yet in my country. Wifi to 3G usage ratio 70:30. I've a high speed wifi at home - 21Mbps and at work - 7.2 Mbps - all through a USB modem connected to a router - from a different network that only support landlines and wireless Internet . Otherwise, a 3.1 Mbps 3G is what my network provides.

    18. Whenever I'm at home or work I switch off cellular data and enable 3G. Wifi > on.

    19. When I leave home/work I switch off wifi and turn on cellular data and enable 3G.

    BTW wife and daughter usually forget these steps ( switching in between wifi and 3G ) which gets their usage time to about 30 mins approx. less than mine.

    20. We did the battery cycling ( 100% charge till phone shuts off )  3 times.

    21. Hard reset ( press and hold sleep and home buttons till phone shuts off and apple logo appears ) twice every month specially after a bunch of app updates.

    22. Diagnostics > don't send ( factory setting ).

    23. Limit iAds > on.


    My daily phone usage is : average of  20 calls ranging from 2 - 20 minutes, about 2 - 3 emails - reading and replying, safari surfing - not very much though, but daily, YouTube videos, CNN and BBC, Siri to follow up on sports ( my son ), Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a lot of What'sapp ( We've a very active group of friends - chatting, jokes, videos ).

    We use the apps find friends, maps and google maps infrequently ( turn by turn navigation not available here ).


    As I mentioned above, those are the current stats after the update to 6.1.


    Before the update to 6.1 the usage time 100% to 5% was about 6 hrs - 6 :20 hrs.  These stats were not really changed ( 6.0.1 > 6.0.2 ) up until the arrival of iOS 6.1 on Monday 25/1.


    It's quite obvious here ( to us ) that our iPhones have shown a very remarkable improvement in battery life after updating to 6.1.


    I tried to make it as short as possible ( this is the 4th months now after receiving the phones ) and I hope didn't forget a lot.


    I really wish that these settings become helpful to participants in this forum.


    P.S. I still didn't figure out a way to upload the screenshots, so please pardon me for that.

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    I'd completely agree with your math.


    6.0.2 and previous versions the battery meter would stay at 100% for 30 - 45 mins usage and then the noticeable drop of about 1% every 3.5 mins would start..

    This would give 100% - 0% about 400 mins approx. or 6+ hrs.


    Now with the 6.1 the battery meter would start to drop from 100% at much sooner time than the previous 30 - 45 mins. At a rate of about 1% every 5 mins.

    This would give 100% - 0% about 500 mins approx. or 8+ hrs.


    Anyway, this is also my personal observation and I thought about sharing it.



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    I believe Jamison was totally right.  I think in order to make any adjustments on their end, they had to mess with connectivity.  My PHONE service has been pretty bad, data is slower, and .. WHAT is the deal with the wifi??? My wifi signal drops bars when I'm sitting 4 feet away from it! This phone was a disaster of a product - What disgusts me more than anything is that ALL of us who actually want to continue on with Apple, having been their beta tester for their next phone - We should ALL be able to get the new phone at the upgrade price that we used for this ABSOLUTE mess of a product.  7 replacements - ALL of them came with an issue... whether full scratches on the phone and the glass screen, or buttons not built in correctly... Thats 7 phones - in 6 months... All built at different times... There's something SERIOUSLY wrong with that.  Was it over the top to get 7? Oh my god yes... Would you buy a car and get it with a nice huge scratch on it?? Would you take the car home if the lock didn't function properly?? At the 7th replacement, they were just DONE with me and actually weren't acting as if they could understand what my problem was.  They kept saying "not up to your standards"  - NO, apple ... You can't sell faulty products and expect people to just say Ohhh it has a huge scratch down the middle of the screen, I am going to look at that for hours every day and think it's a cute perk to the device!




    ALL OF IT. 


    Can anybody tell me why my wifi signal is doing this and what I can potentially do to fix that?  Anything within router settings? My iphone 4 which I didn't have ONE problem with, has full wifi bars where the iphone 5 gives me 1... and Apple thinks it's cool and that we should be grateful for them replacing faulty products.  What a joke! Don't EVER act like a customer should be GRATEFUL to actually get what they bought.  Disgusting.

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    Bought an iPhone 5 on Straight Talk. So it's a newer build compared to the first wave. Battery life is way better on this one compared to my first one I had on Verizon with LTE. There is no LTE with this, but Wi-Fi is readily available at work and home. Hopefully you guys can exchange for a newer build if you were an early adopter.



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    Just set your phone up as a new one, I did and these are my results. I plugged it in for around 20 minutes before

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    Last week, I upgarded from the 4 (with a battery drain) to the 5 and noticed the batter drain was much worse right away. I posted here asking for settings to change and tried a few things people recommended.  I modified appropriate settings but overall, I didn't notice any difference, plus, most of my location settings are set to off anyway. I tried setting my phone up as a new device, restoring from iCloud instead of itunes, resetting my data, changing my mail settings, even signing out of my mailboxes and signing back in and nothing helped. 

    After reading a billion message boards, I tried a few things menioned on boards prior to the lastest IOS update. Someone mentioned there was a glitch in Evernote for those who upgraded to the 5 and that if you deleted the app and reinstalled it, it made a difference on battery life. 
    That gave me the idea to delete and reinstall a bunch of apps I didn't use that often to see if it would make a difference. While there is still a drain problem, there is a very noticedable difference.  I was losing 1% every minute to two minutes (in use) and about 10% every hour (or less) on standby before trying the thing with the apps. Today, I only lost about 25% within a 2-3 hour time period (in use for the most part)
    I also left my phone off of the charger this morning, and on standby only lost about 15% in about 4-5 hours.  It's not fantastic and it's certainly not a fix, but it's so much better than before.  I didn't uninstall and reinstall everything on my phone (total pain in the ***) but I'm guessing if I did, it would help even more. i've also been letting my phone get down to red before charging and letting it go to full charge before taking it off the wall.

    Yeah, it's a pain to uninstall and reinstall a bunch of apps, but it's much better than running to a charger every couple of hours.  Again, it's not a fix, but it certainly helped and it was much easier than half of the other things I tried. If anyone tries this with every app, let me know how it turns out!