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    Should also mention 10 hours of standby with 2 hours of usage would be outer limit and I have only gone 2 days in 5 months where the battery has lasted a full 24 hours.

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    The fact your phone service switches from LTE to 3G and back regularly would be throwing a red flag for me. I would call my carrier as well to see if there is anything going on or that they can do for you on their end. To be honest for me 6.1 didnt help my battery times at all but when my carrier expanded lte coverage in my area I noticed a small improvement

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    For me the issue was iTunes Match.  After i upgraded to 6.1 my battery life went down the drain.  I tried every system level setting to try and get it back but it wasnt until i turned off iTunes match that everything went back to normal.  My guess is that it was stuck in some kind of sync loop in the background. 


    I have not reactivated it yet as I dont want to find myself with the battery issue again and unable to fix it so right now im ok without itunes match on the phone.  With a 64GB iPhone 5 i had little use for it anyway.  I'm sure there's multiple reasons behind battery drain, this was just mine.  Hope it helps!

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    I use GPS rarely; I have it on but only use it for google maps/apple maps. Applications I use are Safari, flipboard, drudge report app, email, imdb app, youtube and many more.


    Ever since I last posted, my battery life seems to have gotten a whole lot better. Right now I am at 38% battery with 4 hours of usage. I'm expecting that by the time I get down to 20% battery, I should hopefully be at 5 hours usage which is great for me.


    Btw, I was just using tapatalk pretty heavily and still great battery life. Still as I posted in an earlier post, I hope Apple comes out with another update just to be on the safe side.

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    Turn off Cellular data as well and see your battery perfomance boost! but yeah, whats the point!?

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    LOL well yeah let us all just turn off everything... Just turn off the handset and you will get awesome battery life!

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    This may sound a little ridiculous but after doing a months worth of testing, I may have found a possible solution to the terrible battery life on the iPhone 5.


    At first, I noticed my phone would take a good 45 minutes to an hour to charge from 5% or less and as impatient as I am, this was unnacceptable. I know the iPhone charging adaptor is only a 5W power supply but the stock iPad adapter is rated at 12W...hmmmph, 250% more power, I gave it a whirl...30 minutes later, full charge.


    I continued this practice for the few weeks leading up to my discovery...battery life was horrendous, wouldn't get more than 12 hours out of a full charge with light txting, email check and a few games of cribbage. I was out of town and didn't have the iPad charger with me so I used the 5W adapter for the night. Full charge with many phone calls, a lot more messages sent and received and being bored in the room a crapload more cribbage played and after 10 hours, still 60%?????? Really???


    Over the past 3 or 4 weeks, I have charged the phone multiple times with both chargers, and even kept a record for how long it took to charge and how long it lasted...12W charger always twice as fast for charging time but always lasted about half as long. Like I said, not just once, it may not have been great for my battery, but I have rotated my chargers everyday for the past 3 or 4 weeks and there is no variation in these results.


    I am no electrical engineer, I come from a chemistry background...I can tell you what chemicals make up a battery but cannot begin to explain what happens when it's in the wall.


    What I can say, I have a very good grasp on failing and successfull experiments in and out of a lab and I'll tell you, using the 5W adapter may charge slower but you won't have to charge as often

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    How do you post screen shots when you post from the iphone?

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    After you take the screen shot, go to photos, open the screen shot and select the icon on the lower left to bring up a screen with options to post the picture via message, email, Facebook, twitter and so on. Hope this helps! :-)

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    Actually it doesn't. There is no option to share on safari, and copying the picture doesn't help...

    I see a bar in the full editor, but it disappears to quick to be used :(

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    Ok, dropbox should help:


    Ios 6.1.2, mainly wi-fi and some cellular, loccation services on for the apps i use, BT off

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    Just to weigh in, I got my iPhone 5 for Xmas, it was my first iPhone so I didn't restore settings from a 4S backup etc, just started from scratch. It came pre-installed with iOS 6.x, which I've updated a couple times since to be at 6.1.2 currently. I always charge using AC rather than USB, and I've been monitoring my usage closely precisely because of complaints I'd seen online about poor battery life with the iPhone 5 (in particular compared to the 4S).


    I have to say I've been quite pleased. I typically recharge every other day or sometimes even go 2.5 days, and by then the battery typically gets down to approx 5-15 percent with the usage showing at least 9 hours usage and 50 hours or more of standby time, and that's being conservative. I never owned a 4S but my brother does, and he uses a battery pack case to extend his usage. Without the battery pack he was having trouble getting through a work day much less an entire day without charging. He's in sales so he talks a lot, whereas I don't. I have iCloud set to push in advanced settings but gmail is every 30 min. I typically spend no more than an hour or less on voice calls per day, and I have strong 4G LTE service in my area with Verizon. I work from home, so I spend almost the entire day on wifi.


    The one time I let it go to full discharge (wouldn't turn on), my stats were 59 hours standby and 9:36 usage !!! Granted I'm not a heavy talker, nor do I use the phone heavily all day long. Typically a few calls a day, a couple dozen texts and web searches, some app and music use, etc. I am definitely a light user, but even on the days that I spend a lot of time on the phone and use GPS etc, there's NO WAY I would ever have trouble making it to bedtime on a full charge.

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    The battery drainage is due to the Exchange account you are using.

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    Yes mine Louses 20% when there are no apps running and the iPhone is on standby for 6 hours I also own a apple iPad 3 witch  can last up to 3days on standby and have 100% battery left. Apple need to address this and improve or for the next iPhone. So does anyone know the problem it's such a great phone but is limited by the battery life were as a more basic phone can last much longer than a iPhone 5

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    Well my iPhone 5 on 6.1.2 is really good .

    almost 10 hrs of use ( mix LTE and wifi 50//50 ) mail sufing facebook ......


    stand by like 30hrs.