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    Yeahr I can get that but only if I deseble the 3G signal but compared with other phones that can last days its still not great for the price you pay my contract is going to be £890 when it's finished so for that I expect better

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    Turn on Airplane mode in Settings. It will keep your iPhone 5's battery life longer.

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    Just found out that the new update uses your battery up quicker because it streams all the stuff you do to apple research and it uses your data as well apple do not inform you of this I like apple but recently they were very rude to me about my iPad all I can say is apple get you act together you can't charge £800 for a iPhone and do this :(

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    Thats not new. Its been around a while now. You can turn that off in settings>general>about>diagnostics and usage. Set to "dont send". Also in settings>privacy>location services>system services (at the bottom) turn off all but cellular,compass and traffic will help as well.


    PT1 wrote:


    Just found out that the new update uses your battery up quicker because it streams all the stuff you do to apple research and it uses your data as well apple do not inform you of this I like apple but recently they were very rude to me about my iPad all I can say is apple get you act together you can't charge £800 for a iPhone and do this :(

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    Yes I am aware it's nothing new but after the update it automatically reactvated it

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    Hey handsfull, Is this any good on my iphone 5? Check the image out. Thanks



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    I'll let you know how it is when it gets to 3% lol

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    Any idea when apple will have a fix for this iPhone 5 battery issue. I bought my phone back in Nov. and it has been fine until that upgrade. Its battery life is now terrible. I used to get 10hrs. Now only 5hrs!

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    Not sure but the recent update turns this thing that sends everything you do to apple research this isn't new but if it was deactivated it might or reactvated it's in setting not shire were exactly

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    I have an Ipod Touch 5G, without any exchange account. This ******* 6.1.2 upgrade ruined my Ipod. I test all the "solutions" in the web, nothing works for my. The battery lifes is 10 hs max (without any use, always in standby, with all the services and features turn off). Before this upgrade I can use the Ipod all the day without any charge (music, games, safari, emails in many time). Apple need to fix the problem. The Exchange problem is one of many problems, but the true problem is the IOS. This is my 3rd Ipod (2g, 4g and 5g) and this is the first time I have this kind of problem. The battery of the ipod 4 works better (with 2 years of use) that the new Ipod 5g, with a fww months of use, and like I say, before the updrade the battery of Ipod 5 works perfectly.

    Now the only step I have is go to the technical support and try the Warranty to change for a new Ipod.

    Steve come back!!! Now Apple is like Microsoft, they patch the problems, no resolve the problems....


    Sorry for my english, I live in Argentinta and did my best.

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    Hello everyone.


    There is no pint having and iphone 5 if you have to switch of everything for teh battery to last a day. See below (already posted) which sorted out my problem.



    I sorted out my iphone 5 battery drainage issue and I am again an Apple fan. I want to share my experience with you.

    Like many I was forced into an upgrade from 4S to 5 by my provider (Vodafone). I was very happy with my reliable 4S but complied (they do not do the 4S 32GB anymore!!!). I backed up to Icloud and my computer. Connected the 5 and restored. ....BIG MISTAKE. All appeared to go well except that after a long charge overnight, I ended up with 30% battery by 3 pm, despite my best efforts to stem the flow I was beleeding power.

    I googled the problem and found it was a common issue. I tried all the recommended tricks to no avail. Vodafone sent me a new phone and I had the same problem. I contemplated forking our £60 for a Morphie battery extension but resisted the temptation on the basis of "Why should I".

    I called Apple support and spoke to some guy in Ireland. My issue was escalated to John a supervisor in the US. He was brilliant. He sorted me in 15 minutes and today after a long day's work I came home with 74% battery having really abused the phone all day. So her is how it was sorted out:

    1) When upgrading from 4S to 5 do backup to icloud and/or your PC.

    2) Plug in the iphone 5 but do not perfore a restore. If you do you restore iphone 4 stuff into a 5 and god knows what it does.

    3) Unfortunately most will fall for the "restore from this iphone" option which is first suggested.

    4) All you have to do is perform a clean intall as a new phone and then Synch. You will have to go through all the itunes tab to select what you want synched

    5) Once the synch is done all should work fine.


    If you have already done a restore, simply do as follows:

    1) Back up to icloud and /or your PC

    2) Perform a reset of the iphone 5 (general, reset, reset all settings)

    3) Reconnect the cleared phone

    4) Synch it

    5) You are done


    You will have to recheck all your settings (ring tone, e mail and so forth) which is a bit of a bummer but worth it to have a fully functional iphone.


    It worked for me :-)


    Best of luck to all

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    Thanks you're the best!

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    The iOS 6.1.3 is OTA now. It was just release today.

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    These threads haven't changed any since the iPhone 3G. All of these so called fixes and tricks are voodoo.  The only legitimate option we have is to pack around our cable or buy a battery case (which I did with the 4s and it doubled my usage time the phonesuit elite). Bottom line is that apple's batteries are horrendous for the most part.  Occasionally there will be those that disagree due to their experiences but more often times than not if they claim to get great usage they either hardly use their phone at all or they plug in the phone for iPod usage and listen to music all day and then show off their impressive usage stats.  I'll go out on a limb and predict that when the iPhone 6 comes out we will rehash these concerns yet again?  Does anyone wanna bet against my psychic abilities?  That's what I thought!

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    I was having my iPhone 5 battery draining in about 4hours and was very warm. I had tried all the ideas on the forums like restoring phone and deleting calendar events but it never helped. I then deleted my email accounts the phone went back to its normal battery usage. I've since put all but one account back in the phone and is still working great I hope this can help someone because it was really driving me crazy.