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    Yeah I've booked a opointment for tomorrow to see what they can do but how can they be able to make a iPad that lasts about 3-4days with 100% but a iPhone can't even keep that in 3-4 hours. For the price pay for the phone it's self and what you get for you money is terrible my contract will finish at £900 Bering in mind it only coasts aplle about £17 to make the phone

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    I tried this (even posted about it myself not realizing we were posting the same thing) and must say, it seemed to work for a few days, but I'm right back to where I started.  I get almost 50% less battery life on wifi than I did before updating to 3.1.2. and 3.1.3 and overall my iPhone 5 gets no where near to the battery life Apple claims in its ads and on its website.


    This is very frustrating and disappointing...

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    I've got a new iPhone but the declined the battery issue but due to the sound issue they changed t so I will right I review of my new iPhone 5

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    Eye sujest ewe shange the baterees on you kee bored

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    erm please enlight us on how your battery lasted 2 days with heavy use as I find this extremely unbelieveable

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    Having had the diagnosis done by a "Genius" at the store, my battery go declared faulty. I was given a new phone. Synchronised in the shop with icloud. Charged it overnight.


    I used it for business calls and e mail (e mail on manual as regular push or pull do not help the battery. Used the internet a fair bit and played a game for about an hour (I am partial to angry bird). At the end of day 1 I was left with 55%. I purposely did not charge the phone and it ran out of battery days 2 by 9 pm.


    So pretty good going in my book. I guess Apple sourced batteries from North Korea (in part) and we are now paying the price




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    Dom1958: Any idea how the Genius tested your iPhone 5 battery?  I've been reluctant to take mine in to be replaced (you never what you're going to receive as a replacement phone) but this battery issue is really driving me minute it seems fine, then next its dropping 1% a minute so I never know how long my phone is going to last...



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    He plugged it into a laptop to run a diagnostic. The diagnostic showed the battery was faulty. The replacement was new (I asked him). He opened the box in front of me.



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    He ran a Diagnostic test using a Ipad however the test said the battery was good but he said that because I hadn't fully flattened the battery before charging it was my own fault but I said I have to charge it when ever I get bc the battery life s so poor however there was a issue with the Sound and I got a replacement and Despite  him saying the battery was fine my new iPhone is lasting longer still not great but it will do and you can also ring your local aplle store and the can test the battery over the net



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    You're very lucky to receive a "new" unit.  Generally they will give you a refurb that someone else probably turned in because of the battery.  The last experience I had with my battery on my 4s they gave me a refurb and the battery life was just as bad as the new unit I turned in.  So effectively I turned in a new unit with a bad battery for a refurb with a bad battery. 

    I realize that they "claim" to replace the battery in refurbs but I don't believe everything that I'm told.

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    Yeah I'm very lucky bc the screen was chipped and there was a scratch on the casing so I'm very please but I'm not noticeimg any difference really but at least the sound works now

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    I've got a 5 on Vrzn and was getting over 6-7 hours of usage time on 6.1.3.  I got over 8 back in September.   Now in the last week I noticed I was charging the phone more, and I can't seem to break 5 hours.  Tried a restore as a new phone, it will make it past a day of two in standby, but when in use it burns through battery.  I'm not going to take any of my households phones in to apple as I'm just going to get the same meaningless flub from the idiot bar and receive some refurb.  Hopefully others like myself will chyme in on this about the issue and Aplle's horrible software engineers fix the issue.  I've already sworn off Macs, now this may be the swan song for IOS devices as they always "start" having battery issues halfway though the product year and Apple always "starts" saying they are addressing it with software. 


    I don't take Apple seriously as they don't ever acknowledge or even accept blame for issues.   3 weeks until the Galaxy S 4 is out and my household and I are gone.  Being vocal on non apple forums is good, and that only seems to veer potential customers away from Apple.  Even though that is a good preventative measure for them, it does little to fix my issues. 


    Others have already stated the same, Apple needs to wake up on design.  What good is all this tech if the device can't remain powered.  It's a phone, not a sports car. 

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    Yes your abusulty right aplle need to sort it out this is there reason for the battery issue "bc of the amzing colours and capability of the phone" well what good is that if you can't use it and what I find really annoying is k got a email from apple saying how good the iPhone is and it said about how great the battery life is and well I'm sorry I haven't seen the great battery life the short story is apple need to inform people of the issue and they need to work on the issue bc the price you pay for the phone is unacceptable for the battery life you get!

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    I have got pretty amazing battery life

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    Battery life for my iPhone 5 is getting awesome. I've excessively use  Wi-Fi and Gaming got about 45 mins and its still 100%!