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    So i'm just back from my 2nd Apple Store experience with the Iphone 5s battery drain Problem.


    After a little falling out with a very unprofessional not-so-genious at the desk i was having the pleasure of one to two people around me at all times.


    In my 1st visit I discussed with the Apple Store Specialist (*** (he was actually a good guy as were all of them until i met the lady with the nose ring today)) that my phone seems to be generating a lot of processor load. Being at over 50% at all time. What he didn't acknowledge was, that being a IT-Specialist I thought of that and turned everithing off prior to coming to the conclusion that I have a battery drain problem. And I mean EVERYTHING. Don't get me startet on how stupid these preferences are...

    So he let me leave with the promise to analyse the usage a next time while i promised to leave the phone reseted and virgin until next morning to later analyze the usage in that time.


    In between the two visits was a week and being very much dependent on the phone I later loaded my profile as agreed.


    So after all that i knew, that the problem with the drain persist even with a empty profile on the phone. Up time was about a tenth of a Iphone 5 which was lying just beside it all the time as a comparison. only that the Iphone 5 was in use at that time with flight mode off and wifi on.


    At my second visit i had said falling out with the woman after she "accused" me of not knowing how to use the thing without even looking at the data from last visit and she did that three times while i tried to explain my case very friendly.


    So I worked with the Manager from then on...

    The Iphone technician who was supposed to change the battery of the phone (i still don't know why this idea was suddenly exciting for them) came to me and said, that this was not going to solve the problem. I congratulated her on that assessment and told her that I thought so too because that was tested last time.


    She then funnily enough went on to explain me that the Battey percentage icon uses a lot of energy to calculate the percentage... (seriously! thats how easy they can ******** most of the people?)

    I wanted to tell her that I don't like to be the recipient of such bull... but I guess she saw it in my face so she stopped.


    In the end she really told me, that her boyfriend had the same problem as me and that probably the IOS Software has a bug. In the face of the manager beside her i could see, that she shouldn't have said that. I thanked her anyway for being the fist person to take me seriously enough to at least tell me the truth. And I am still thankful.

    She said to wait for IOS 7.1 although (obviously) she can't tell whether it's gonna solve the problem.



    Psychology 101:

    Telling People there is no problem results in them being very pleased when the "no-problem" ist finally suprisingly fixed.

    Telling People there is a Problem with their expensively purchased Product because of Apple leaves People angry at Apple. Fixing it only and only maybe releaves this anger.


    So Apple is better off to just tell everybody that there's no problem.


    thanx 4 readin


  • BillGatesFondue Level 1 (0 points)

    Well, you people should really understand few things.

    1. Genius's operated under the Apple hood, so they maintain Apple policy. Apple state that they should check battery/replace faulty battery/if not work - told that this is software issue.
    2. It is a really known problem with iPhone 5 battery under iOS 7–you can easy google that picture... iosbattery.png
    3. So the problem is iOS 7, it lags, it sh*ts it scare the F out of phones battery, but Apple never say you that.
    4. I go trough all of that by myself and I am really regret the iOS 7 upgrade, it ruins experience and forced me to stay the F away from they new products which are iOS 7 installed out of the box.
    5. Moreover your battery IS REALLY MAY BE faulty, so that makes your phone even worse. That is why they checking that.
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    I change the settings for icloud and magic now the iphone just suddenly offs like a old tv and seconds later on but 2 times delete al my info

  • DaniHan Level 1 (0 points)

    Did anything change concerning battery life with ios 7.1?

  • BillGatesFondue Level 1 (0 points)

    YYYea. According to the numerous messages on the boards and twitter it get worse.

    iOS gets "faster" and batteryes got "smaller"  in that update

  • annacast Level 1 (95 points)

    even though you close your apps there are some that still run in the background

    check your settings for every game

    there should be something about allowing or not to, run and refresh in background

    also you can turn off data roaming

    the less signal you have the more your phone tries to connect which also uses more data because its trying to connect everything in your phone

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    now my iphone 5 die at the age of 1.4 years so what apple wahts next? how can i fix it, i hate waste time at the tech service so just tell us what to do


    my iphone start like 2 months ago start to shut down with some strips now yesterday with 80% of battery simple shut down i try to push the reset buttons the on/off button and the t home button bellow screen for  a seconds and nothing i start charge directly in the wall and like an hour later starts the phone wake my at 8 am and like 20 min later  shut down again and i at my office rigth now and start charge directly in the wall and nothing so y pay 15,000 MXN for a piece of ***** ?

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    Wow there sure is a lot of chatter about battery issues! Does anyone know how often the battery status icon updates?


    After just over one year and doing all the updates I'm having battery issues as well on my 5.

    I've tried all the tricks but nothing works, nor would I expect it too. I'm a bit of an expert when it comes li-on batteries as I use a lot of them in my model car racing hobby, severe service.


    I can handle a battery draining faster as it gets older as that's just the way the battery works. Any GOOD battery will slowly loose it's ability to attain full charge as it gets older, but will continue to die in a linear fashion.

    A poor quality battery on the other hand will be all over the map when charging. I see this in my hobby batteries as I can see the exact voltage and monitor the current required to bring it back to full voltage. In my hobby you pay for what you get. If I order cells from overseas it's usually a crap shoot as to how the battery will perform. If I buy an American built battery pack they normally last and die in a linear fashion, which allows me to finish my races. But you have to pay big $$ for those batteries, where each cell is tested before building the pack.


    Which brings me back to my issue. The battery life indicator is all over the map. After being charged via USB all night the indicator shows 100%. Unlock the phone and go to send a text and I'm at 92%. Obviously I didn't use 8% of the batteries capacity turning it on. But as the life indicator is measuring voltage, the iPhones circuitry see the voltage as being down 8%. So how is this possible? Same goes for all the times the remaining battery life drops 20% in seconds! or you show 20% remaining and go to make a call and your battery is dead. Either the battery circuit is pooched or the battery, just thAt simple.


    So does anyone know if there is a way to measure the battery voltage? I don't have an apple store anywhere near me so I'm on my own.


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    I own two iPads but not a single iPhone because I heard enough of battery issues from friends and colleagues. It would be nice if iPhones allow customer replaceable batteries to high capacity ones. So I use Samsung S4 instead.

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    LTE is not it and neither is any of the apps the culprit.


    I have a usage since a few days that look like this: coming from 100% to 30%


    usage:      1h12m         No calls, no games no emails no icloud no push no siri no app refresh no lte no wifi no bt etc........

    standby:    4h45m        Same thing, nothing on



    my cpu is doing fine with 4 to 6%



    I get about 10h of standby with a healthy Battery at this time.


    The other thing is, it can't be an app doing this, cause prior to this problem, I had everything standard. some games I played, weather app, and i could always time my games to the very % and have enough battery left to have standby for a long time. Now, I can't calculate my usage at all cause it drains too fast. If I play a game, thats it, after that even standby will be too short to make any use of it.


    since it consumes in standby mode and cpu is low key, one has to look into the hardware. is the battery faulty or is the board faulty or is everything faulty, i wonder! but it isnt fb or twitter or the last game you dl. or icloud.

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    never had a problem with previous i-phones. Since i have upgraded to 5x (both s and c have same battery issue) i have NO battery life to speak of-doa at 9% (turns off) and reaches this state in 4-5 hours (6 on a great day). I do NOT consider 4-5 hours as acceptable. I am not going to keep going to the apple store to get a replacement. This is ridiculous. None of my "usage habits" have changed. The only thing that has, is the extreme decreased stand-by and use life of phone/battery. What good is a phone if it shuts off mid-day ? has to be fully charged again. I generallt try to "catch-it" before it gets to that point. But, with such a short battery life, that's a difficult prospect. For the record, i have done ALL the suggested "fixes", as have the apple tech support, repeatedly. My friends with any variety of Droid phone are not having this problem. Pretty sure i am going to switch carriers, just so i can get a NEW PHONE that works. If i do this, i will not be risking getting another dud battery of iphone.

  • calibu Level 1 (0 points)

    just back from the apple store and sure enough, the first person I meet tells me off his back that most likely too many apps open to which I said sure enough not the case. he was just the person who takes an appointment. so i went to the appointment and met david, very nice older man which also told me, perhaps too many apps!. so I explained that this happened from one day to another in which stanby mode only came to 10h without use, I showed him the usage since it was the last time i charged to 0% in the store. He saw 9h20m standby and 3 min usage and he didn't seem surprised at all.

    david performed an amazing battery test in which a little ball was well in green and told me promptly that there is no problem with the battery and at this point i got a bit nervous cause I knew where this would end. BTW what an in depth battery check they have. Not one log was opened

    He started his rap about apps open to which I said that we have to stop from going into this direction cause it is not the cause, I mentioned 3500 comments and 800000 views to which he said, "I don't read on the Internet cause its all untrue and people just tell stories. I just thought hmm. Then he asked me if I use the phone in town because of reception and I said yes and also showed him the cpu info and that is was in between 1 and 6 which meant that it is not in some never ending request loop for network or data or any other magical battery drainage circle. So he said, "there is nothing wrong with the battery and can't replace anything including the phone" like I wanted a replacement phone, I just want that thing to work. he also suggested a dfu install and I said do it. While we did that, he asked me to write down my details and he started writing on his ipad about my problem. he asked me if I wanted to read it and when I did, I said that what he wrote had nothing to do with my issue. He wrote that it is a battery problem and i couldn't believe it that he made that story from it. I said to him, " did you just test the battery? and didn't you find it to be in a good state? YES,  then how can it be a battery problem? So he started writing again but this time he didn't show it to me. he also confessed that he is in a apple box and that thinking outside it is just not possible. I can't do much about this problem but one thing I can do, go there everyday and keep saying the same thing over and over and over AND over again until they get tired and either fix it or give me another phone. It is clear that I like this phone


    My second visit went as followed. made an appointment and checked in 20 min before, was checked in by an apple with an ipad and was seated on a table. after 1 hour and way after my appointment time, I decided to ask what was going on and I was told backlog, another hour passed and I said this is getting a bit strange and asked another person to look for my appointment and sure enough, the Manager canceled my appointment. I was ****** off and asked for the manager but to no avail. He was simply hiding. Then I was told I will be next in 15 min and I started waiting again 15m 20m and eventually had enough and said that this was the worse customer service ever, it happened at the manhattan 5th ave store. I simply had enough of the so called genius bar which is really just apples. I can not diz the apple company anymore cause it is a fact that the people working at the genius bar are thinking with apples and have never ever tried to actually solve a problem. If any apple bar employee ever crosses my business, guess what customer service they will get.


    next store Grand central new york city, just walked in and asked if I could get an appointment and sure enough was checked in and it didn't take long until a little female started to check what was wrong. I explained it to her and well guess what she said, yep...she said " oh you see, some apps can use a lot of battery and it would be better to close those apps and trust me, I was now getting furious. I said i get 10h of standby and she said well that is normal and then I showed her (i had it open on their mac) where apple in about the phone writes 255h to which she said with an amazed face, "oh that is only in airport mode" and I said i get 10h in airport mode and so it went on back and forth until I had enough and asked for a technical person and he came but he could not help me either because there was no usage data yet. So I said keep it for two hours and look how much the phone looses in that time in airport mode but again that was not something they would do. They told me to come back in a few days.


    I know that I am unlucky with my problem but I  am not the only one. other people were angry for getting no help at all and as someone already posted, apple doesn't care as everyone can see, not one response from apple to so many problems with battery issues. I am not angry at them anymore cause if I know one thing in life then it is this...What goes around comes around.

  • spyd4r Level 1 (40 points)

    i've been the exact same thing, service techs don't want to admit there is a problem, apple definitely has a gag order on the issues with their genius techs.


    After all this crap, I have a iPhone 5, replaced it 1 month after release and replaced the battery in the replacement less then 1 year after that because the test they ran for you said it was bad. I was down to about 3 hours usage, after replacement i was able to maybe get 4-5 hours usage..


    I will never buy another Apple iPhone, iOS 8 has nothing to pull me in, my adventure to Android is just at the beginning..


    I've been using a friends Galaxy S4 for the last two weeks, I have been very happy with it.. I'd say I enjoy about 80% of the things better on Android and about 20% of the things better on iOS.


    Thanks for the good times Apple, but I will never trust you again for the poor quality products you've released in the past few years.

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    This whole battery issue is just plain bizarre !


    Today I had 28% battery left after using it and when I plugged my phone into the charger I was immediately shown the dead battery icon and the phone shut down. No sooner than it shut down, it rebooted on its own and showed 28% battery left!!

    This can not be just a battery issue, it's also a hardware problem of some sort. Lion batteries are simple devices which work/fail or degrade over time, not all the stuff us users are experiencing.


    Those of you that have a store within a couple hundred miles are lucky, at least you can go to the store and get your battery tested. The rest of us are left out in the cold with little to no recourse.


    Add that to all the Keyboard issues I've been having on my iPhone and iPad devices with latestest OS7(never had any until they updated past vr. 7) and you got the OLD Windows days. Sometimes things work, sometimes they don't.


    Funny thing is that Windows is now MUCH more stable than its ever been. I hate Android, but the reasons to buy apple are fading quickly as it's no longer a premium product that just works. You pay a premium price, but get terrible support and a quirky experience.

  • spyd4r Level 1 (40 points)

    if you have the problem where it shuts off at 28% of whatever value it is other then < 5% i'd say you're battery is on the way out and if you went to apple they'd test it with their diagnositic utility and show you it's in the red... $89 later for a battery swap..


    what a joke..


    they use bad quality batteries on purpose so they can sell battery replacement services.