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  • tracyscottbrooks Level 1 (0 points)

    WrongStuff-I agree with you-For whatever reason, a reason I do not understand, I am being told by Apple Care that the issue is in the back-up itself (from icloud) not in the way the phone is set up once it gets restored.  I reset as a new phone and was getting 5 hours talk time vs. 1.5 immediatley.  Then I started optimizing settings and tried to see if I got a better result.  I didn't really to speak of.  Shutting off push gave me about an extra 20 min by fetching every 15 min instead.  Then I shut down Facebook, and I got to 6 hours.  Today I shut off LTE just for the heck of it to see if that was making a difference.  It didn't for me.  I have a lot going on on my phone between all my apps and the amount of talking I do...13,000 min plus a month...Today I got my 8 hours...but that was with LTE off...Now I'm back to 5-6 with my email and notifications every 15 min, but I did delete my facebook app.  It's good for me. I'm sticking a morphie case on it anyway but once apple comes out with a patch it will be nice to restore as a iphone device

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    Thanks, sounds like an issue at whatever level.  Did the full hard wipe and fresh reinstall with Apple Genius Bar (no apps or anything on it, just cell and original apps).  With phone calls, a few texts, 6 emails and Internet surfing battery lasted a whopping 3 hours and 2 minutes.  Went back in and they swapped it out saying it must be hardware issue.  The one they gave me as replacement is worse.

    Steve Jobs would have never launched a product with new iOS and upgraded service 4g LTE and then told everyone the battery issue is because your actually using LTE, wifi and some apps.  Totally absurd and this may mark the time and date where Apple started their decent.  I am hoping not and hoping there is a fix they roll out fast, cuz I can't wait another week having to recharge every 3 hours all day just to make some phone calls.

  • Virk1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Worst thing ever. Brightness min, push emails off, fetch data hourly,location service off,moderate use few calls n apps, turned off LTE and I am just getting like 5 hours.this *****. I guess I should hey rid of this phone. Help me out guys

  • SBBiegs Level 1 (0 points)

    I have had horrible battery issues on 2 iPhone 5's now.  I looked up everything you said to look up and I have 2 adww_2012 crashes.  So, now what do I do?  Have already done whole full reset..... Not understanding the issue or solution you have had succes with and would love to try it.

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    The thing that tracyscottbrooks is missing here is the importance of how wrong and repetitive she sounds.

    Both of my iphone 5s have had numerous resets (dfu and within settings) and restored as new.
    Neither phone had any app installed; including facebook.

    Every setting is set to off.
    All notification are off with the exception of ring and sms, even imessage and facetime is off.

    icloud was never turned on in the first place.

    neither was siri.

    locations are off...entirely.

    wi-fi is turned off when on the road. cellular is turned off when at home.

    LTE is turned off entirely.

    so is bluetooth...

    no safari crashes.

    as mentioned previously battery life is unacceptable when on cellular.



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    For comparison purposes my 5 running LTE, GPS, and brightness fairly low (it was dark), no push at all, and any other app running in the background loses about 1% charge for every 5 minutes of use in the above conditions. Would this be normal? I dunno but it doesn't seem like it is.


    Like I said it before, having to do a DFU or full restore is NOT acceptable but seems to be the first question and first solution Apple Geniuses ALWAYS do. Perhaps if Apple was accountable for all your data and settings that you have on your phone (folders, passwords, etc) they wouldn't be so inclined to always suggest a clean "install" as I call it every single time someone has an issue with their phone.

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    I figure it out now....

    It's not the restoring issue, or the setting issue.. It's more like charger issue, when i use computer to charge my iphone the charging circle takes more time to full the battery and the back of the phone not hot and the battery stays much longer on standby ,yesterday morning i could put the phone on standby with light use ,i lost 1% in like 5 hr... But today after i charge through the wall charger i lost 4% in about 3hr without any use and while i type this message i lost  another 2%... It seem not make sense at all....... I come home last night with 50% left on my battery .. LTE on, notification on and i used the ipod app  plus ,i use 45 minute on the phone and 15 minute on video call  and i upload 1 picture on the instagram the battery stays strong like my iphone 4. Maybe my theory is wrong but we could let  apple know  about this , and they could figure it out.

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    Well I posted my battery life yesterday and after 26 hrs my battery is at 22%.  I read another thread on this site where Someone posted a link to an article, which was quickly removed by the Host, that some batteries were made in china and not Taiwan.  Oh 30% of the Chinese batteries were meeting quality standards.

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    1% drop for 5 min of use will give you 8 hours of use!   What's the problem?

  • Dazman63 Level 1 (0 points)

    Well I just put up a post here concerning the batteries made in China, which included an excerpt from the article about quality control and the Host deleted it!!!!!

  • mrbr1ghtside Level 1 (0 points)

    funny that!

    only 30% of comments posted for iPhone 5 are meeting the standards required.

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    I did a DFU restore last night. And *then* did a restore from backup. I really really don't want to have to set it up as new. I really don't think I should *have* to do that. I have my reasons. And I've completely drained the battery twice so far. So...


    I was at 100% last night. 15 minutes of use brought it down to 99%. Cool. Then I went to sleep. Lost 13% more overnight. :-/ and the usage went to just over an hour. So obviously something is working in my phone on standby. Push? I have *not* turned that off yet.


    It's currently at 80% with 1 hour 32 minutes of usage. If I do the math should give me 7.5 hours of usage. If I'm doing the math right? Lol Which I guess is pretty close to advertised. It just really doesn't seem like I've actually gotten 1.5 hours of use out of it...


    I guess next is to turn off Push and probably LTE, as I'm not in an LTE area. And then we'll see. But to be honest I don't want to have to turn off Push!! This is my 6th iPhone. I've used Push since it was available and have never had a problem with it. I'm pretty sure I'll get no help from Apple yet. I called once and got emailed a link to battery specs. L.O.L.

  • dknchin Level 1 (10 points)

    Try this. it helped me with my battery problems in my iPhone 5.




  • binarycool Level 1 (0 points)

    Whoever posted about LTE running instead of WiFi I think may be right. This morning I get a message from AT&T that I have been throttled. They say I used 5GB and I am only on day NINE of my billing cycle!


    I have never ever gone above 3GB in an entire 30 day billing cycle, and I am usually around 2GB. It is absolutley impossible for me to have used 5GB in 9 days, especially since I have had LTE turned off most of the time to try to conserve this shoddy battery. After 4 years of being an iPhone user, unless Apple acknowledges and/or fixes this problem in the next week, I am going to bite the bullet and try another brand. As much as I don't want to.

  • Jeremy Roberts Level 1 (25 points)

    sdmcgowan wrote:


    I did a DFU restore last night. And *then* did a restore from backup. I really really don't want to have to set it up as new. I really don't think I should *have* to do that. I have my reasons.


    Do you want to fix this issue, or do you want to be "right"?


    DO NOT RESTORE from backup. Period. It's a bug.


    You hav 2 options:


    1. follow the instructions that some of us have posted;

    2. return your phone for a refund.


    You don't seem like you want a working phone --


    If this is simply an excersize in exposibg the bug -- then you are doing a fine job. If you want a working phone - read my most recent posts. There IS a bug and the ONLY way around it is to wipe and start fresh. And then restart.


    Is this a happy thing? Of course not.

    Do you wan your iphone5 to work? Your choice.

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