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  • Dale9271 Level 1 (0 points)

    Ok after reading all the posts I was unwilling to do full restore or turn off LTE or locations services

    Phone was originally restored from backup my setup

    - Bluetooth on

    -LTE on

    -location services ~6apps

    - brightness at70%


    Originally getting short battery life all I did was a reset settings ...let the battery die than did full recharge


    Now I currently har 6hrs usage ~15hrs standby and 35% battery left


    So a simple reset setting worked for me!

  • fatcat585 Level 1 (0 points)



    the fact that you did not know what a DFU is, as well as some other things i've noticed with the advice you have given out to myself and others leads me to believe that you are just repeating what you were told by an apple genius and do not have a full understanding of how the hardware and software interact.


    i do not mean to be rude, and i believe you are well intentioned and just trying to be helpful, but you are giving people wrong or misleading information which is causing them to needlessly reset and restore their phones.


    i do not doubt that your experience with an apple genius solved the issue that you are having with your phone, and that other people may be having the same issue, but the issues i am having are different from yours and what worked for you will not work for me or anyone else who does not have the same issue you did.


    for example:


    - sometimes my usage and standby times are the same, sometimes they are not

    - sometimes that depends if i'm on cellular or WiFi, sometimes it does not

    - in 6 days of monitoring my crash logs there has not been anything to suggest a power manager crash


    my situation appears to come from a bug with safari bookmark syncing.


    my logs are filled with crashes of "webbookmarksd". i can not delete bookmarks. i either receive an error message stating that bookmarks are syncing and to try again, or the delete botton simply does not work.


    this behavior persists even with iCloud safari syncing turned off.


    this is a bug which all the wipes, resets, and/or restores will not rectify as the problem most likely resides within safari or iCloud as they exist now in iOS6.

  • Radeon888 Level 1 (5 points)

    Day 2 with iphone 5




    did reset, - Reset All Settings


    let battery run down to zero



    now today from 8 -12 battery is at 82%

    same time yesterday it was at something like 31%yesterday I was my offfice using LTE/3G

    today Im tooling around home on wifi

    it looks potentially promising but the true test will be when I head out later no longer using wifi but LTE/3G.

  • Homer888 Level 1 (0 points)

    Jameson! wrote:


    1% drop for 5 min of use will give you 8 hours of use!   What's the problem?

    I never said there was a problem .

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    I have a question for everyone.  I have put many posts in this discussion about the battery drainage problem, and I have myself been trying to find the best solution, most of which have worked...but still having a few issues.  We need to figure out what the common denometer is.....WHO HAS AT&T HERE vs. VERIZON?  I have AT&T and am being told that the battery drainage problem is caused from AT&T's LTE functionality.  Since they have about 1/2 as much coverage as Verizon, I am suspecting that this might be the biggest issue?  I have restored my phone, set it up as new, and have had good success.  I also have my email on Fetch vs Push to control the frequency in which I get my notifications vs. waking my phone all the time over a facebook post. 


    Today I went to my Genius appointment and he did a diagnostics of my phone showing me there are no hardware issues.  Then I called Apple Care and the senior anlysit was able to look at the diagnotsitc report and see what was going on.  He said that event though my phone is getting an LTE signal, it is weak and the phone is constantly looking even when on standby.  He reccomended I turn everything back on and shut my LTE off which forces the phone to revert back to the fake 4g setting of IOS 5.1.  I have done this since I had no issue with the internet before...will keep you posted.

  • AlwaysLookin4Answers Level 1 (5 points)

    It's starting to look like my battery isn't SO horrible on wifi. The second it's off of wifi and dealing with 4G or LTE, it's a mess. This is so ridiculous. Honestly. I'm such a patient person but I am really over this. They are sending me a replacement but I'm like, is it just going to be exactly the same thing all over again or

    Maybe worse? Urghhh

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    This is why i want a phone with an external battery. In Korea, where Samsung is made, business people especially cannot be without their cell phones. They arent always able to charge because they're on the go. This is why they have one or two extra batteries to spare. This is where Samsung is king. The funny thing, all other manufacturers are trying to mirror Apple in one way or another. They don't have an external memory card and no external battery. Except for Samsung, battery issues will always remain with smartphones.

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    I did exactly as you stated. Reset All Settings and re-enabled the ones that I had to use, location services of course being one of them, and my battery life instantly improved on the spot!! Thank you so much, I don't know if that will fix it for others but it did for me.

  • Radeon888 Level 1 (5 points)

    Quite a difference after reset/drain battery


    Back to normal(like my 4) on wifi...


    Now out and about its been around 2  hours on 3G Bluetooth  sitting at 98% - cautiously optimistic.


    Now will turn on LTE and see what happens in the next 2 hours.


    New problem I'm having is how to stop the **** emails from this thread coming into my mailbox.


    Have turned off all mail notications

    On this page and in profiles and deleted the threads.. Still emails keep coming in...

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    Hello everyone!


    I posted back when this thread only had 5 pages and about 7,000 views. Now it has ballooned to over 30 pages and 30,000 views...


    I havent read all the new posts since I've been gone, but I scanned over some pages and get the idea that more people are having this problem.


    It's amusing to see a lot of mis-information flying around from other users... but it's sad that apple of course hasn't officially announced anything as being wrong with software or hardware, (as far as i know).





    I have the original Iphone5 that i bought at a verizon store on the 21st.


    I had battery issues at first but i DO NOT have them now, and i DID NOT get it replaced.


    I DID have a problem at first and the charge wouldn't have been able to last more than 5-6 hours tops.


    i was VERY close to bringing it to an apple store and having it exchanged if possible, but i decided to make an attempt at troubleshooting it on my own.


    It has now been a week. For the last few days I have been using my phone as normal and not having any issues at all. I unplug it at 9am on my way to work, use it all day long and 12 hours later still have a charge... sometimes more than that.



    Some of these things in my fix may be controversial... but... i'm seriously not having any issues now...


    If you haven't tried this already, do the following...


    1. restore phone from itunes with fresh download of ios6.


    2. setup as a new phone...DO NOT RESTORE FROM ANY BACKUPS ANYWHERE

    (don't argue with me about this LOL, I know it kind of blows, but just do it and see if it fixes the issue... some people cry and cry about this and waste DAYS more time complaining than it would to just see if this fixed the issue)


    3. make sure diagnostic reporting is ON and enabled... apple will never know about our problems if they're not friggin reported.


    4. if you must have some contacts on your phone, only downloaded contacts from icloud. Contacts and photostream and find my iphone are all i use of icould services.... i didn't have to do anything special for my contacts to be there, i just signed in and they were there.


    5. i left almost ALL other settings default! I didn't turn any major services off!  I didn't go through and "gut out" the functionality of the phone. I even have location services, LTE, wifi, and diagnostics turned ON... siri is ON... everything is on except blue tooth... which i don't use...


    6. I let the battery drain to zero THREE nights in a row.. and each time i used an APP called "Battery doctor" which is a 99 cent download... and it charged the battery to max... without interrupting the charging process. (there is a maintenance function in the app which tells you the total time for the battery to be charged. It's highly rated on the app store and i recommend it too)






    I'm a network operations analyst for a major multimedia corporation in the US. I come across problems with other members of my hardware / software teams that cannot be easily tracked down, but it is MY JOB to give a "best answer" to our management team who are not themselves technicians in some cases. If i was being paid to explain this iphone situation at my job... it would be this:


    This perceived battery drain issue is a combination of a software bug from iOS... MIXED with a battery manufactuering issue.... nothing major... just batteries which appears to have not been properly cycled from the plant...


    Explaination of batteries:

    How many folks out there have ordered a replacement battery for a laptop or a cell phone, gotten it in the mail, plugged it in, and plugged it in to find that had it been pre charged to 50%?


    Ever wonder what kind of power conditioning was done to that battery to give it a 50% charge that held up in the mail to you? That's because Lithium Ion batteries keep their capacity best when stored at 50% charge. Companies know this and follow the procedure. They also follow other tricks at conditioning these batteries when they're first made...


    Personally, I think that many of these iphone5 batteries may NOT have been conditioned correctly in a rush to get them out the door fast enough to fill these orders...


    but people, this conditioning is something we can do ourselves...


    just let it drain down to zero, let the phone charge back up to max overnight... and then do it a few more times...


    the capacity will increase, and the phone software SHOULD learn that the battery now has what it "sees" as "more capacity"... this making the battery percent meter drop more slowly, and read more accurate...


    that's the only hardware error i think is happening, for me, personally.


    If you've ever downloaded an app called "coconut battery" for your macbook pro, you'll see that it shows you the "design capacity" of the battery you have... COMPARED TO the "current max charge capacity".... which will most times be LOWER than the design capacity... which means that battery could have lost capacity over time due to age... however... My guess is that these batteries were never fully cylces and thus... off the factory line may not "know" their max current capacity... even though they have the cells to charge up to the advertized 5.3 watt hours, or whatever the specs are.


    so... that's my input on that...


    now software? I have some crashes... and even have a "low battery" error log, however i don't know what that was about or where it was from..


    I think iOS6 may have some sort of problem that causes the usage time and standby time to be the same, i think that happened to me... somehow it's being used all the time as it's got something running...


    but again...


    a simple restore from scratch only took me maybe 3 hours...


    I wasn't banging my head against a wall...


    it wasn't as bad as dental work or anything...


    it just had to be done...


    *should* it have to be done that way with a new product? No... apple may have needed more time to iron out bugs...


    but everyone on here knew the cost of being early adopters...


    i say... either be willing to troubleshoot yourself... or wait for a fix from apple.... or... return the thing and get a samsung galaxy s3 or some other android phone... because apparent in the minds of some... android phones don't ever have any problems ... (sarasm)




    I don't know how many people will read this...


    but restore from scratch... and drain/charge battery complete several times... and i PROMISE you will notice a difference...


    I am so happy with my iphone5 now I am not going to see a replacement at all...


    perhaps in 6 months or so i will bring it in and have the battery life judged by a genious just out of curiosity... but honestly... truly... it's livable the way it is right now...


    and i use my phone A LOT... and make a lot of calls...


    good luck everyone... i wish this post could have helped everyone but... it may not....



    Some of you may disagree with what i had to say... and i'm sorry. I'm using my iphone 5 and enjoying it now... not regretting buying it at all...

  • Happydays Level 1 (0 points)

    Good post. 


    I've drained my battery fully and recharged ever since i got this, and it does improve sit age. Btw, while watching the posts , I did all the power saving tips on my iPad and the battery has stayed in the 90s despite being used all day!


    Condition your battery s few times and relax , apple supplied a charging lead with the phone. It's not as if anyone died now , is it?

  • mydogabby Level 1 (0 points)

    I too have the same Issue. I was the first in my area to get the I5. and been waiting two years to get it, and to be honest my I4 lasted twice as long as my five. i played music on it while working and could get a full day out of it, now with my 5 i can barely get a half day. now if i make calls and check my FB. it is dead by 1:00 pm central time. I wait 2 yrs to get a phone that is not any better than my old one..and i really dont want to go into the detail of the mapping system. it is not correct most of the time either..come on apple Steve Jobs wouldnt go for these Problem without trying to get them fixed...

  • Radeon888 Level 1 (5 points)

    I'd say my iphone5 is "fixed".


    Thanks for the instructions guys!


    From 12-4:17pm

    Combo 2 hrs 3G and 2:17min of LTE

    20min surfing, emails calls.


    Sitting at 78%


    Yesterday by noon it was 31%


    Will monitor and won't consider it resolved yet but what a massive difference from Friday at the office!

  • jaredw2 Level 1 (0 points)

    Can you post a screen shot of the battery app you use please, there are a few named battery doctor for .99 cents.

  • Jeremy Roberts Level 1 (25 points)

    fatcat585 wrote:




    the fact that you did not know what a DFU is, as well as some other things i've noticed with the advice you have given out to myself and others leads me to believe that you are just repeating what you were told by an apple genius and do not have a full understanding of how the hardware and software interact.


    i do not mean to be rude, and i believe you are well intentioned and just trying to be helpful, but you are giving people wrong or misleading information which is causing them to needlessly reset and restore their phones.


    fatcat - yes, you're a bit rude.

    my info is not wrong.

    DFU is an acronym. Now I know. Apple geniuses don't know what DFU is either. I would imagine the iPhone engineers don't know what a DFU is either. Acronym use does not make someone smarter.


    Let's break this down:


    1. I had the same issue as everyone else

    2. I read this thread.

    3. I called applecare - applecare suggested visitng a genius.

    4. genius #1 gave me advice. I shared it here

    5. genius #2 gave me more advice. I shared it here.

    6. I continue to learn more and more about the issue and I'm sharing what I've learned.

    7. my phone has not been on a charger since yesterday. I'm at 46%


    I've now said this a few times - courtesy of my wife:

    "do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?"



    I think I can stop posting on this thread now -- there are many others posting the exact same conclusions that I have shared. If you have more to share, then scream it out -- but there is something to be said about listening to the apple geniuses and trying what they suggest -- in some cases, they have solutions.


    Am I HAPPY that the soluton is not "Apple rolls a 6.0.1 release and everyone is happy" ? Of course not. But my phone works and yours doesn't (yet). Good luck.


    Message was edited by: Jeremy Roberts for typos

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