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    I somewhat agree with the points made by jdk5504 and Andy Goundry. There is something about using the phone till the battery is down to 0%, charging up to full and repeating this cycle a few times whilst using the phone as one would normally. I have tried this a few times myself and have found a noticeable improvement in battery time. I am also monitoring the battery vs time profile for wifi only and wifi + 3G and will upload a graph later today. The 'conditioning' which in my case is essentially a matter of using down to 0 and charging up to full again has helped. The reason? I dont know other than these are extremely complex electronic systems and highly advanced chips that do a lot of 'adjustments' internally to optimise the battery usage. the more we play around with it as well.


    At the same time the phone should 'work out of the box' as Andy say and I cannot agree more, all fairness it does if I were to be asked. All the functions seem to be up and running (except in some instances where there have been wifi issues), it gets emails, all the Apps which were essentially developed on previous generation iOS work fine for the most part, one can make calls, send messages, access FB, LinkedIn, upload, sync etc etc. The battery issue is ofcourse not one to be ignored and in those cases where people are runnng out of juice in a couple of hours, I would say that there is either (a) a problem with the battery/phone and by all means it should be replaced or (b) there is something running that one is not aware of.

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    Sorry, by earlier message was incomplete as I hit Cmd + S out of habit and it got posted!


    Just a couple of points more to finish off:


    1 - the comparison with the Apple figures for battery life etc may not be entirely appropriate as they are achieved under standard conditions which are fairly optimised and which we are not necessarily replicating in our home and work environments. This is perhaps true for all phone manufacurers. It's like the car mileage figures in the glossy shiny brochures - we never get those in real life do we? So cant see why phones should be any different.


    2 - I wonder how many people on this forum are also switching off their apps by double clicking on the home button, then pressing and holding on any app icon in the bottom row and one by one turning them off by clicking on the red '-' sign in the top left corner of the icon. That might be something to do regularly as well because who knows what is happening in the background when an app is on? You can keep Notifications and Locations services on despite and will not be out of touch with the world even though the app is off. I do this and get good life (within reason) from my battery.



    If after all this nothing works and the battery still drains in a couple of hours as it has been for some folks, then the problem is deeper and an exchange at the very least is well recommended. I personally would have returned and waited out a while till the next batch of comes out when the software and perhaps even hardware have been improved.


    Hope we all get to enjoy the phone in due course for what it can offer.

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    Try "datawiz" (free app from the app store) and see if your iphone is somehow uploading/downloading data to/from the cloud. that might be a big factor in the battery life drop.

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    FYI, thankfully my iPhone is mishehaving, so the logging that Apple installed should get useful data. Here's what happened:


    The phone was fully charged last night at 11pm. It was 80% by the morning (with a little light use before bed). By 12:07, it had turned off, after very light use. I did notice that it started to go down hill after using Siri and after then, the phone stayed warm until it died.


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    Did you close down Siri or simply move away from the screen by pressing the Home button? The fact that the phone remained warm might suggest that it (or something) was on and drawing power to use the location service for example. I had a similar sharp drop a few days back, the only difference that day being that I used a SatNav app on my way to work (to test the app), then took a few pictures at work and the battery hurtled downhill in the next few hours. I also noticed that it ate up about 200 Mb of my data allowance, although I hadnt been actively using the phone to access the internet or anything. But I hadn't fully closed the app so it struck me later that it might have been still working away in the background.


    Is there a 3 app that lets you see your usage? It might be worthwhile to check that during periods when the battery is going down faster than normal.


    Just a thought.

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    Hi @SingleMalt,


    FYI you can't 'close' Siri as its not an app as such, more an OS feature. I did notice that it kept using location services after it had closed, but not for that long. Plus, Apple need me to use the device normally whilst the logs are collected, so I'm avoiding any battery saving tactics for now. Apple need to see the stats as per normal use.


    Yes, I will start monitoring data usage. Might tell me something. But, I'm sure the logs that apple are collecting will provide them all this detail.





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    First results from the replacement that I got yesterday; I'm down to 50% (from 100) with 3 hours 6 minutes of usage. My first phone only lasted 4 hours till dying at first. So this is an improvement. Hopefully will get better with battery cycling. This is with nothing turned off and using wifi as I've only used it at home.


    I am still noticing the wifi is not as strong as in my 4 or iPad. And when I turn it on from sleep it shows 4g. And it will not sync via wifi....


    And... it also logged about 30 minutes of usage overnight while in standby. This is less than the 1st one I had was showing. I guess 30 minutes could be from notifications and push?

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    on my normal usage my iPhone 4 (which I've now given to my gf) would last 48 hours without having to charge. I

    be had my iPhone 5 for 24 hours and I've had to charge it twice, and I've barely used it! I went for a 30 minute walk listening to music and the battery dropped 16%. pretty bad.


    I'm considering taking it back for a new one and if the problem persists, I to take my iPhone 4 back form my gf. There's been heaps of problems with iPhone 5- I hope Apple hasn't jumped the shark.

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    1 - Apples battery figures have been pretty spot on for the 4 and 4S. Why claim 2 hrs more usage when you are in fact getting worse battery usage than previous phones at best maybe the same usage.


    2 - Yes many people have basically neutered their phones just to try and squezze out the same usage as previous phones. That shouldnt be this is supposed to be an "upgrade". Whats the point of all these new features if you have to disable most of them...


    The only thing I can recommend to everyone having battery life issues with the 5 is to buy a nano sim to micro sim adapter and use your old iphone in the SAME way you would use your 5. Compare the two and if your not happy vote with your wallet and return it. When you use an upgrade you are locked into the phone for 18-24 months you shouldnt have to be worrying about this problem for that whole time.


    (Believe me I love apple products I have a macbook pro, ATV, ipad and had the iphone 3G and 4 and this issue with the 5 is not what I've come to expect from apple)

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    my iphone 5 drops 1% every hour in standby. i took it back to apple and the genius checked my usage and said it was normal well what can i say. Anyway i went ahead and turned off push email since i heard the exchange was having problem in iOS 6 and i was surprised this morning after leaving the phone in standy for 7 hours since last night, the battery was at the exact same level as i left it in standby! before this i tried factory reset, reset all setting and DFU restore but nothing worked until i turned off push.

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    Apple's battery estimates are utter nonsense. They claim 8 hours of battery life for Internet use on LTE. I haven't seen any reports of anyone even coming close to that. iLounge in their tests got under 5 hours with an AT&T iPhone and just over 5 hours with a Verizon device. My experience thus for is about 4 hours of Internet use with a strong LTE signal.

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    Fishball, are you having a laugh?! 1% an hour equals a standby time of 100 hours! What's the problem?

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    how is 1% drop per hour normal?! According to apple we're supposed to get 225 hrs of standby. You do the math. Clearly something's wrong and i m gussing it's the iOS 6.

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    from my experience, i'd recommend that 1% an hour is amazing!


    I've just lost 44% in 2 hours in standby.

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    In response to your points:


    1 - Fair point. I dont know how the earlier iPhones matched up against Apple's stated figures.


    2 - Nothing to refute here really. That's what I say as well - what's the point in having this phone if you need to switch everything off? Just to make it clear, I wasnt suggesting doing that and every 'test' that I have done (today is my last day as the return deadline is tomorrow) is based on pretty much normal use with Location service, Notification and Push email all on. What I had suggested was to close down the Apps (except where it is a feature of the OS like Siri as Andy Goundry pointed out). That prevents unnecessary usage in the background but the phone's features remain on and working. Not sure if that makes a diffrence.


    I too am an ardent Apple fan and have been using them since my student days (which was many a decade back), but I have no compunctions in returning a product and waiting it out for an improved if I need to. But the curiosity to try and understand where the problem lies doesnt go away though.

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