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    im just worried i forked out £630 for this iphone 5 and the battery seems to not last that long i just want it to be perfect 6 hours at most with everything disabled and ive reset all settings and everything i shall be ringing apple care tommorow and seeing what they say

  • atlantis79 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Got my scone iPhone 5 today as the first certainly had battery problems ( losing 12-20% over 8 hours at night and barely getting more than 40 minutes as a personal hotspot while tethered to my Air)


    It was already 65% charged when I turned it on and let it to fully charge through my laptop it needed barely 30 minutes to go to 100% is that normal??


    I will cycle charge it over the couple next days but it has already lost 4% charge in the past couple of hours and I have only used it 15 minutes if that....

  • PaintedHorse Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    My second day. Fully charged it over night, It was 100% at 9am when I unplugged it.  I dial two numbers today, But neither answers, So no calls. I did not do any internet searches or use any data. At 5:15pm this evening I'm at 14% of battery left.  What gives?


    This will never work for what I do.  If it doesn't improve over the weekend, its on its way back.

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    same here! woke up at 8am at 100%, by 12:30pm it was 74% with just a few minutes of calls and sending some text!

  • alego Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    My wife experiences same battery problems with her brankd new iPhone 5. She went to work this morning with battery at 100% of the capacity. After very light usage during the day, 3 short phone calls, 2 pictures taken and few e-mail, battery capacity dropped down to 49% at 4 pm. Usage statistics screen in the Settings shows usage time of 2 hours and 39 minutes. She only spent at the most 30 minutes using the phone today. She experienced similar battery draining patters over the course of last few days.


    I'm not sure what is going on, but it's very dissapinting. She waited whole year for iPhone 5 which is replacing her LG Android phone. She almost feels sorry for not going with newer android phone instead of iPhone. We both feel that the whole "It just works" promise is rapidly loosing it's weight and meaning.


    Apple has been dropping ball lately big time.

    For me this is unnacpetable, especially after paying 1000 CAD for 64GB unlocked version of the phone.

    I always felt that paying premium price ensures premium quality and experience.

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    I've been reading this forum post for a few days now.  Here's my situation.


    I would charge it during the evening before going to sleep to 100%.

    In the morning (about 10 hours later), it's down to anywhere from 25-45%.  Losing 55-75% of the battery while in standby mode is utterly unacceptable.  It would literally lose 5-7% every hour for not doing anything.


    My problems:

    1. Battery

    2. Wifi losing the connection often and asking me for a password eachtime I try to reconnect.

    3. Simcard wasn't recognized (just 1 time) and I had to take it out and reinsert it.


    Here's what I did so far:

    1. turned off all push to manual(individual mailboxes).

    2. turned off passbook, safari icloud syncs.

    3. deleted local icloud data

    4. Reset and restored from backup

    4.5 several Battery conditioning (drain, charge to full and repeat)

    5. DFU reset and set up as new iphone with icloud restore.

    6. Went to Apple Store with no results to speak of.

    7. Went to AT&T and got a sim card replacement (I had an error of iphone not recognizing the simcard before)


    After doing the DFU and icloud deletion with couple of battery conditioning, the battery is showing improvement - but still way behind my iPhone 4S.


    I just saw 5% drop in 40 minutes(during which I received one call for 1 minute).


    Apple, please help us.  I'm willing to install the diagnostic program on my iPhone to be of any help.  Thanks.


  • jdimi34 Level 1 Level 1 (65 points)

    I'm only posting to show that there is quite obviously some disparity amongst our seemingly identical phones. iPhone 5 64GB White Verizon. I had a full charge when I unplugged at 4:59 AM. Listens to music in shower and on way to work. Texted all morning. Made a few phone calls. Constantly updated Twitter and was on Facebook. Made a few calls in the evening as well. All day on LTE- evening on WIFI (which is slower than my LTE). After all that and 15 hours later I am down to 11%, which is quite acceptable to me. My usage is 6hrs 13min and standby says 15 hrs 9 min.

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    I had the battery problem after initially restoring to my iPhone 4S backup on iTunes. I restored again as a new phone and the battery life is MUCH better now. Back to how my 4S was it seems. Whew!

  • Handsfull Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Yuniverse.....I also did a DFU restore and setup as a new iPhone and it changed nothing....I'm at the same stats your displaying for usage and standby. I tried the reset settings prior to restoring (with no results), and turned off every configurable option and tested again with the same poor results.


    Highly disappointing.

  • Event Video Guy Level 1 Level 1 (30 points)

    I keep reading the same information over and over about how to close down programs from running in the background to save on battery.


    Here is the advice I keep reading:


    1) Double click home button.

    2) When the menu pops up, delete all of the programs from the list.

    3) Now they are all closed.


    Here is the truth of the matter.

    It has been proven by researchers and by Apple that this is not a list of prgrams running in the background.  It is, in fact, just a list of recently used Apps.  That's it.  They are just links that make it easier to access your most used programs without having to search through all of the menu screens.


    Nearly all apps that run on the iPhone go into standby once closed.  But after between 5 and 10 seconds, they turn off and are no longer in active memory.  (Except for anything you have set to send push notifications).  Only those apps that specifically request the ability (from Apple app approval) to remain running in the background for a longer period of time are able to remain on.  And then, that is only for as long as 10 minute.


    For example.  You'll notice when using the Facebook App or iMaps that the GPS arrow appears at the top.  Close the program by hitting the Home button.  Then after about 10 seconds, the GPS arrow goes away (unless you are actually using turn by turn directions, when it which case you have to stop the directions first or it will continue to run).


    It's kind of like in Windows.  The start menu is not a list of running applications.  It's just a list of what you have available.


    So those of you that keep throwing out this info, you are Wrong.  This does not close ANY background programs.


    Here is an Article by MacWorld that supports my above information.

  • kp david Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I spoke with an apple tech this evening. He advised the issue has been pinpointed to twitter and facebook using excessive network traffic, and suggested turning of cell data. So far so good. Although its not acceptable solution, it is sufficient for a a short term fix. He said that it would be forthcoming very soon (as in days)

    I hope this helps

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    The battery in my Iphone 5 is terrible! Much much worse than my 4S I am not happy, Its a bloody joke! I hate this phone, Get a fix made!

  • gilbertk07 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)



    So would everybody agree that this is not normal? This is my first Iphone and I dont know the battery life of previous Iphones. Most of my uses were web browsing and facebook. The battery was good on stanby but once I started using safari and facebook my battery would just drain 1% in a minute or 2. Moreover I was very surprised that my old Evo 4g would load much faster on web browsing especially and pick up more signal strength than the Iphone 5.. I am currently on Sprint. Anybody have a take on this? Ive tried everything that was posted on what top do with the battery and resets and all of that but my battery sstill drains way fast.

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    Ok ive been very ticked off with the iphone 5 as well for the past few days. I started backreading on this forum. Now my battery is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better after doing the steps im about to give. (This is applicable especially if you are going to restore from an iPhone 4 or 4s backup.


    This is personally what i did.


    1. Drain battery till the phone closes by itself.


    2. Charge phone till 100% (with the plug icon visible instead of the lightning icon)


    3. Once fully charged.. connect to iTunes(i charged mine via power plug)


    3.1. Back up your iPhone (sorry i was on step 8 when i realized this needed to be done.. VERY IMPORTANT)


    4. do the DFU reset(very important step, please research on how to do this... pretty easy.. i did it for the first time yesterday since getting my 1st iphone which was the 3G)


    5. Once in DFU mode.. click on restore and let the thing download and stuff.


    6. Once promted to "restore from previous back-up" or setup as a new phone. click on the one that setups as a new phone. (dont sync any apps or contacts or whatsover... there is an option there to do that)


    7. on you iPhone 5 itself.. do the necessary setup like choose wifi, dont turn on siri, dont turn on any of those location services. Just get the phone to the Ready to use iPhone.


    8. Now that this is all said and done.... right click on your iPhone in iTunes.."Restore from Back Up".
        Note: you will have a newer back up. Make sure you choose the back up before you did the DFU Restore a.k.a STEP 3.1


    9. Now let your phone  restore everything (this included all the data since my iPhone 3G days).. will take a bit of time


    10. Reset Network Settings


    11. Configure your home wifi again and try to turn on all LTE, Siri, Location services you need.


    12. Make sure your imessage ISNT using your apple ID to send sms (i hate it that they made your apple ID as your default for iMessage)


    Now... ive done this all last night. I removed it from charging around 11.30pm. Woke up in the morning and got 100% batt. Been using the iphone for facebook. whatsapp, web surfing 9gag. Checking emails, iMessage. Now its 3.26pm in Singapore.


    Ive got 50% batt. Usage: 4hrs, 12mins Stanby is 15hrs, 52min (with LTE, Siri, Location Services)


    Yesterday i had a crappy 23% with Usage: 4hrs, 54 minutes and standby: 8hrs, 14mins (No LTE, No Siri, No Location services)


    I think i got a big difference there. You guys try it yourselves. Hope this good life continues. Thanks


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    I will try that tomorrow, Ace,


    I'm updating after changing my simcard.  Unfortunately, it hasn't improved much.  After fully charging following another full drain, it has so far drained 12% after 200 minutes.  I didn't use anything during this time.  At this rate, I only have 28 to 29 hours of standby time which is about 13% of Apple's claim. 


    So, I guess sim wasn't the answer.

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