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    I'm not sure how this stacks up but my typical battery life is 4h 48mins usage and 17h 1min standby on 99% battery life. Seems pretty bad I cannot even get one days worth.

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    I believe my iPhone 5 is not lasting like it should battery-wise.

    Here's my use for today:

    Unplugged from wall charger at 10am and now at 3:36pm it is showing 28%. This is 3 hrs. 45 minutes of usage on 4-5 bars of AT&T LTE network. I literally while waiting read (just read), no back and forth web browsing of a web site and it went from 47% to 36% in 10 minutes of reading...which doesn't sound right. My phone was restored as new and even recently did a DFU restore as new.

    I was concerned so I took it to apple. He ran some diagnostics and came and told me everything look fine. I said it dropped 10% in 10 minutes of reading a web page, which doesn't sound right.

    He told there was some things I could do and that was to.

    1) turn off LTE, because it was constantly searching for towers.

    2) turn off Bluetooth when not using. I use this in my car all the time and I've always had this on constantly on my old iPhones.

    3) turn down brightness and/or put on auto. I've always kept this on super high and never had battery drain before this phone and kept it like this on all previous iPhones.

    What do you think of these suggestions? Should I change them? I kind of feel like it would change why I bought a new phone as those suggestions didn't hurt my previous iPhones and turning off LTE would be just like having a iPhone 4S. Anyways I didn't receive a new phone and didn't want one unless there is a problem.


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    Yuniverse - I have a UK iPhone 5 and it says


    Settings > General > Mobile Data > Enable 3G


    (The term 'Mobile Data' is used in place of 'Cellular' in the UK.)


    There is no LTE option under Mobile Data and I suspect that is because my mobile provider (O2) has not yet launched its 4G service.

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    You are correct in what you have said.


    O2 and Vodafone - do not offer 4G so you will only see Enable 3G

    Three only have a 3G network - so you will not see any option


    Now the funny bit


    If you have a T-Mobile or Orange sim for your iPhone 5 and you DON'T update the Carrier settings to EE - then you will see 'Enable 3G'

    But if you install the new Carrier settings for EE then 'Enable 3G' is replaced with 'Enable LTE'


    i found this out when using my T-Mobile sim, I have updated mine and now trying to find a way of removing the settings as I want to set the iPhone to T-Mobiles 2G network as the battery lasts upto 2 hours of usage more

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    I had the same problem when i synced my new Iphone 5 from my Iphone 4 back up on itunes and it would drain by the minute, i researched the net and found a fix which did cure mine and i have not had the problem since.

    They said it was something to do with the way the iphone 4 and 5 access the Apps!

    The fix was only if you were syncing from the 4 or 4s to the new 5.

    Plug your new out of box 5 into itunes and sync, unplug it and wait about ten minutes or so, then plug your 5 back in to Itunes and create a back up, unplug the 5 again and go into GENERAL tab on your phone then RESET then ERASE ALL CONTENT AND SETTINGS and this effectivley resets the phone to factory settings, then plug it back into Itunes and sync with the back up you made, then sorted!!

    It cured mine and everyone else i know who has had problems with the battery and is very noticebly better.

    Hope this cures some of your issues.

  • Yuniverse Level 1 (0 points)

    Oh, I see, SingleMalt.  Didn't realize that.


    Anyways, here's the good news.


    I've tried almost everything to try to fix my problem with no success.


    I've been meaning to try out the steps laid out by Ace on page 48 of this thread and finally had chance to do it.


    After following his exact steps, I'm now happy to report the battery issue is indeed gone.


    Right now, my phone is at 92% with 44 minutes of usage and 17:30 hours of Standby.  Normally, it would have shut off by now.


    Goto page 48 and follow Ace's advice.


    Thanks, Ace.

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    I had a 4s before I got my 5 and I was able to restore from the old backup with no problems.


    There are a lot of different factors that can be causing this for different people. I went through this personally with the iPhone 4s launch and the best thing to do is to turn off the things you don't use and leave on only the things you are. (Afterall, we wouldn't buy the phone if we didn't want to be able to use some of its great features.)


    I have updated my guide from the 4s launch to be applicable for the iPhone 5 and it can be found here. I have attempted to make a pragmatic guide that is realistic about the changes you can make to improve battery life on the iPhone 5. While this guide isn't guaranteed to work for everybody (not everybody's situation is exactly the same), it has worked very well for me with my own iPhone 5.

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    *update from a few pages back*


    this is week 2 of my second iphone 5.

    DFU>new device.

    practically everything turned off.


    I was contacted by apple about installing a battery logger.

    diagnostics were sent back to apple but have not heard back from them regarding an upcoming fix.


    bear in mind that the battery has been cycled 1%>100% about 6 times already.

    these are my stats as of this morning; the first time i didn't charge the phone overnight..




    as you can see. it does not rock!


    the phone is going back. permanently.
    i am sticking with my jailbroken iphone 4 -that gives me 2+ days of use with everything turned on- and potentially the world of androids in the near future.


    i am not getting a replacement as I do not have the time nor the inclination to waste any more energy on trying to fix this anymore; after 2+ weeks of trying everyhing anyone has said here and in other threads.


    Good luck to everyone perservering with batterygate.


  • Handsfull Level 1 (10 points)

    That is the exact same battery life I have (had).  I just replaced my phone at the apple store (today) and set up as a new phone without syncing ANYTHING with itunes whatsoever.....I didn't even plug my phone in at all.  Battery has improved significantly, although not as advertised (2 hours of heavy usage with a 30% drop in battery).


    IMPORTANT: The genius at the store said all of his people have ONLY SEEN THIS PROBLEM FROM ATT PHONES, and NOT from Verizon or Sprint.....




  • iphone5rocks Level 1 (0 points)



    I was worried when we didn't hear from you for the day. I thought you gave up.


    I have a verizon phone. But my phone is still OK after changing the SIM card .


    Glad you got your problem fixed.

  • iphone5rocks Level 1 (0 points)



    Thank you for the guide on improving battery performance. I have read that turning off some of the system services could help battery life. No one seems to know what each one does. Do you have any idea on what they do?

  • Handsfull Level 1 (10 points)



    Give up?  Are speaking French? LOL...I'm former Army, I don't know those words.


    The sim had no effect on my phone.  I think using a backup from an iOS5 device (my former 4s), to a iphone 5 (which only comes with iOS6) causing the issues.  Can't prove it, but suspect whatever code was written for iOS 5 is fundamentally different than iOS6 and is causing a major conflict.  Even after MULTIPLE DFU restores...fault logs post in my history as soon as the OS is launched....THAT is a fail.



    To add:  Whenever one does a DFU restore, it is supposed to put the phone back into it's "original factory OS".  One would assume that it means ALL data is erased and is no different than a phone from the store.  That would be wrong.  Each time I restored my phone, when I set it up as a "new" phone, it already had my apple ID filled in and the password is blank.  That means everything is NOT erased back to factory settings.....there is indeed information left on the phone after a FULL restore.    What other information is left on the phone from the previous owner/user?  

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    @leefromsheffield, if you find out how to bring back the 3G on/off switch for Orange/T-mobile please let me know :-)





  • Tim Pentreath Level 1 (45 points)

    @ace_vedra, thanks for your 12 (13) step plan on p48. Might try it tomorrow. One question though, what's the deal behind not using your AppleID for iMessage?





  • SandroD Level 1 (0 points)

    I just followed the instructions, made no difference. I am at 94% in 15minutes

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