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    Ohhh, You devil.   VERY GOOD IDEA.  This is the one item I didn't piece together when I did my restore.....Why after a restore would my info still be on the phone for icloud/itunes??   


    Alwayslookn is either on something or onto something!!!  Good work brother. KEEP US UPDATED (hourly! LOL)

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    I def will, right now I'm trying to atlest drain the battery to zero until I start a full charge, I got out of the Apple store around 4:30, woth 50% charged ive been browsing lte on, downloaded a couple of apps and loaded in 2 emails with manuel push (my preffered route), had about 4 phone calls totaling 20 minutes and texting throughout the entire time and it's currently almost 11 and its 22%, can't tell the usuage since it hasnt been charged before but so far i really havent backed up to anything yet.

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    LOL!! It made me go "hmmmm" when you said that you are perfectly fine now that you set it up without plugging it in to itunes...Lets see what happens! Or doesn't!

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    charge phone to 100% BEFORE BED. Unplug and put in standby.  Wake up and check the standby/usage time and battery.  If the usage is around two hours (yes, even with you never using it), it has a problem.





    Eating popcorn and waiting.......


    This will be another marker for whether it's hardware related or not.  If this corrects it, I'll be swaying towards iOS 6 again - LOL.

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    Hmmmm...I don't think that did too much.. Usage 46 minutes / standby 1 hr 41 mins Hardware? Lol

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    how much ACTUAL usage?  What kind of call? if so, how long was the call? 


    Use the web for exactly 3 minutes.   Record the battery drain.

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    Drained 1 percent in the 3 minutes of safari use on LTE /no apps in background/screen brightness down less than half way. So yeah... I don't think that's good is it? Lol. The usage before those 3 minutes were text messages, facebook, twitter.

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    It's draining consistently 1 % every 3-4 mins regardless of what I'm doing. (This is on LTE) oh well.

    I don't even know what's normal anymore ! Lol replacement phone, please be amazing! Lol

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    Wifi is giving me 10 mins per percentage - constant safari, Facebook, twitter use

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    i give up. waiting for the return period to expire and then get a replacement OR wait for the ios 6.0.1 update.

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    Hello all,


    Just thought I'd add my 2 cents.


    Been getting 5-6 hours usage (Based on getting 3 hours usage 12 hours stand by to 50%) on 3G when I'm at work. Mainly safari phone calls and facebook and twitter.


    However on the weekends i get through Saturday and Sunday at home on wifi with around 6 hours usage and 1.5 days stand by at about 35%. So tracking to almost hit the 10 hours its supposed to deliver.


    This seems to be a cellular data issue that is draining. I''m begining to think that its based on who your carrier is, which would display why some people have it worse than others.


    If this was a battery hardware issue it would affect Wifi usage as well.


    At the moment I'm getting through the day without it running flat some im not too phased, however i should be able to get through two days if i need to like i was able to with my iPhone 4.


    Its a good thing to point out though that the iphone 4 was rated at 400 hours stand by i believe compared to the 220 or what ever the 5 is.


    Hopefully iOS 6.1 fixes the issue

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    So one positive thing I noticed was that it is taking longer time to charge from 1%, on my previous it took like 30 mins. Taking it out of charge and will let you guys know tomorrow.

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    You may remember me giving up on the iphone 5.


    After a quick visit to Telstra (tcom provider) I was advised I am unable to return the phone OR swap for a different make/brand. Apparently, there is no cool off period and I need to honour the full length of the contract.

    They suggested I left the phone with one of their 'technicians' who would try to 'repair' it.
    They had no reply to my retort of "why would I want to wait a week to get it repaired when I can just get it replaced by apple -again- today"?


    Long story short. I am stuck with an iphone 5 unless I sell it and use the money to buy something else.


    The girl I spoke to started talking about her iphone 5 being great so I asked about her battery experience.

    She said and I quote: "I get 4-5 hours of it. I just bring the charger to work and charge it twice a day".

    Somehow, a phone that lasts 5 hours -despite being advertised for 8- is not an issue.
    Ignorance = Bliss.


    Then the manager came to talk to me.

    He said that their 'technicians' were looking into the problem and their advice was to not plug it into a computer....EVER.

    I managed a straight face and replied with the obvious "So how do you put music/videos on it?"
    He scratched his head and said "I guess you don't".


    I was so highly amused and entertained by my lunchtime adventure, that I walked straight into the apple shop - across the street.


    After a brief discussion with a 'genius' and her diagnostics, she said that she would be replacing my phone.

    Great! A third iphone 5. Oh, the futility.


    She comes back with a brand new iphone and proceeds to swap out the sim card.

    She said there's no need to DFU. It should give me 8 hrs straight out of the box if I set up as new device.

    We do the whole apple dance - sign here and here- and she gives me the replacement.

    I immediately point out the glaring scratch by the volume button.

    She apologizes and takes that back - going away to bring me my fourth iphone 5 -this must be a record..


    I have had this phone for 24 hours now, having cycled to 0% and back to 100% overnight and following the usual steps suggested by people here (ace-pg48 and many others).

    It sits at 64% after a usage of 1hr 56min; which by my simple match would give me about 5 hours and a bit if i'm lucky.

    The usage was accumulating by fiddling around in settings and turning everything off.

    No phone calls. No texts. No games.

    Haven't even used safari yet.

    Email is linked and set to fetch every 30mins.

    Facebook is installed.

    Locations is turned off entirely.

    Bluetooth is off.

    Siri is off.

    I cloud is off.

    Passbook and all other notifications with the exception of sms/email/facebook/calls are set to OFF.


    Tonight, I will wipe the phone and do a DFU without connecting to itunes.

    I will not even enter my apple id.

    I will then charge via mains and see how it performs. Couldn't be less excited.


    Sh*ts and giggles Apple. Sh*ts and giggles. Especially by my S3 owning partner..



    PS I am not even going to mention the hilarity of using maps yesterday. I laugh but I'm crying inside.

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    Lol I set a record when the 4S came out. I had to go through six devices before I got one without a defect. I'm on my third iPhone 5 and it looks like it will be a similar story. I'm not pleased to say in the least. Either Apple lied to us about the battery life or their is a hardware/software problem. Either way it's a fail for Apple.

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    >900 posts and >75k views.


    hello? HELLO?

    anybody home?




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