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    Hi... I had this problem and made a few trips into the apple store... the end result is that the DataAccess portion of the framework was flaking out. Seemed to be related to a corrupted install (and subsequent backups). Go to settings->general->about->diagnostics and usage->diagnostics & usage data. I had a number of dataaccessd_2012... crash logs. Resetting and restoring from backup didn't fix the issue because it seemed the corruption was part of the backup. I had to do a full reset and not restore from backup, but rather start "clean" and re-install my apps manually. It's a real pain, but so far seems to have done the trick. Hope this helps!

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    I'll probably just have to suck it up and do a restore. What I've found is that it only happens when I tether the iPad to my PC and it doesn't seem to matter whether iTunes is open or not. It's only happened since iOS 6.0 so something changed and it may well be corruption somewhere even though I don't appear to have the errors you mention. I haven't had to do a restore since 5.0 blew up my iPad 2 so that's not too bad but update related issues are getting annoying. Thanks much for the reply.

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    I'm using a iPhone 4S and when the drain cycle starts (usually when the 3G signal is bad) I close all applications that use the network (email, facebook, etc) and, mainly, I disable the location service. I did a few times to reset the network but I think it worked by turning off the location service.



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    I have no idea what triggered this, but for the past 2 days my iPhone 5 first with iOS 6.0.1, and later with 6.0.2 has started overheating and draining battery like crazy.  I have to charge it three times a day now.


    It would be nice to get some official feedback on this issue.

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