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Does anyone know whether Apple can and/or will fix these map problems on the iPhone 5?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    As no one here is an Apple employee we would have no way of knowing beyond what gets published.

    You are just as capable of searching google for information as anyone else here.

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    Thanks for the obvious sarcasm!

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    Ya I'n not to impressed i'm in a rural area 5 miles out side of a major city in Canada, cant make out anything the roads around me are not even showing up on Hybrid anymore the screen is all Green, not even close to what Google was like and now I cannot get Google back after syncing in Itunes will Google come back as it has much better mapping. I have not upgraded my old phone which is a 3GS and will have to bring it along for mapping til this is fixed or google is back on iOS6.

    Here is a comparison on the same area. 1st picture is the new Apple map on my new iPhone 5 on iOS6 and the second is from Google on my old 3GS phone on 5.1.1


    Sorry for the picture quality bad lighting.


    Apple map.JPGGoogle map.JPG

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    Hey I love those underwater pictures is that sea coral? LOL :)

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    Apple is ****** with google about some android issue. Like little kids I want my ball back. That's bad business. It should be what's best for the consumers. Sometimes they forget who really make things happen and that's We the people. We miss U steve J.

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    Ya and both pictures are on Hybrid, I cannot rely on the new apple mapping anymore, even some of the roads I have noticed are named wrong. Common Apple get this fixed, you should have never released this maping it is terrible.

    This is not the only area like this I have noticed most areas out of majour centres are horrible.