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Hi guys,

first post so be gentle!


I'm running OS X server on 10.8.2 on a new Mac Pro with 8GB RAM. It's a school environment, Cisco switching and all running well so far except.... whenever I log into the profile manager web UI to configure a dock payload to control the apps available to students an error is generated:




No amount of reloading the page - restarting profile manager or even restarting the server clears this and as a consequence I can't manage apps in the dock. I've spent hours googling this issue and found nothing at all on it. The fact that any decent OS X server documentation is next to non-existent doesn't help matters either. Has anyone else come across this issue or have any suggestions as to a possible solution?


Thanks in advance,


Mac Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), OS X Server
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    Yes. There is an installation failure in the Rails application that supports the Profile Manager UI on the server upgrade to 10.8.2. I will be trying to investigate this issue today if I have enough time and will post any findings.


    The installation fails right after completing the modifications tot he database schema.

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    Thanks for the reply Andrew.


    Just for information the problem still persists in the latest release of OS X Server, 2.1.0. Having seen the update available I was quite hopeful of a solution however it proved not to be the case.

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    Has anyone learned of a solution for this yet? Bizarrely mine was working last week (at 10.8.2) however its since started displaying these symptoms. The only update that has occurred since it was previously working was Safari, however I get this issue with Firefox as well, so dont necessarily want to blame the browser.

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    I had this issue as well, but I was able to resolve it by changing the permissions on one of my 3rd party apps installed on the server. The top level permissions on the example.app were fine, but when I dove down into the Contents folder of the application I found the Framework folder was rwx------ or 700. The files contained below that were all 700 as well. I then "chmod -R 755 example.app and then I was able to bring up the list of applications in the Dock and Restriction categories in Profile Manager immediately.


    I think it errors because ruby is running as the user _devicemgr which is not contained in the group wheel. When the process goes to retrieve the list of applications it crashes when it is unable to read every file in the Application folder. The others class of every application must be set to read and execute.

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    Do I need to do that for all the Apple apps too? like Safari, Mail, ect.

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    The repair permissions in Disk Utility should look after those, but unfortunately I still have this problem and i've chmod/chown all of my 3rd party apps appropriately (or as I believe they should be) and i'm still stuck with this problem. Very annoying.

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    I did not need to change any of the Apple Application permissions. My issue was defeinitely caused by a permission problem. I went one by one deleting all my third party applications and after each application was deleted I refreshed the Profile Manager (PM) web page completely. This forces PM to rebuild the list of Applications. After I was finally able to bring up the list off Apps in PM I reinstalled the app I just deleted and right away PM crashed when it tried to list the applications. I then researched that specific application and found the permission problem.


    bezzoh did you recursively apply permissions to all your 3rd party apps and not just the top level?

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    Indeed I did, I've even removed every single 3rd party app from /Applications and I'm still getting the error. Tis becoming a joke now.

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    See my post here if it helps: https://discussions.apple.com/message/21019876#21019876


    Apparently it wasnt a spotlight or permissions problem.

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    My issue is definetly an issue with an additional app being installed on the server recurivly changing permissions however doesnt fix it but if I through it in the trash and load PM all is good. Except I cannot add that app if that is what I am trying to manage.

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    As I posted just now on the link jamauai posted (thanks!!):


    I tried the permission fix but it did not work.


    I tried disabling Spotlight which makes the crash error go away and show the list of apps.. but the crash is still happening in the background (check Console). Also, my app is an Applescript and it is not listed.


    I'm tempted to implement 10.8 WGM for just this one policy...



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    I havent found a way to get applescript apps to show so I just add them as a folder/document and just put the whole path to the app in and they show up near the trash.......


    I have found that if you just put the apps in the trash that are "third party" they will load. only problem is if the app your trying to get in the dock is the app that is causing it to crash. You could use the above solution for those apps tho if you do not mind them to the right of the dock break.