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    One thing I haven't seen here is that after plugging in the USB and finding that your pictures aren't recognized, you have to open up the camera application on the phone itself. If the pop-up doesn't show up asking if your phone should trust your computer, hit the camera roll. That made it pop up on mine. Once I did that, the pictures showed up in Explorer and also were able to be downloaded onto Windows Picture Gallery.

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    I was having this problem, all I did was go into my phone and something came up asking if I could trust the computer.  I simply selected yes, and then my computer found the photos immediatly.

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    Hi experts,


    Everybody is assuming iTunes is in the game. I have an iPhone 4S and I'm running Windows7 64. I don't have iTunes installed, neither I have the desire to have it. It manages to accomplish the same effect of Windows drag-and-drop in a very obscure, complicated and time-consuming way whose purpose appears solely to promote using iTunes for the sake of the business opportunities.


    Having said this, I plug my iPhone to my computer and I see it on "Computer", under "Portable Devices". I can now open it, getting "Internal Storage" with a Windows-disk-like indication of the space taken/left. I open this and I get DCIM, which is an... empty folder!


    It also appears in Control Panel > Devices, with no indication whatsoever regarding driver update needs or any other.


    Question: do I need all that disk-space-sacrificing iTunes installed in order to be able to see my pictures in that folder? Is there any alternative? I only want to copy files to my laptop.


    I'm running an HP Elitebook 8470p. i am using an Apple Magic Mouse with it, working beautifully. iPhone should be easier.

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    Ans.: No


    Read or my Post above. Hope these help.

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    I can't remember if I had this problem before I installed iTunes, but just a quick question:  Is your phone locked when you connect it?  Have you connected the iPhone when it is "unlocked"?

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    I'm afraid that you have to have iTunes installed even if you don't use iTune to transfer pictures. It's the same situation if you are using some of the third party software to transfer files. When connecting to the computer, the iPhone comes up as any device. However, it's only possible to transfer pictures from the phone, not music or other documents. iTunes is not a benefit for the customers, only for Apple that is preventing us from using the phone the way we want to.

    A strange marketing policy. It's my phone! Apple, stay away from it!


    I'm using this transfer option a lot, as I'm a hobby musician and therefore is transferring some of our own recordings to and from the phone. That's a hassle. So now they have introduced a hopeless iOS7, they have changed the plug leaving me out in the dark with 15 chargers and devices meant for 4S, and the useless iTunes. Next time it will be an Android.

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    mattis2 wrote:


    I'm afraid that you have to have iTunes installed even if you don't use iTune to transfer pictures.

    No you don't.

    And you don't use iTunes to transfer phoitos from the iPhone to the computer (this thread).

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    Good! You are right regarding the transfer of photo taken with the phone to the computer. However, I had some problems with iTunes, and uninstalled it. Then the iPhone icon did not show up on my dekstop (might be of other reasons than the missing iTunes), and third party software for transferring did not work.

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    I had the same problem with my iPhone 4S. All of a sudden Autoplay wasn't working when I plugged my phone in and for the life of me I couldn't figure out how to tranfer my pictures to my PC. I followed DOK's advice and went into control panel and found that exclamation point. I troubleshooted and found out I needed to update my driver. Problem solved.

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    Hi Ken,


    I see the point of having a "Super" on your signature. Despite all other contributions -- which I thank -- indeed there's no need whatsoever to install or use iTunes. It was simply a matter of unlocking the screen prior to plugging the iPhone.

    I must use the screen lock due to company policy (I'm @hp), and this little detail was forcing me to email big pictures from the iPhone to another email, just in order to have them transfered.


    Thank you, Super.


    Kind regards,




    PS: does FL stand for Florida? Lucky you. Here in Cambridge, UK it's all bad roads and worse weather.

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    Brilliant, now it works thanks very much.

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    Thank you, this helped me too. No-one else specified that the phone had to be unlocked when you plugged it in. I tried everything that people said but still could not connect, then read your post, followed your advice and BAM, I'm in.

    Thanks again


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    HI, treefrog75. You can try to transfer photos from iPhone 4s to PC by following ways:

    1.Use cloud drive like Dropbox, One Drive. Upload your photos from iPhone to cloud and download on your computer.

    2.Use iTunes. Open iTunes > Connect your iPhone > Select your phone's icon in the Devices list on the left. Click the Photos tab. If you want to sync all your photos, enable the option for "All photos, albums, events, and faces."

    Read more from official support: Import photos and videos from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your Mac or Windows PC - Apple Support

    Hope this helps.

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    Chris7thson wrote:

    HI, treefrog75. You can try to transfer photos from iPhone 4s to PC by following ways:

    1.Use cloud drive like Dropbox, One Drive. Upload your photos from iPhone to cloud and download on your computer.

    2.Use iTunes.

    AS noted 3 years ago in this same threa, you don't (and can't) use iTunes to transfer photos from iPhone to computer.

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    Transferring files, photos, music or whatever, between your phone and your computer has always been pretty messy, as Apples obviously does not like it. The best way is to download the program Syncios. It's cheap and very effective and intuitive, and you can forget iCloud (which is not a cloud, just another computer) and iTunes that usually is crashing when a new version is installed on my Windows machine. I use Syncios for my iPhone 4s, 5s and my iPad. However, iTunes has to be installed on your machine.