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Hello everyone. I'm trying to delete unwanted albums and photos from my iPhone 5 that were synced there via iTunes. Can anyone tell me how?

iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    Hi Maiahsdad !

    the only way to delete unwanted album from your iphone5 is to delete all the photos and remove the unwanted album from the pictures folder in your computer and Sys them to your iphone !


    how do you delete all the photos ?

    open Itune in your computer

    in the left side you will see



    DEVICE : in this folder you will see your computer name : click on it , then look in the right side you see

    Summary__info__App__Music__Tv programmes__podcast__books__photos : click in photos

    you will see   SYN PHOTO FROM (Pictures)

    Select : all folders and UNTICK SYN PHOTO FROM (Pictures) ! You will get the message asking if you want to remove all photos !

    good luck

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    Connect your iphone to computer

    Click on the "Library" button on top right of iTunes screen

         -it should bring you to all of your music

    Click on "iPhone" button on top right of iTunes screen (be careful not to eject your iPhone)

    Click on "Photos" tab at top of iTunes screen

         -your phone is probably set to sync all photos.  here you can change setting to only sync 'selected albums, events...."



    To sync your iphone changes, go to top of iTunes menu: File > Devices > Sync iPhone 5.

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    Hi Friend,


    If you want keep the pictures in your computer BUT remove from your iPhone, I advice you to sync your iPhone with iTunes, then you manage your pictures manually (choose the pictures you want and you don't want to sync with your iPhone), then click Sync button.


    It is not necessary to delete pictures from your computer!


    Hope it will be helpful

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    so you're saying that the only way to remove a picture from your phone is to connect it to your computer? I think Apple made a bad decision on that one.