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First, I love the podcasts app and am thankful that Apple heard and responded to people who regularly listen to podcasts. But in iOS, Apple removed Podcasts from the Music app entirely, creating a new problem for me.


I listen to podcasts in my car, which connects to my iPhone with USB. When the phone is plugged in, the Music app is taken over by the car's interface, but other apps still open as normal. The Music app will show song title, artist and album, and allow navigating by Playlist, Artist, Audiobook or Podcast. Other apps do not communicate this info to the Toyota OS, so these fields are blank when other apps are open.


Further, other apps will only play their sound for a few seconds and then the Toyota OS gives an error, saying to check the USB connection and try again. If you then unplug and replug it in, it will work for a few seconds and then give the same error.


Given Toyota rarely if ever upgrades their OS, would it be possible for the Podcasts app to send its output in the same format as the Music app?


Thanks for considering!

iPhone 4S, iOS 6