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    Both my wife and I have new iPhone 5's I have a 16GB Black one and she has a 16GB White one. (AT&T)


    My black iPhone 5 rattles like a piece of PCB or screw is loose inside the structure of the phone, it’s not like the battery issue some of you all have talked about.


    My wife’s iPhone doesn’t Rattle at all, perfectly silent when shaken.


    I have a co-worker with the same phone as my wife’s (AT&T); his phone also does not rattle when shaken.


    As far as I can tell, it’s a quality control issue and I personally do not want a phone that sounds like it’s broken.


    Regardless of what is wrong with the device I’m not going to put up with something that I paid a premium for rattle and have a possible issue down the road, and always leave it to apple to call it a design choice that your phone has a rattle feature.

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    well said. i am also not going to put up with this....i have received and sent back my second phone and the third one is arriving in a couple of days. i don't care if i have to receive and return 100 phones, i always keep the one i'm returning until after i receive the replacement and backing up to icloud means you have 'your' phone synced very easily. i certainly am not going to put up with bad design/manufacture at this price point!

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    Hey guys just found a few apple articles here TS4419 and TS4393 that cover these issues.

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    Noise Problem cured !!!


    My iPhone 5 made a rattling noise when shaken after it had "a few falls"


    I read in one of the forums that it was the battery coming away from the adhesive.


    I checked iFixit teardown of the iPhone 5 and noted the very large battery which occupies two thirds of the screen space from left to right (starting from above the headphone jack side).


    I'm not surprised that if it comes loose that it is the cause of the clunking rattle.


    One of the forums contributors suggested gradually pressing all the area of the phone on the outside that overlies the battery inside pressing hard between front and back over all of the screen area from left to right that fronts the battery inside. In this way one pushes the battery back on to the adhesive !!


    It works perfectly - Problem cured !! -  J B Walsh

  • JohnNY123 Level 1 (5 points)

    I have the same problem with a 16gb black.  Wife has 16gb white and it doesn't have any noise.


    Phone seems to be working fine though...

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