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Just plugged in my iPhone 5. Told I needed iTunes 10.7 so I downloaded that. Then when I try to install, it says the system needs Mac OS X version 10.6.8 or later. I'm currently running 10.5.8 but when I look for software updates nothing comes up. Help?

iPhone 5, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    For version 10.7 of iTunes you would need Mac OS X 10.6.8 or Higher installed.

    There are no free downloads as Mac OS X 10.5.8 is the most updated version of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard you can get. You would need to install Mc OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, which can be purchased at some online retail outlets like Amazon.


    The only other alternative is the latest version of Mac OS X 10.8, but I surspect  your using an early MacBook which many not be compatible with the latest version, plus you would need the Apps store app installing and to do that you would need Mac OS X 10.6.8


    So at the moment your best option is to install a retail copy of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.


    Best of Luck

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    To get Snow Leopard just call Apple.  I had to do that today to get Snow Leopard.  It was only $19.99 +tax. Do not buy it online. It is way over priced online. 

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    The best answer I have for all of us 10.5.8 Losers (as Apple suggests), although its a short term remedy and doesn't resolve the fact that APPLE is a completely irresponsible enterprise pushing over-consumption down our throats (I'm running on 10.5.8 on a MB 3.1 and upgrading to Snow Leopard is not recommended...) The poor beast still works and functions perfectly etc.....and its me that is going to choose when I buy a new PC...not Apple...I'm ranting.........(but they deserve it)

    So to the point:

    Instead of buying and upgrading to OSX 10.6...for an overaged computer that doesn't want or need an upgrade...I'm in France and did call Apple to buy the Snow Leopard and they proposed a three week delay for delivery... hahahahahaha oh and did I insult the poor person at the other end of the phone...???

    Not sure really although I am certain that Apple is insulting our intelligence....!

    I'm ranting again...but they still deserve it!!


    So, I opted to buy the equivalent icloud storage as my iphone 4 (16go) (ATTENTION NOT ALL IPHONES HAVE ICLOUD) which is roughly the same price as Apple's demodé snow leopard, because they have reduced the price considerably.


    Then proceeded with an icloud back up from the old Iphone to the icloud (after purchase).


    When starting iphone 5, we are prompted to either:

    -start as if a new iphone

    -back up from itunes

    -back up from icloud


    So I chose an icloud back up which worked perfectly and now my Iphone 5 is working!



    Any way, and of course this doesn't resolve the problem of synching between itunes 10.7 (which I don't have) and the iphone 5, I'll take care of that later, but at least I can use this f$$%kin phone!!


    Icloud will take of the rest in the mean time



    Hope that helps all you 10.5.8 Losers like me

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    AcidLogic wrote:



    Any way, and of course this doesn't resolve the problem of synching between itunes 10.7 (which I don't have) and the iphone 5, I'll take care of that later, but at least I can use this f$$%kin phone!!


    Icloud will take of the rest in the mean time



    Hope that helps all you 10.5.8 Losers like me


    Sync iTunes and the iPhone is what most people want to do.

    What happens if you have 1,000's of music and play list they want on their iPhone and Mac?


    Your correct this doesn't relove the problem, but granted it will allow you backups and storage for your new iPhone.


    Personally I'd spend the money on an OS update. I know if my iPhone breaks, I can plug a replacement into my Mac and all my settings/Apps/Music/Photos/backgrounds are restored.

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    I think what most people want to do is use their new Iphone 

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    It don't just effect those who have new iPhone 5's

    It's anyone who updates to iSO 6 on their ISO devices

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    Sorry to hear that

    I'm trying "Itunes match" out to see if that allows me to synch w/o 'upgrading' my OS.

    Good luck

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    I had exactly the same issue I am running OSX 10.5.8 and it wouldn't install iTunes 10.7.


    There is no solution for iPhone 5 users other than to buy a disc for Snow Leopard from Apple for £14. Because you need iTunes 10.7.


    However if you have updated to IOS 6 with an iPhone 4 and are having this problem you need iTunes 10.6.3 or later (which is an older version of iTunes) however this is not available to download on Apple's website.


    Link to download iTunes 10.6.3 (used by me and WORKS for iPhone 4!)



    Sorry this is no good for iPhone 5 users (me included) but if you've got a iPhone 4 running on IOS 6, this will resolve the issue x

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    It's not just Apple that does not support 10.5.8 anymore. Adobe Flash, Google Chrome, and as of October FireFox will no longer run on 10.5

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    Thanks for the warning/update and terrible terrible news!

  • AcidLogic Level 1 (0 points)

    et Safari?

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    All excited tonight - first in the company to get my iphone 5 - some 300-400 other users who have the iphone3/4/4s.  I should feel privileged.... or should I ??????


    Go to my private Mac to commence the transfer of music etc - and got all the problems mentioned here.


    Nothing is ever simple is it now ?


    Spoke to Apple Support who confirmed all of this  - and also lectured me on "its only a software upgrade" - what for a 3 year old machine thats run well ?


    I'm up for a replacement Mac - but me thinks I will wait for a PC with Windows upgrade - good lord the world IT "industry" has a lot to answer for.


    Back to the iphone 4S I think - at least I can get accessories for it as well  !!!!


    Oh well, another screwed up consumer product to discard

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    I'm another 10.5.8 Leopard loser. I have Power Book G5 that still works good. Snow Leopard only works on intel based Mac. Yes I'm at the dead end of this version of Mac and of course like the rest of you I have an iPhone5 that I can't back up to it. My problem is what if I want to switch to windows PC will my iCloud stored documents download to it without compatibility issues? I've been losing pictures already. I'm seriously thinking of changing completely to ....I hate virus & antivirus but apple wants us to be dependent to them.

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    I found that the hardway, I was running a program with adobe flash in Fire fox ( on leopard 10.5.8) when it suddenly quit, so stupid me reported it to apple next a blink Firefox icon disappeared, so I plugged my external hard drive and tried to reload Firefox from time machine . "You have no administrator privileges" appeared on the screen of MY VERY OWN computer then blinked again and walah! My external hard drive was wiped clean of all my back ups. You  think I still love apple? Any response from Apple geek? Convince me that it's just this technologically challenged moron who messed up.

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