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I've only had my ipad (3) for about 4 months but everything worked so well and was so easy....since updating to IOS 6 yesterday morning...nothing but problems.   I wish I had not updated and would recommend people wait for a fix for these issues prior to updating.


However, my questions is....does anyone else notice that everything is just much slower now..slower to load...slower is most ways...after the IOS 6 update?

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    Try a reset:



    1. Hold the Sleep and Home button down (together)



    2. For about 10 seconds



    3. Until you see the Apple logo (very important)



    4. Ignore the red slider

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    Thanks for the response; however, I have heard of so many people losing everything after a re-set so I'm reluctant to do that...particularly, after I spent all day yesterday dealing with IOS 6 problems...!   Thank you again anyway though.

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    A reset will not delete anything.

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    Connect your iPad to iTunes on your computer, right click on it (in left pane) and do a Restore to see if it speeds up.

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    I will do a re-set but a re-store definitely is a drastic measure and erases everything on your iPad...


    Thanks everyone!

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    I have an iPad2 and upgraded to ios6  two days ago.  Went from 10 to 20 second load times to nearly 2 minutes. Hard reset did not work for me.  Really really regretting I "upgraded".  My Windows (vista) computer loads faster.

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    I bought my ipad3 the day it launched.  Unfortunately, I made the mistake of trusting Apple and installing IOS6 last night.  My favorite game apps now run too slowly for enjoyable play thanks to the Apple's genius.  Thanks guys!