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After about 12 hours of using iPhone 5 with mixed LTE and wifi, I am cautiously optimistic that the battery drain issues that I had to live with on my last iPhone may not be present on the iPhone 5. Does anyone have a sense yet as to the iPhone 5 battery drain rate, especially on LTE as opposed to 3G or wifi?

iPhone 5, iOS 6, White 64GB Verizon
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    It's not just you. I have read that many people are having the same issue. I lose 1% a minute on LTE. I'm not sure if it's a network thing... I have the suspicion that its a hardware issue. Apple please help!!!

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    Yea I figured I would find people on here with issues. My battery life is way worse than my 4. I have used my phone half a dozen times to text in the morning and it went from 100% at 7am to 43% by noon. It's practically been in my pocket all morning while in school. I turned off the LTE, as many location services as possible and even restored twice. Same problems. Any ideas?? COME ON APPLE!!!!!!

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    Same problem with my iphone 5 on Verizon LTE network. In office time i am only using it 2-3 times just to check mail & FB updates, but still by the time i go home , battery is 10-20% left. APPLE come up with the solution fasttttttttt

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    So I have an update with iPhone 5 battery issue. I have read a few posts and found some helpful tips. My phone was almost dead each day when I charged it to 100% by morning and by evening it was less than 10%. No apps or movies or browsing really was used that day. Only about 45 mins of usage the rest was standby I'm sorry I don't have the numbers. But I knew right away it wasn't right the speed the battery was dropping from idle time. So I connected my iPhone to my iTunes on my laptop. I did a complete system restore removing the OS6 and reinstalling in case there was in issue there. I also set up as a new phone after that was done not from a restore of my iPhone 4 or even the initial iPhone 5 restore point I had. Once set up I added th apps I normally use, music and even some video. I charged it over night unplugged my phone around 830 this am. At 1020am the battery was still 100% dramatic improvement from yesterday. I am even writing this at 1037am and its at 99% and I have about 30 mins of usage this am an the rest idle time. So far so good. If your having troubles I recommend trying a complete restore and set up as new phone. I also turned off all spotlight searches and LTE and push from my email to just check it manually. I have Bluetooth and wifi on and location services. So I am using it the way I did before. Hasn't dropped 1% the entire time I wrote this freakin long thing. Good luck. Beats waiting for a new one.

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    I think it's safe to say that worked. Usage time 1hr 10mins. Standby 4hr 15mins. Battery percentage since last charged 94%. Night an day difference.

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    Fwiw, I'm having the opposite problem with my iPhone 5 AT&T. LTE drains at a reasonable rate, but when I'm in spotty LTE or turn it off manually (to curb data usage), it drains twice as fast when on 4g. Odd... Reset network settings, to no avail, and will try full system restore. Anyone else having this odd problem?

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    I haven't had too much problem with my battery life. I guess since i came from an Android and the iphone 5 is much better then what had. the thing the kills my battery the most seems to be a combination the the screen usage and bluetooth. sinc ei leave bluetooth always on and it connects to my car which seems to kill 2-3% in a 35 min commute to work.