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    Pretty much make sure you have stuff that will drain the battery turned off. It's a shame Apple included all the great features the iPhone 5 has and you can't use them without having to charge your device multiple times a day, but it is what it is.


    So turn off Bluetooth when not in use, turn of Wi-Fi when not in use, make sure you have a good signal and it's not always searching for service, turn off push notifications for apps you don't really care about push alerts for, turning off Siri helps, turn off LTE, make sure you're not connecting to iCloud in the background, put your brightness on low or auto-brightness, turn your mail to manual receive instead of push and make sure location services are off or only on the apps you need them for (such as Maps, Weather and Siri). These are some ways you can improve your battery life. If these fail to work, reset the phone's settings and don't restore from a backup. Hopefully iOS 6.1 fixes these battery issues because right now it's getting a lot of complaints.


    My battery life isn't too bad. My brightness is about 1/4 up, Siri on, LTE on, iCloud not checking in the background, push email off, location services on to only some stuff. My battery is at 54% remaining with 2hrs 56mins of usage and 6hrs 59mins on stanby. However, the first hour and a half of that was spent mostly gaming which drains the battery extremely fast. Normally I get 7-8 hours of usage and 16 hours on stanby within the day and my battery ends up nearing death within the end of the day.


    Definitely doesn't have the 8 hours of LTE browsing that Apple said it would. I found even listening to music drained the battery quicker than I thought. I get a lot better stanby time than some people here do. Stanby for me barely uses any battery so I'm really happy about that. It does drain fast when it's in use, though.


    I also used to find that when I first unplugged the phone from the wall, it would take 30-45 minutes of moderate usage to actually get down to 99% and then it would start going more rapidly. Lately, it's been going down to that 99% a lot quicker - like 6 or 7 minutes of usage and 20 minutes of standby. Then it decreases faster. Today I actually unplugged it from my computer and stepped out of class and it immediately went down to 98%. It must not be getting that full charge it used to for some reason.


    I purchased Apple Care extended warranty so if anything is wrong with the phone/battery itself after the first while I'll be able to get it repaired.

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    I think I know how to fix your problem when I took mine to apple they did a Dfu restore where the they fully wiped the phone so it didn't even have any software on it then they reinstalled it because the battery indicator at the top was wrong it would say like 100 but it would actually be 60 percent

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    Absolutely HORRIBLE battery life on iPhone 5 running iOS 6!


    I have now had two iPhone 5s replaced as the "genuis bar" had no way of assisting me with a diagnosis.  (They actually opened two phones with defected/scratched bezzels, which I found very interesting for Apple.)


    I cannot figure this out!  I turned my newest and third phone on last night…As a new phone, none of my settings, apps, contacts, information, etc.  Just raw unaltered settings.  Overnight the battery lost like 2-3%.  Perfect.  To troubleshoot what has been going on, I load just my email and contacts and up the display brightness.  No Apps, no pictures, no music.  Now with the phone not being used for ANYTHING actively (no web surfing, no calls, no texts), just sitting on my desk…I have lost 5% in battery over the past 30 minutes.  Is the que for my email sucking that much juice?  It never did previously.


    I'm speechless.  I did not restore from a backup and have minimally changed the settings.  The thing that is odd is that my 4GS running the same iOS loaded with ALL of my information, plus a heck of a lot more than is on my new iPhone 5 performs much higher.  This leads me to believe that it is the phone, or some new settings/process in the background.


    I'm speechless.  I've never seen something like this from Apple in 10 years using their products (all of them).

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    Well mine seems to be finally fixed BUT fixing is not a pleasant experience!!!!


    Having been to Apple store for a replacement and having tried everything I could think of and Apple support advising, it came down to one final thing to try.


    Full reset/reload of iPhone, without ANY connection to computer, setup as new device, again without any connection to computer, finally when everything was going, I did connect to computer but still set up as new device.


    I have now largely re-installed most of my apps and the battery improvement is startling.


    Something in my config/backup must have been slightly screwy when installed on the iPhone 5.


    Now it is working properly!!!!!!!


    Just FYI



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    So what actually constitutes a bad battery. I have only had the phone for a couple of days and I restored from a previous backup from my iPhone 4 which I was never disappointed with the battery. Currently I have usage of 2 hours and 24 mins and 7 hours and 48 mins of standby time and my battery is currently at 69%.


    I have used the phone mainly for texting today and poking around in the settings, no real game use or use of video or Internet. But I do get the feeling that I have to baby the phone in terms of usage. I refuse to turn off all features for which I paid for but have done things like turn off location services for most apps besides my maps and such practical things like that. Does this restore from a fresh phone actually work or should I just stop the speculation and make an appointment with apple and have them check it once and for all??


    Thanks everyone for your contributions, it ***** that we have to be having this conversation at all unfortunately with such a high priced product

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    I just thought I'd share this here.  I had really great battery life the first two days I got my iPhone 5.  Then it just seemed to dwindle right before my eyes when I did anything on it at all.  I tried everything I could think of short of a restore.  Then I saw a post about someone's Safari sync accross iCloud was causing their problem and they turned it off and they had their battery life back again.  I tried it because I have about a bazillion tabs open on my computer and iPad.  Yesterday I turned it off and I got 17hrs and 11min. out of it with normal usage!!  It was at about 3%!  I was so excited and I thought I'd share since maybe it could help someone else!

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    Nothing done to the phone will remedy your problem, save yourself the time/hassle.  The problem lies with The phone connecting to cellular data.  The only people who can fix this is Apple, and hopefully that only involves a software update and not hardware.  I've returned my phone (and AppleCare that I bought with it) and picked up a 4s running iOS 5 on Craigslist, and I'm loving it....especially google maps.....I didn't realize how great it was until it was gone - LOL. 


    This release was a flop, phone isn't really 'better' than the 4s, other than the screen size.  That's a fact.

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    I think you're right...  I got exactly 8 hours of usage yesterday before it died and that was texting, decent amount of phone calls (mostly on speaker ), facebook, mail and a little web surfing.... and this was all on wifi.  Cell data was only turned on briefly to get my voicemail. 


    And totally agree with you on maps! I miss my maps from my Android... I'm on the verizon network and I know we can't surf and talk at the same time but it used GPS for maps so I could use the maps while on the phone... well the other day I was trying to figure out which way to turn and I was on the phone and it wouldn't load maps! I got an error saying I was on the phone.  Are you kidding me!?!?! If I need ot use maps for directions I can't talk on the phone at the same time?!?!


    I bought my phone at Verizon and am past the 2 weeks and so I can't return it.  Do I seriously have to go back to hooking up my old Garmin in my car???


    Sorry I'll take this rant to the map discussion board...

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    You all are right - it is the cellular network. When I'm at home on a Wi-Fi network the battery is great. With screen brightness at half, and push emails every 30 minutes I got 9hr 30mins usage and 1day 12hr standby. When I'm over a 3G network or an LTE network the battery drops every couple of minutes it's in use. I went to the Apple Store today and they told me my battery was above average.

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    I hate to pour cold water but both my iPhone 5's had very poor, actually horrific battery performance both at home in wifi and on the road on 3G.


    Once I set up from scratch my iPhone 5 is lasting great on both wifi AND just 3G when I am out and about!!!!!!



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    The question is - did you restore and then set up from scratch?  What about the people that just use the phone from the start w/o restoring from itunes or icloud?


    What were your steps with setting up from scratch w/o the computer?


    Also, it would be helpful to know what kinds of times and network you are on.



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    I am not quite sure what everyone is talking about.  I havent had any problems with my battery life.  actually the battery life is so much better than the 4s.  I havent had to turn anything off.  phone is running at full tilt.  There are a few times that the battery's wear seams unlinear, but i charge in the morning take off aaround 530am.  i use this phone for my business and get life till around 130 200pm.  Then fully charge again and may not have to charge until the next morning.

    I never charge before 10 percent.  and when i do charge i charge all the way to 100 percent before disconnecting.

    I am connected to the cloud.   have push enabled and conencted to three other gmail accounts that pulls every 15 minutes.


    use the maps progam all day long and what alot of videos and surf most of the day to fight boredom.  ALso connected to facebook, foursquare, path, twitter and other social apps. 


    I really dont understand the animosity toward this product.

    especially towards battery life.  I ride road bike and i can use cyclemeter on a 5.5 hr trip using gps the whole way and still getting items pushed to me and at the end of the ride, at 74%.  Thats amazing!!!


    my 4s could never do that!

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    The battery just ***** overall I switch from blackberry to iPhone I know it's not the same as the black where the battery lasts like 2days but still I don't want to have to charge my phone twice a day which is what I find myself doing and I've tried everything that I've read on the comments nothing's worked I'm on my third iPhone 5 in two weeks and I've tried everything with each of the phones still nothing's getting better I'm not going to lie when I first got this phone the battery wasn't so bad but no with every touch the battery dies even with the back light turned down and the cellular network off

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    The procedure I used was as follows:-


    Plug iPhone into computer, in iTunes select the iPhone and then select Restore.


    Once new firmware is downloaded and iPhone is restarting, upplug from computer.


    I then did all setup etc. on the iPhone.


    When things seemd much better I also downloaded quite a few of my frequently used applications, again on the iPhone not connected to the computer.


    Once I was happy I did plug my iPhone into the computer but it was now seen as a completely new iPhone, not associated with earlier backups.


    The battery life has been significantly better.


    I could almost watch teh battery % indicater dropping before but now it seems to hold much better, hugely better.


    One anomololy I have spotted though.


    Before I went through this procedure, the GPS 'arrow' seemed to be almost permanently on, even though I had been through the 'quit applications' process a number of times.


    Now this GPS arrow only seems to be on when an App I know is going to be using GPS is running or has just been run, the rest of the time this is off.


    It may be I had a corruption in my backup that was causing the problem and my problem MAY have been different to other people here, I just offer this up as additional information.

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