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  • Dave049 Level 1 Level 1

    I bit the bullet and returned my iphone. 

    The final straw was the apple genuis this morning. His customer service was shocking as was his attitude.  Had I read your post before I may have kept it. But he really annoyed me and didnt have anything like the advice you've given or even bother going through trouble shooting. There definitely needs to be better communication through all apple stores world wide when this happens.


    Hopefully enough people will report this that a fix will be built into new phones.


    I'm going to leave off changing phones for a bit and carefully consider whether i move to android or stay with apple

  • TheWrongStuff Level 1 Level 1

    My fix was deleting Skype. My battery life doubled from 10 hours standby to 20 hours. There seems to be a bug in Skype which keeps it running in the background.

  • Dave049 Level 1 Level 1

    I was wondering what network people are on that are having the battery life problems.


    I'm in the uk and on the 3 network. 

  • Dave049 Level 1 Level 1

    Sorry for yet another post but I am eager to find a resolution that may help myself and everyone else.  After putting my sim into an adapter and back in to my 4 i noticed it was running hot. Battery was ok. but still running hot. I checked online and found a post that mentioned checking the sim was properly aligned in the tray as this can cause the try to touch the logic board and generate heat. 

    I removed the sim tray and the phone cooled down.  after a couple of attempts i got the sim perfectly aligned and put it back into the phone.  The phone is now running cool to the touch

  • demure84 Level 1 Level 1

    TheWrongStuff thanks I will try shutting down Skype and not letting it hang in the background as I really can't stand the letterboxed version of it anyway.

  • MoOriginal Level 1 Level 1

    Excellent post

  • MoOriginal Level 1 Level 1

    I'm with three too.


    I have really good 3G signal here in norfolk strangely


    I regularly get 8 mb download and 3 up


    But i do suffer from the battery drain problem and getting hot

  • MoOriginal Level 1 Level 1

    Skype is so so rubbish

    It never works well


    I've been using vibes recently which seems more reliable app than Skype and more and more friends joining up


    That said I have Skype credit so still have to try Skype !

  • icisz Level 1 Level 1

    ***THIS WORKS*** Battery-gate can be solved! Until a formal fix is released, try this:


    Looking at cloud based connection and LTE will dramatically affect battery life. Constant push setting on Mail, and really high screen brightness also eats up juice. The fix that worked and helped me achieve comparable battery performance equal to that of the competitions phone- is the DFI restore and then selecting "set up as a new iphone". This and setting mail to fetch or manual fetch immediately solved the dramatic drop in battery power drain. Confirmed that it lasted from 7:40am to 11pm after the changes, and that was with average texting, siri use, lte on full time, and google searches, numerous texts and phone calls during this time. This at very least helps us get a full day of usage in, and a full work day with plenty of use as well.


    Updates done over wifi or 3/4 G /LTE will also eat up juice. Where we used to sync with the computer via USB now it is an OPTION to do these updates without being tethered to the computer. Depending on how much, expect this to add to the drain if its being done often. You can disable these features to conserve.


    Battery caliberation is also wise. Personally its my perference to charge for 8-9 hrs, then let the battery use itself up completely prior to a subsequent charge... unless absolutely necessary.


    Tests have also been done (iOS 6.0.1) on my iPad 3, and iPhone 4... neither of them appear to be dramatically affected with the battery power drain as noticable as the iPhone 5. The iPhone 4 appears to hold its charge in the same mannor as it always did, and no special methods were used to update them, as they were both updated using the wireless update method.


    There are also specific apps that have known issues with iOS 6.0(.1.) Looking through google and the forums here will help you isolate problematic apps that are having issues. One thing people here need to keep in mind is that Android based phones are no better. As a true apple enthusiast, (I like all tech and not just Apple mind you)- it is with personal experience that showed me sammy also has these issues. Hi powered options mean high power consumption. Other competitiors have these same issues documented consistently. Juice defender for android does essentially the same thing as what toggling the settings manually in iOS does. The idea being "be creative" with your settings, and taylor the specs to your needs. More notifications and endless alerts can add up!


    IMHO Apple has responded to the endless waves of customization settings that some people have whined endlessly about not having, with, ehm, cusomization settings. It would seem that those not used to this "not automatic anymore" mentality are the ones most severely bothered by this battery-gate issue.

    As time goes on one thing is clear. Its still a phone people. Made imperfect by us imperfect humans.

    It will never be a desktop, professional camera, butler, or personal assistant, although it sure comes close!


    We all know the programmers at HQ are working hard to try to make everyone happy. Of course thats asking alot.


    Watching the folks at Apple since the first Apple ][ computer, I can tell you this. They are not done yet.

    Give it time and be patient. Even god need a week. So far the 5 is still by far the best solution out there.

    If you give these suggestions a try, Im certain unless its a hardware issue, the above DOES WORK.


    Ensure your contacts are saved to sim, and all notes, caladars,apps, music etc. are in the cloud or on your mac,pc & itunes.


    One thing we all know, is that Apple will stand behind its products with either free software updates we as a community can all enjoy AS THEY GET RELEASED, (not one brand at a time lol) and a replacement device should the hardware ever fail. **** they even help you if you do the damage. Good luck getting the competition to do that!!!

    Hope this helps. 

  • Golfbumm Level 1 Level 1

    I tried the reset all settings trick and it did NOT work.  I did a test last night.  I charged my iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 to 100%.  Set them both on my night stand and went to bed.  I got up 6 hours later, my iPhone 4 had a charge of 99%.  My iPhone 5 had a charge of 35%.  I find this unacceptable!   Apple needs to fix this, why do we have to try all these little tricks just to try to get a little more juice out of their products?

  • Robster50 Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X



    You have trie resetting BUT have you tried the complete set up from new like has been suggested?


    I was having almost exactly the same problems as you.


    The set up from scracth along with manual re-install fixed it and now my phone last all day!!!


    So far today I am on 11 hours standby, 4 hours 20 minutes usage and still on 48% battery.


    This EXACT same phone would not last 8 hours doing nothing before I did this!!!!!!

  • zeroio Level 1 Level 1

    Golfbumm: I'm having nearly the same problem. iPhone 5 had 100% when I went to bed, was off and at 0% by morning. I have 6.0.1. I did not notice this with 6.0.


    Airplane mode seems to fix it, unfortunately. Could be related to location services as I'm testing that too.


    My wife's phone does not have this problem though I have more stuff enabled.

  • officialbferg Level 1 Level 1

    Zeroio and Golfbumm: that's really not normal at all. There's no way your battery should be dropping that much while you sleep. For comparison, my iPhone would drop about 2-4% over a full sleep. Something is causing it to use up that much battery over night.


    I've used two seperate iPhone 5's now (dead pixel), and will be using a third probably (back light leaking). The battery has been the exact same on both devices for me. I get anywhere between 5.5-9 hours of usage, depending on many things. If I'm in a little or no service zone, the battery drains fast. Wi-Fi keeps the battery going very strong, although it's not always the best option for a couple of reasons.


    Again, you should not be dropping 65% or 100% like both of you guys are experiencing. That's crazy.

  • icisz Level 1 Level 1

    @Robster50. Thank you, your observations are dead on to what I was talking about. A simple data reset alone is not the key. As has been suggested, no we should not have to do this to get our battery to perform. The fact is here we are and there is a working option. Several days now since I did the DFI reset. Open i-tunes, and plug in your phone to usb. Then initiate the DFI restore like this: hold the home and screen off (top right on iphone 4/5) for ten seconds, then release screen off, and continue holding the home (bottom centre face of iphones) button for another 4-5 seconds. With itunes open, this enables the DFI mode to kick in. You can watch this being done on you tube if your confused. Knowing that you have save things like contacts and other important info, restore iphone 5, and set up as NEW iphone.


    Additionally, there is also an APP called "Battery Doctor". While its not my intention to advertise for this developer, I stumbled on this gem while looking for an itunes equal to Juice Defender for android. It works in a different way. Many device specific tips for known issues and many more common sense ways to preseve and manintain your battery properly. Read the reviews. Best .99 cents ever spent. 


    There is an app driven charge cycle process it uses... dont worry its all automatic... Guess what. This app really worked, and I was soooo sceptical. After only one cycle with this app running, it worked great. Now Im using video stream on LTE, making 2 hour phone calls, 3-4 hrs usage; and still getting 12-14 more hours with standby...

    yes on one charge. The dramatic drop issue is completely resolved.


    This is likely a huge priorety for apple, as customers will be returning devices without trying these simple steps, so no doubt an update is around the corner. Meanwhile, what can I say. Love this phone, love ios... love apple.

    Just like a car sometimes you just gotta know how to take care of it yourself every now and then...


  • Golfbumm Level 1 Level 1

    So let me get this straight.  First Apple locks down the iPhone 5.  Then AT&T/Verizon/Sprint locks it down some more.  So when we finally get it, we cannot use whatever capabilities are left because it drains the battery to a point where it is almost unusable?  Tell me why I picked the iPhone 5 over other smart phones again?

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