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  • demure84 Level 1 (0 points)

    It's a fact LTE is power hungry stay on WIFI as much possible or turn Cellular Data OFF when you are at work and only turn it on during breaks what I learned. Actually ironically enough iOS 6.0.1 allows you Cellular Data ON/OFF instantly where before it used to take a long time to search for network etc

  • Zach_n Level 1 (0 points)

    We still don'e have LTE where I live, it should be deployed in the coming months so I am using 3G for now, so far I'm using Wifi today and my battery is still on 100% since I unplugged my phone from the charger about 1:30 hours ago, I only used it for 10 minutes total but it's on standby for 1:23 hours...


    Let's see what happens at the end of the day.




    I didn't see an option to turn on LTE anywhere, will it replace the "Enable 3G" setting when it's available in my area? Thanks

  • rap_rap0817 Level 1 (0 points)

    i just want to share mine


    i have a iphone 5 32gb black


    when im playing music and texting my battery last for good maybe i think it will last 2 days


    i dont use lte or bluetooth coz in my country we dont have lte and if we have i dont plan also


    so here it is when im playing games like asphalt and brothers in arms


    my battery life draining fast its like 1 percent per minute


    is this normal???


    ive watch a movie around 40 mins and my battery drain 10%

  • Zach_n Level 1 (0 points)

    Well, I can say that I'm in awe right now...


    I have kept my Wifi on all day with the same settings, I've made 2 phone calls, browsed the web, checked Email, texted with Whatsapp, played Coin Dozer, overall 1:40 hours of use and 7:32 hours of standy and my battery is at 79%!


    It took me 25 minutes of net usage and 2:25 hours of standy just to drop the first % to 99...




    I have never thought that actually having Wifi on can improve the battery so much, after calculating the usage I should get around 8-8.5 hours of net usage and this is with Wifi turned on... And of course I'm also browsing and getting data at faster speeds.


    Who would have thought, very satisfied with this.

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    Yeah, it's funny like that. You have the extra service on, yet the battery is a lot better. I'm guessing it's because the phone won't need to reach out to the cellular towers to fetch information. It was the same on my Samsung Galaxy S II. The battery was better on Wi-Fi.


    You'll probably top out around seven hours of usage. I notice every couple of days mine does take around 30 mins of usage to drop down to 99%. Not sure why. Today it took me 25ish minutes to drop to 99% browsing over 3G. At the same time, sometimes I've taken it off the charger and it's dropped to 99% right away. Sometimes the battery percent at the top isn't 100% accurate. Yesterday I was at 68% and it randomly got laggy. I powered off then back on, and when I went back on I was at 71%.


    Anyways, glad this helped your issue. Hoping the iOS 6.1 will help improve battery life a little bit. Wi-Fi really helps, but it's not always avaliable for everyone. Glad your issue was fixed!


    As for the LTE question you had: I'm guessing the LTE option isn't there because the carrier you have didn't have LTE access. Under cellular data, where it says Enable 3G, it would say "Enable LTE" instead. It's extremely fast but does drain the battery really quick.

  • Zach_n Level 1 (0 points)

    Ok, thanks for that again and good to know. I also assume the battery would drain at around 7.5 hours of net use as my usage is inconsistent, sometimes I use more power hungry stuff than others, I didn't make a lot of calls today but I did check lots of apps, Facebook, some games and Email so overall it's an across the board use.


    Anyway finishing my work day in 30 minutes and I'm still at 77%, I posted my screenshot 32 minutes ago and I dropped just 2% with a mixture of standy and usage, this averages about 1% in 15 minutes, which is great.

  • MoOriginal Level 1 (0 points)

    Wifi is used to triangulate the position of the phone - and used to boost the connection to the phone network hence better battery life


    Unfortunately for most during a working day we dont have access to WIFI.


    I for one am on 3G as we dont have LTE yet Three - however it drains stupidly on 3G so i can imagine it will be worse on LTE when its switched on.

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    Well this is not the answer for all the problems.


    When I was having my battery issues I was working from home, where I have a rock solid WiFi connection and yet the phone was still running out of power in around 7-9 hours of little or no use at all.


    For some it is a fix but for others, well the problem is elsewhere I am afraid.


  • officialbferg Level 1 (0 points)

    Mo - yeah, it does get a bit ridiculous. On LTE, it drains every 1.5-2.5 mins in usage, compared to 3-3.5 over 3G.


    Robin - do you have iCloud running in the background perhaps? Only twice have I had significant battery drop over standby. One was when I had iCloud running in the background. The other was just a random day, where it dropped 50% over eight hours without using it.

  • rap_rap0817 Level 1 (0 points)

    i just got my iphone 5 32gb factory unlcoked 5 days ago


    i just got a very minor problem but very irritating


    so here it is


    1st battery: but i already fix it by settings my iphone 5 last for 10 hours texting and ipod music maybe it can last 2 days if i dont play games like asphalt and brothers in arms is it normal? i play maybe 30mins all in all cause i stop after i finished 1 stage


    2nd:flasing/blinking on video player? before playing the video the point when you will choose what vid you want to play it blink sometimes may be after 5 tries of opening video player in flash/blink on left side only


    what you guys think?

  • steve19800 Level 1 (0 points)

    Is anyone here even aware there is 1424 mAh battery capacity for iPhone 5 and there is another 1440 mAh for the iPhone 5? Which one is yours?


    Is this the reason why there are some good iPhone 5 e.g. more than 8 hours usage time and some worst?

  • Iamtonyf Level 1 (0 points)

    Ok I just fixed my battery problem which was the same as everyone else's. full charge was lasting about 5 hours in my pocket and was warm to the touch.


    I deleted my gmail and my hotmail in setting and straight away it cooled down and the battery is back to normal.


    I reconnected my gmail and its still ok. Haven't done the hotmail yet but it doesn't matter as I've found my problem.

  • steve19800 Level 1 (0 points)

    Maybe we need to take into account the fact that we are unable to 'reset' iPhone battery physically by taking the battery out of the case.

    The battery is soldered permanently which in turn does not totally disconnect the electricity. We've been told many times to unplugged the tv cable from the wall temporarily for instance to save electricity consumption. Not to mention it reduces green house gas by simply unplugged the power cable.

    I think this is relevant to the Apple iPhone phone.

  • Deepanjan Kar Level 1 (0 points)

    I have been using iphone5 for the past 20 days and to beat my frustration with its battery drain issue I did try all possible combinations to get it right somewhere and alas I continue to remain frustrated... Now what is concerning me more goes like this....


    1. I still retain my iPhone 4 and I have taken measures to wait until both my new and old discharge completely and then together recharge again to 100%. Now switching off background app on both, icloud , notifications , push mail, 3G/4G, Siri, and all other services which may seep off battery life. I have just kept wifi and cellular network on both 4 & 5 and  kept vigil on both for drainage.... Much to my surprise.. After 7 hours my IPhone 4 retains 100% battery and IPhone 5 is at 91%?? Usage would be similar on both like kind of speaking for 5 mins. What could be draining the iPhone 5 battery with such an inactive use via-a-vis iPhone 4 showing great results.


    2. Next,  with all services active on my iPhone 5 I see a drop of 1% every minute and when it was 97% I did try to reset the network and I saw the phone got back to 100%?? Again when I had to enter the one or two wifi password to enter some network or the other .. I noticed the drop started again.


    3. I also noticed that when I travel out from my home network and using other countries cellular network my batter life improves of course with the 3G /4G switched off. Also I wanted to understand that if users from all the networks were having similar issues on their home network... Could this be related to poor network optimization at the telco's end.



    Could you help me with a solution. I have been using my iPhone 5 with the backup of my iPhone 4 apps.

    I just wouldn't like to go any change this phone as I wonder that the reason could me more on IOS front and a wait could sort this out or I have to do some sort of reboot to get full battery gain or just swap this phone .. Maybe mine came with some internal circuitry crap.


    Look forward to hearing from you.

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