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    Hi - sorry to hear that ... I too felt just as frustrated.  I previously had a 3G and 4 and this is my 3rd iphone purchase. I got the Iphone 5 two weeks ago and from day one it had terrible battery life. 


    I tried all the following to no use: reset my network settings, updated the carrier settings, upgraded to 6.02, discharged the phone completely 3 times, retarted the phone several times. Nothing worked.


    Guess what? I did a full reset - ALL settings and data - and setup my phone as a new iphone rather my original setup which was a backup from my iphone 4 and now I can get 7.5 hours of usage/ 17 hours standby with about 15% batter life left! I used to get 5 hours of LIGHT usage and 8 hours standby.


    A NOTE TO EVERYONE: If you are having trouble with battery life and you setup your iphone 5 as a backup from your 3GS, 4 or 4S your solution is (maybe) to  completely reset your phone and setup it again as a NEW iphone - do not restore!

    Sync the information afterwards.  Note that you will LOSE your text messages, and possily your notes (unless synched with icloud or gmail or somehting else). I also lost my app data but not the apps.

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    Hi, i have the same issue, i went to our tele co to check for a solution, they just gave me a new one. and the new one has the same issue

    last night at 12:00 am 100% i go to sleep and wake up at 6 am the phone is dead completly.

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    Still no answer from apple staf LoL


    My iphone5 is just like a toaster and getting worse after upgrading to os 6.02

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    Did you have a previous iphone?  In the event you restored your iphone5 from a backup from your previous phone try setting up the iphone5 as a NEW phone.   You can sync most of your data afterwards. Note that I lost text messages and app data. My email, contacts, calendars and notes is synced with gmail so it was easy to do this.

    I went from having almost 5 hours onn VERY light usage to 7 hours on heavyish usage and a days worth of stanby.

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    I'm starting to belive there are definitely a lot of defective iPhones out there (whether it's battery or antenna)

    Right now I'm running IOS 6.1 after a DFU restore/setup as new, installled no other apps, running email and icloud on fetch, LTE off, Wifi off, bluetooth off, using only the Safari app, and i'm still only getting 4.5 hours of use. I think i'm going to ask for a BRAND NEW IN THE PACKAGE iPhone and not the refurbished crap they seem to be handing out. It really ****** me off that Apple has not said one word to anyone especially when it's becoming vary apparent they really screwed up and either 1. mislead everyone with their published stats or 2. there are a ton of defective iPhones out there and all they are doing is taking them in, putting a new case on and handing it right back out to annoyed customers who have battery drain problems.


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    New to iPhones.  Kids gave me a 5 for Christmas.  I've stopped screaming at it where they can hear me.  It makes them feel badly.  I've had battery issues since day 1.  Just didn't know the difference since it was my first one.  I took a class at the Apple Retail Store and told the guy after class about the battery issue.  He said I probably had too much running in the background.  My son-in-law checked it and I had very little running.  I only have the apps that came with the phone.  But I close phone, mail, text several times a day and am still getting terrible battery life.  Apple sent me a new phone but the new one is the same.  Any suggestions on solving this issue would be greatly appreciated.  I only use the phone (3 calls/day) and text (max. of 10 a day)  - battery was at 40% after just this.

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    my iPhone's battery level is 48%. I have used it for almost 3 hours and it has been on standby for almost 24 hours since its last full charge. can that be considered poor, or is it good? to put it simply, I get paranoid about things, so I thought I would ask.

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    So i just wanted to update on what ha happend.


    I got my iPhone 5 replaced fot the 3rd time yesterday, the guys at the Genious Bar are the best, headup to them. They did a systemcheck and battery showed up beeing fine, however the statistics showed 0 usage (verry odd)


    So for this unit is beahving quite ok compared to my previous ones.


    This is how i did it.


    1. Set it up as a new phone in iTunes.

    2. Updated to iOS 6.1

    3. Restored from my most recent backup from the previous phone.

    4. Charged it up to 100%.


    This is the performance after the first Charge.


    Now the phone is at 9%


    Standby: 20 Hours, 40 Minutes

    Usage: 6 Hours, 50 Minutes (Spotify, Some video, Gaming, Facebook and webbrowsing)

    Talktime: 1 Hour, 35 Minutes

    Data: Sent: 3.8Mb and Received 154Mb


    My previous phones would have been dead less then a third of these numbers. I will update if i see any improvements from now on.

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    I updated my iphone 5 to IOS 6.1


    seems to have cured battery issue on wi fi


    Skype was running in the background, so turned that off, and battery life improved a little more


    now the issue is that on 3G the phone gets hot and battery runs down quickly.


    I have isolated this issue to when the reception is on a single bar.


    It seems that IOS 6.1 has really helped.


    I would be careful with any type of VOIP app like skype, Viber or other that keeps running in the backgroud, this also includes whatapp.


    hope this helps.

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    DO NOT restore.  Set up as new and download apps from the App Store only.  You may have a corrupt file in your restore file that is causing problems.

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    I have done that on all my previous phones and it doesnt make any difference. However if u read my post again you will see that this phone i have now has about 3-4 times better battery life with no hokus pokus, did all the same proceedure as a wrote.I just wanted to update everyone so it could just be a hardware issue on sertain baches.


    My point is, if your phone *** then get it replaced. Its not our problem to fix this and spend hours of troubleshooting, its Apples headache and they need to hear it or else they cannot help and do anything about it. Discussing it here and other forums  wont get you anywhere if one dont talk to Apple also.


    They are helpful and they want you as a customer to be satisfied så call them or pay them a visit.

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    Except nobody could file a suit for false avdertising at Apple because the Apple website does not say we will get their advertised usage. They say we will get "up to....". That's the problem.


    Anyways, the battery life for me isn't bad.The reason it's not as great as some other phones is because the iPhone 5 uses a 1,440mAh battery. In comparison, the Motorola Razr Maxx HD uses a 3,300mAh battery. Apple has such a small battery in their device to make it thin and light, and because iOS does not use as much juice as an Android device does.


    Anyways, I've monitored the battery usage since the second day it came out. This is my third iPhone 5 (the other two had screen problems, not battery problems). Letting your battery completely drain, or run down to 5% or lower, will help the battery a bit. It'll cause the first drop (100% -> 99%) to take between 20-45 minutes. It will also cause the final 1% to take about 20 minutes of usage to completely shut down. If you're experiencing a big drop of battery on standby it's because something is running in the background, you have very low signal and the radios are seraching for a stronger one or because you're iPhone has a problem. Try wiping it and starting over. Annoying, but it does help.


    Some quick tips: keep Wi-Fi on as much as possible if you have a connection. The iPhone uses a lot more battery pulling data through the radio than it does through your Wi-Fi connection. Turn off Wi-Fi if you aren't using it. Just a lot of really simple, obvious things. Killing apps does not actually improve your battery life.


    Just for the recod, this is my current usage and standby (all is on Wi-Fi). 45% remaining - 5hrs, 51mins usage - 22hrs, 3mins standby. This is some web browsing, texting, tweeting, on Facebook and Flipboard, etc. Good luck to everybody with battery problems. If you have any questions you can reply in this thread and I'll respond to you.

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    Alright... This is my experience and basically, me being confused. I also apologize for possible mistakes when it comes to grammar. English not being my native language could and possibly will cause this problem. So yes, once again, sorry if anything I write here will causes your eyes to bleed ;).


    Me and my girlfriend have been using iPhones and Apple products in general from like 2007/'08... Our first iPhone was the 3G. We recently bought an iPad, decided that the 4th gen iPad could be useful.

    I am saying all of this so you could see that this is the first time an Apple product has given me so much headache when it comes to battery life.


    My girlfriend updated from 4S to 5 last month. We backed up from iTunes like we have been doing from the times of the 3G. It's a great way to upgrade when it comes to hardware but still keep the experience personalized the way you started it the first time you got yourself an iPhone. From day one she started experiencing poor battery life. The **** battery was draining even when the phone was in sleep mode. The drainage wasn't as horrible as in heavy usage, but still it was noticeable. Of course, we turned off the usual battery drainers. Like many of you said, that didn't help. We just stopped caring about the issue. My girlfriend tends to play a lot of games when she is not doing anything important. I just said that now we have the reason for this battery problem. Still, I was confused... how, in almost a year and a half with the 4S and the 4 before him this problem was not noticeable? For example, her MacBook white from 2009, still has remarkably great battery life.


    Two days ago I finally upgraded from my iPhone 4 to the new 5. I did the same restoring process from iTunes as I always do, and to my (now I call it rage) the same battery problem started.


    I finally started looking for solutions online. Now I'm here. Now I u understand that a lot of people are having the same problems as we do. I would be thankful for any replies and opinions.


    Restoring to a new iPhone settings bugs me. I feel that there should be no reason to why I should do this. Mainly because I pay premium prices for Apple products (when it comes to iPhones that goes double) and I think that Apple should and must fix this problem trough an update. I also understand that there is no way that Apple will tell me anything. So I ask you... Does anyone have ANY information on Apple putting out some update that will fix this issue? If I have to, I will restore our phones, but as I said above, I don't like that idea.


    Thanks for help any kind of help :).

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    When I got the phone a couple of months back I was astonished to find I could watch the battery percentage dropping before my eyes. Tried all the hints in the forums.


    For other reasons, stopped using skype and starting using facetime.


    I don't think about battery life now.


    Bought my wife an iphone 5 - she doesn't use skype, and has few problems.


    YMMV, but I found Skype to be the major culprit.