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  • Danwright25 Level 1 Level 1

    Hi, I had the same problem after updating my iphone 5 to the newest IOS and could not understand what was happening with the battery and power, so I used the monitor function on my battery doctor pro app and found out that mobilemail was always running in the back ground even though I have double tapped the home button and closed the mail app down correctly.  I would open the mail app then close it then double click the home button and close correctly and it would stop. After a while I would check in battery doctor pro and it would be running again!!!! Then by accident I discovered that every time I open up my "the weather channel app" it would start again so I closed everything down made sure the mobilemail process was not running and started "the weather channel app" and sure enough once I closed the weather channel app it had started again!! So I found out that another app was causing the problem.  I deleted the weather channel app and then reinstalled and all seems to be good now.  Hope this helps.

  • Theweirdguy Level 1 Level 1

    Battery down to 58% with 2 hours 20 minutes and 5 hours 10 minutes and i was using my phone to listen to music,nothing more most of the time!Just so you guys know,i've just made a restore as a new phone not long ago and seeing no improvement to the battery life at all.What do you guys think i should do?It's my first iPhone and i must say,i'm dissappointed:(

  • Theweirdguy Level 1 Level 1

    5 hours 10 minutes standby*

  • Doug Kemme Level 1 Level 1

    After you erase your phone and set it up as a new phone, be careful not to plug it into your computer or install any apps from the app store.  Let it run for a few hours and see if it overheats.


    If you can pass this test you know the phone is OK.

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    My battery life has slightly improved after I updated to IOS 6.2. Anyhow, do any of you have problems with the camera? At times when I want to snap a picture, there will be purple lines on the screen

  • Comparably Level 1 Level 1

    Who are we kidding, this battery is absolute garbage, if you us it as a smartphone battery lasts 3 hours. Which means the iphone5 is an unsmartphone. I think apple should be thinking full refunds and move onto 6 with a reasonable battery that android devices seem to offer.

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    Ok so it seems everyone is having different experiences with how messed up their battery is.  Does anyone be know what's considered normal battery drainage for an iPhone 5?  I've had battery issues as well (probably still do) and I've done a bunch of "fixes" like turn off Bluetooth, reset all the settings, and even did a factory restore as a new iphone using iTunes.  I would lose one percent bout every 3 or 4 mins using wifi and one percent every few hrs.  I took my phone to apple an they said there was not wrong with the battery, but that still seems like unusually fast battery drainage.  I guess I still don't know how fast the battery SHOULD be draining.  With minimal use it would last for about 2 days.  Does that sound right?  Oh and I'm running iOS 6.1.2 maybe if we all say how long before we need to charge our batteries with X amount of usage we can get an idea of the most common problem and work from there.

  • BurnNBreak Level 1 Level 1

    And I meant to say I would lose one percent every 3 to 4 mins using wifi and one percent every couple of hrs on standby

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    my mate came round yesterday and we were trying to sort a problem with his Nintendo Wii and were using his iphone 5 as a torch. When doing this I noticed that his Bluetooth, location services and WiFi were both enabled so I decided to check his battery life and usage. What I found was the following


    Battery life = 49%

    Phone usage = 7 hours 20 mins

    Standby = 17 hours 45 mins


    What was annoying is that most of the extra features were a enabled my phone was the following


    battery = 9%

    phone usage = 5 hours 10mins

    Standby = 17 hours 12 mins


    This is with everything disabled.


    My mate said that he always leaves every feature on including his WiFi as his phone is connected to friends and family's networks so it auto connects as soon as it picks up a networks its already been connected.


    So there is iPhone 5 handsets out there which do come in at the 10 hour usage that apple state the problem is now to figure out why so many are getting half the usage with all the smart phone features disabled.

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    Anyone else notice that in certain spots their iPhone battery lasts longer? When I stayed at home in the lounge room for 40 minutes streaming music I only lost 2%. The moment I went out of the house battery started draining at 1% every 3-4 minutes as usual. Being on WiFi or not doesn't change anything for me.


    Seems like if you change cell towers heaps of battery gets drained. Also if you stay put in one spot but in between towers you're screwed as it will also keep switching. An Apple genius I spoke to mentioned something about the LTE radio not ever really turning off (even if you turn LTE off) but always trying to associate and switch between cell towers...


    I really think the problem isn't software but a bug or inefficient radio/antenna usage. That's why mine seems to get hot sometimes when I'm only checking FB, etc..

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    I'm sorry, but it seems like the iPhone's battery is always horrible no matter what updates or done.  The iPhones always had bad battery, but it seems like the iPhone 4 stood out to be the only one.  After that, the iPhone 4S was horrible, and now the iPhone 5. 


    I think Apple needs to understand that we are a society driven by technology, and not to say my battery needs to be on 24/7, but I'd take a lightly thicker phone with awesome life than a thin one that barely gets what it claims to get.  My iPhone 5 gets 3 hours of usage, period.  Emails are not even on or pushing or fetching on my phone.  I'm using 3G every time just to keep my battery alive and avoid it dying since LTE kills my battery so much.  It was suppose to get 8 HRS even with LTE, so why does 3G last longer still?  I know it uses less power, but seriously?  Wifi is off; Bluetooth is never used and off.  I even sometimes have to put my phone in airplane mode when I'm at work to avoid battery drain when I'm on my break and know when I won't get calls.  I barely do anything to my phone and it dies like wow. 


    I hope Apple is reading this to see how many countless threads we make on things like this.  Can Apple, for once in their companies history, make a batter that gives you a real day of normal usage instead of having to kill every feature of the smartphone to the point we make it a basic flip, text phone.

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    Apple in General needs to fix there stupid battery problem, same exact thing with iphone 4 , iPhone 4S and now my  5 iphone 5 , getting tired of it , always gets hot , with maybe 1 app running (chrome maybe a simple game like 4 pictures 1 word) really a annoying problem coming from such an expensive device which comes from a premium company, which is bull ****

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    Thanks NimaB, this really helped! my battery life has been DRASTICALLY improved! hope this works for everyone else

  • ichiroNAMIJIN Level 1 Level 1

    I just wonder how did some people land in this kind of topic if they don't have any problems with their batteries at all? Some figures given are really unbelievable.


    To all the people who just wanna brag about theirs, think twice. I am, or some of us, are in deep disappointment towards this issue. Personally, I don't wanna see anyone saying "My battery is superb blah blah blah" without any suggestions or advice, once again, how come you're here in this thread if you don't have same problems with us.


    In line with this issue, I just purchased my iPhone 5 two days ago, with SoftBank (Japan) as my carrier. I noticed that my battery is really going down pretty fast! A rate of 1% per 3 minutes, or sometimes, even one or two minutes.


    I switched off everything. Literally. The notifications, iCloud, 4G/LTE, wifi, Bluetooth, EVERYTHING. What I'm gonna do now is to charge my iPhone from 0 - 100% and see if something would change.


    And if all else fail, I don't mind if I reset. This will be quite time-consuming but, is it worth to reset your phone? Can the "Erase all the contents" works? Thank you so much in advance whoever answers my question!

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    Then why are you here? You're having an 8-hour usage time as you stated in your previous post. What made you visit us here? You should be in some forums like "I am getting the right usage time for my iPhone 5" or something.