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    I agree mate, I have exactly the same problem as you... At first I thought it was a software issue but now I'm kinda thinking its hardware. I also tested all the iPhones in the Apple store and they also had the same problem. I swapped out the phone in hope more than anything but still the same. Always get missed presses on 123 button, 1, 0, q, p and caps lock. Dunno if I should swap out again;(



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    I'm having similar problems typing on my new phone - was always fine on the iPhone 4. Characters at the edge of the keyboard don't respond or else double trip. In my case it is the A - I get multiple As or upper case As, or even the A diacritic selection, double trips on space bar and also on the delete.

    I think it is a sensitivity issue. I don't have a bumper on my new phone, and hold it right handed and type with my left. With a slight wrap-around grip, I think the fingers of my right hand are also being recognised. Placing on a flat surface and tapping with a single finger seems to improve it, but that isn't a solution. I need to hold the phone. Currently looking to find a bumper for it to see if that improves the situation.

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    We are also noticing the same issues with the iPhone 5.  I see one user has said it is the apps that aren't updated.  I don't belive this is the issue either.  We notice it when using text messaging or anything within the phone.  The space bar doesn't typically respond the first time ever.  Also several of the other keys don't work.  I also thought it was due to the little bit different size, and my husband just wasn't used to it yet.  I was able to confirm though that they keyboard really isn't working correctly. 

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    I'm having the keyboard issues as well. I hope to God that Apple shuts up about the stupid map issue and starts doing something about this; this is a dibilitating issue device wide and not just in one app. Very disappointed so far. I want my 4S back; never had one problem with it and this one is screwed right out of the box.

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    Same here, thought it was just me. I'm having difficulties typing words correctly and the space bar seems even more insensitive than other keys.

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    same here. ****!


    I've opened a ticket this morning (call back from Apple) but nobody calls me.


    this is an unbelievable behaviour.

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    I've got issues as well, missing/unresponsiveness all over the place when typing, have not narrowed it down to the edges, will check that out tonight.


    Definate diference from the 4 and 4S.  I find myself backtracking often, where before it was never an issue.

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    I had this issue on my iPhone 4.  It was extremely annoying.  I haven't had it at all on the 5.  I have been trying to reproduce what u guys are seeing by hitting all the buttons around the edge but to no avail.  My phone seems to work perfectly.


    They did sell 2 million on the first day.  If even a handful were affected that would be thousands of phones.  This sounds like a hardware issue that will be resolved through replacement.


    Some of the posts above especially the "bugginess" describes my iPhone 4 keyboard experience perfectly.  Just throwing my 2 cents in.

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    I think this affects all phones.... dont think there was a small batch.... I had my iphone 5 replaced and it is still happening... i wouldnt be surprised if apple quietly updated the hardware to address this issue. One way to see this issue is to slide thumb from right edge of phone screen to left....starting on the upper keyboard row (the row with the "p" key) and slide your thumb until the "p" key is recognized and note where on the "p" key your thumb is. Now do the same test with the second row of thumb on the far right edge of phone and slide towards the "L" key....notice where your thumb is when the "L" key is responsive. You'll notice that the "L" key responds much faster than the "P" key becaues it is located properly over sensor (away from edge).

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    Strange thing though is that you can scroll the page you're viewing by holding your finger close to the edge and then slide down over the keyboard and the page is still scrolling, at locations where the keyboard doesn't react if you release the finger over 'P' and tap at the same location.

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    I sent several call back requests and only got one back the first time. The call got disconnected and I never got a return call despite sending several.


    Very strange. I can't imagine there bring a global hardware fault, surely tests are done to prevent this. Hopefully software patch to fix this but I would like apple to at least acknowledge people's questions?

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    I agree with Ray,


    I am 99.99% sure this is a software problem and can be fixed by a patch. Every phone I have tested (10+) has this exact same calibration. I think it's just a matter of a screen recalibration;))) The main problem is actually getting Apple to acknowledge the problem;(

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    After 14 days I was forced to return phone. I couldnt risk losing my upgrade taking the gamble and betting on software issue.

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    Glad to see I'm not alone in this.  Have been having issues specifically with the spacebar (usually in non-iPhone 5 enhanced apps).  For the most part, thought it was just a training issue on the space bar being in a different location in these apps.  However, further testing shows that the keyboard is just not fully responsive. 

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    Overall, I find that iphone 5 screen just isnt as sensitive or accurate as the old screens. Of course i have all the problems typing, which is the most noticeable but I also have problems when playing games or surfing. The old screen was able to pinpoint what I was trying to click on. But not so the case with the new screen.


    Hopefully they can fix this problem!

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