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    Glad I'm not the only one.  I suspect it has to do with the new screen technology (in cell) they're using in this phone.  Hopefully it can be addressed in a software update, but seems unlikely.

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    I'm having the exact same problem It is very frustrating especially when all of your text starts deleting. I thought it was the screen technology at first as did many other posters here.


    However one morning when typing a text from my desk where I have sync'd a bluetooth keyboard I experienced the exact same behavior. Not touching the device at all. A reboot of the device usually clears it up momentarily.


    Also noticed that sometimes my screen zooms when in sleep mode and must reset to get it back to normal.


    I dont know what to do now.

  • sabrinafromweston Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    You can report bugs and leave feedback online at


    This way Apple can be made aware of this issue.

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    For my iPhone 5 all the letters seem to work fine however in MANY apps such as YouTube the space bar only works about 20% of the time. Talk about being annoying between every single word!!!


    It's totally fine in all the native apps. Weird. Almost everything I have is apple but I get a sence they are slipping a little on quality these days to have deadlines met. :(


    Hope that helps.

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    I noticed this p and q key problem and just spent $200 on  this phone. It used my upgrade too with verizion. Can i take it back and get my upgrade back when i return it? I cant stand the problem with the keys not working properly...

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    Suffering from this too, mustly just the spacebar though. Just upgraded to 6.01, and first impressions are positive. Maybe I'm holiding differently or maybe it has been sighlently resolved. Only time and others experiences will tell...

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    im having the same problem. since launch day. on 3rd iphone 5. just general touch sensitivity is off. especially near the edges of the screen.


    im thinking that maybe it has to do with the ios6 ipad mini software where touches near the edge are determined to be real or fake by the software.

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    Can somebody please report to apple and then let us know what happens? I don't think there will ever be an answer/fix here to the issue to be honest. It's just not that type of troubleshoot that is going to get that eureka I fixed it response.


    So please somebody speak to apple and update us.

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    I've already reported to apple tech support and had a ticket opened. But that's not helping. They are clueless.

  • Erik Michaelis Level 1 Level 1 (45 points)

    It seems like my issue has been fixed by the 6.0.1 update, anyone else find this?

  • friedpaco Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    not at all. if anything it got worse. especially on the lock screen to unlock and closing running apps...

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    I noticed this problem too and find it very annoying.


    To me, it seems like a software problem, maybe you can make the following test also:


    Open a painting software and choose a single freehand line tool.


    My experience is:


    When I slide my finger with the line tool from far RIGHT to far LEFT, the line starts not exactly at the right edge, but it paints exactly to the left edge.


    When I slide my finger with the line tool from far LEFT to far RIGHT, the line starts not exactly at the left edge, but it paints exactly to the right edge.


    Can someone confirm this? If yes, then it might be some software functionality that tries to prevent unwanted touch activity...

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    I am having the same issues reg. the iPhone 5 with my iPod touch 5.... when I first noticed was when tryng to install apps from the Ap store either purchased and or updates.. the problem was more noticeable at the 1/3 bottom of the screen... I also noticed in some apps, where I do need to use the edge of the screen.   the screen is not as responsive as my  iPhone 4 S neither with my iPad nor ever was with my previous iPod...

    While reading and trying to scroll the issue is again noticeable and in some games where timing is impo... the having to hit several times, it is quite frustrating... I find this new screen sort of clunky and I do have to tweak my fingers in ordet to make it work...

    to get the letters at the edge, I found that if I hit with my fingers turn toward the center, I can get the letters work...but...surely this is not the most efficient manner to type.

    I have not tried to use it while charging... but I do notice at times just having a life of its own...sort of ghostly...and Haloween has already ended [;-)]...

    I tend to feel is more of a hardware problem than a software problem..   thought I do hope is the later for it would have more of a solution.

    I wish they did not try to be so thin....prefer a reliable device over a thinner one.

    Hoping to exchange mine soon at a store....but all the complaints and comments concerned me that it is a chronic issue and all the 5th devices have a shortcoming with their screens.

    Will await your responses

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    I have an app for art...and what I did place my finger trying to place same pressure and it is interesting the diff or none color in various places in the screen.   My husband is an astronomer and very experiences with curvutures in a surface ...he was able to detect a non flat surface...could this be the problem??.. the screen not been perfectly flat and so not all areas having the same sensitivity while others none at all... Im not sure Im explaning my concern clearly enough... but ...maybe others take a look at their screens, and see if they are flat or ??.

    By the way I have followed the advice of sending a feedback to

    I hope more do so, and we might get their attention.

    please let all know.

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    I have the same exact problem.  I want to take it back to the store for another one, but fearful it will just result in the same issue.  Also, I have found that the keyboard is more responsive when holding it in my hands but hardly responds at all when it is laying on a surface and trying to type.  Has anyone else noticed the problem being worse when not holding it?