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Anyone having problems with missing letters while typing Q or P at the left or right end of the screen keyboard?


If you type with your finger a little closer to the edge you get no response on iPhone 5. I just tested this isue against my iPhone 4, and the difference is really noticeable. Try touching Q or P in english layout with 'half' finger the other 'half' closer to the simple doesn't recognize the type (in iPhone 4 works lots better definitelly).


As I am left handed, can maybe have some conflict with the screen calibration, but I keep on missing 'P' and 'Q' while typing all the time, which never happened with iPhone 4......


Any feedback/comments? I know it is maybe not a bug, but a big comfort issue, affecting only actual Apple long time users, and it is keep annoying me


Here the example with iPhone 4, the 'Q' is recognized with the finger in that position (sorry folks, the picture was taken with Blackberry):





And here with my new iPhone 5, 'Q' not detected with finger in 'the same' position:



iPhone 5, iOS 6
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