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Anyone having problems with missing letters while typing Q or P at the left or right end of the screen keyboard?


If you type with your finger a little closer to the edge you get no response on iPhone 5. I just tested this isue against my iPhone 4, and the difference is really noticeable. Try touching Q or P in english layout with 'half' finger the other 'half' closer to the simple doesn't recognize the type (in iPhone 4 works lots better definitelly).


As I am left handed, can maybe have some conflict with the screen calibration, but I keep on missing 'P' and 'Q' while typing all the time, which never happened with iPhone 4......


Any feedback/comments? I know it is maybe not a bug, but a big comfort issue, affecting only actual Apple long time users, and it is keep annoying me


Here the example with iPhone 4, the 'Q' is recognized with the finger in that position (sorry folks, the picture was taken with Blackberry):





And here with my new iPhone 5, 'Q' not detected with finger in 'the same' position:



iPhone 5, iOS 6
  • caryrae Level 1 Level 1 (140 points)

    I have noticed this to when ever I need to push anything towards the edge of the screen but for some reason I can have my finger only barely touching the side of the screen and the screen will slide up and down just fine, it's just when I need to touch a button close to the side where it doesn't quite work right.

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    I have this too, it effects the whole left and right sides of the screen. I have found P, Q, Caps, 123 button, are all affected;( It's seems to be a general issue though as all the iPhones in the apple store had the same problem;( This makes me hesitant to warranty it out;(

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    I have also had issues while typing. I first accredited it to just becoming used to the longer keyboard but what I'm finding now is that it's a sensitivity/calibration issue. Sometimes the keyboard doesn't respond when I'm pressing the lower keys like numbers/spacebar. I've also had similar loss of response near the top of the screen as well. The more I use it, I'm beginning to think that the whole screen has touch response issues. Not severe by any means but enough that I have to hit certain areas more than once to get it to respond.

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    I am having the same problem. Whenever I try to type the letter K it puts in L. The P, spacebar and really anything near the edges gives me problems.

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    I tried all the phones in the apple store and they all was the same... I'm pretty sure the problem lies in software and that Apple will calibrate the 4" screen better as they hear more of our problems with P's and Q's and the extremes of our screens;(

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    Having the same problem as well.  When setting up a new contacts list we also had several instances where the key selection graphic would stick and prevent selection of another character (e.g., the letter "A" will block the selection of "Q".  The only way to clear it was to select another character (not good!).  Perhaps the sensitiiviy issue with the Q and P characters (and the delete key) will be improved when the phone is in a case (sounds familiar!!!). Has anyone noticed a difference when the phone is in a case?


    Another observation when comparing to the 4/4s is that the keys appear to be closer.  This may be due to the sensitivity/calibration issue or an illlusion due to the larger sceen size.

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    do ya know what, I've been noticing the same thing and wondering if I was the only person. Thankfully others has the same issue.


    It must be software issue.


    My 123, buttons and space sometimes don't hit if I touch the very edge of the button. Really annoying.

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    I'm having the same issue. I thought it was just my phone, looks like a software issue. hopefully there will be an update soon.

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    I've found out more info on this issue thy points to a software issue and not a hardware issue.


    If you use an app that isn't optimised for the iPhone 5 (so the app is letterboxed) an then you use the keyboard within the app (for example the eBay app hasn't been upgraded yet). You'll notice only half the spacebar works - even though the space bar is definitely in the main part of the screen.


    I hope I'm understood.

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    I honestly don't think this is a software issue. I honestly believe that this is hardware. The sensor, in my opinion, is not the same size as the screen or it performs weaker at the edge. A mm doesn't seem like much but it is when keys are spaced so close together. I have an iphone 4s and this was not an issue. It's embarassing when a company, who has so much money, cant even get all the letters on the keyboard to respond properly. I hope people can make enough noise about this issue so that it can be fixed. I'm willing to wait for an iphone 5s if I have to for this issue to be resolved. Thank you to the original poster of this message for bringing this to Apple's attention.  "P" lease fix this Apple!!!!

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    How do you explain though when the same issue occurs on the non iphone 5 Apps ??


    It seems to be the edge of the application and NOT the edge of the display. This is proven when the edge of the non iphone 5 app (ie the spacebar) doesn't respond to the bottom half being hit

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    How do you explain it happening in the native SMS app then?

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    Every time I get comfortable and write it off as an edge-case I end up mashing the "p" or "0" repeatedly and realize this isn't going away. Kind of surprised this isn't as big as "scratch gate" considereing all you have to do is get a case to fix something like cosmetic scratching.

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    -> CCN Pinkers


    Well for me it seems like 2mm around the edge of the keyboard is unresponsive. Starting on the left at Q the all the way down the left part of the keyboard along the bottom by the space bar and then up the right hand side of the display.


    I am not imagining this and I have tested other iPhone 5 phones in the shop.


    Compared with iPhones previously, the very very last pixel seemed to respond to touch input.

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