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    Restoring Safari Data is the easiest way to correct this problem.  Like others, my reading list would not sync and my device jus kept saying "waiting"

    The free version of iBckupBot does not allow you to import, I was not going to spend 34 dollars for a one time use.


    I have other iDeices in my household, and I simply used iBackupBot to restore from another device.  I unchecked everything but the safari files.


    First, on your iPhone go to Settings/icloud and turn off ssafari.  I chose to delete from iPhone.

    In iBackupBot on the left, I clicked on my iphone under Devices

    On the right under This device can be restore from below backups (click to restore): I clicked on my wifes iPhone 4


    A new window will pop up. 

    Leave the defaults checked under Restore options

    Under Please select contents that you want to restore, check PARTICULAR Restore

    Uncheck both System files and User app files

    Expand System files and then check ONLY Safari data files

    Then press OK


    Your phone will reboot and restore with this new safari data file. 

    Go back to settings/icloud and turn on safari.


    This corrected the waiting sync problem with my reading list and was much simpler than playing around with the backups etc.

  • nesss01 Level 1 Level 1

    anyone know how to do this with current ibackupbot and iOS 8?


    ibackupbot does not seem to have an 'import' function (even grayed out).


    I made a backup of a fresh iOS 8, iPhone 6, with a factory clean bookmarks file.


    i then used that backup to restore bookmarks to my messed up iOS 8 install. It seems to work, and the bookmarks are empty after restart, but i still can't add new bookmarks and the default apple bookmarks aren't there.

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