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I thought I had removed it by dragging, or highlighting it and clicking on DELETE, or something else. Anyway, it disappeared, and cannot be found with SPOTLIGHT. The problem is that its icon (sometimes three and sometimes six of them) is on my menu bar and i can't remove them. When I click on one of these icons, I get a dropdown menu entitled, "Demo Expired". Under that is BUY, REGISTER, and UNINSTALL. Needless to say, clicking on the UNINSTALL button doesn't help. My first object is to remove those icons, but I'd also like to do something to the people responsible for this. In searching for a remedy to this problem, I found many others who have, or had, the same problem. It just seems to me that the creators of this trap should be made accountable, "be brought to justice," as it were. I'll settle for fixing the icon problem, but it would be a great bonus to be able to make good citizens of them.


One suggested fix was to reinstall their program and then uninstall it with their UNINSTALL feature. Being desperate, I tried that, but got no further than the point where I was asked for my password. Give my password to such  @#$%#@$$%#? Never. 

iDVD 7.1.1 (1150)