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So yesterday I find that my iPhone asks me to update to iOS 6 to which I say yes. Tells me if I want to do a backup to iCloud. I say yes again. It updates normally and at the end of the backup process it tells me iCloud does not have enough space for the backup. Oh ok, too bad. I'll do something about it later, now I need to use my iPhone. Turns out most of my phone contacts and my notes disappeared. So... hmmmmm... I didn't complete the backup to iCloud but it deleted my contacts and notes all the same. VERY DISAPPOINTED at Apple. Any suggestions?

iPhone 4, iOS 6
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    Log into using a computer's browser and check the contacts page.  If there, then be sure your iphone has icloud turned on as well as contacts (Settings>icloud).  If not, then your space issue must have really screwed the data transmission.  Be sure you have enough free space on the iphone (aside from icloud).  You need 40 or so MB free to do a backup.  Check Settings>General>Usage.

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    According to my iphone, I have 9.1GB available. So in spite of having more than enough space, the update or backup really screwed me up. The backup was incomplete and still it managed to lose my contacts and notes. Also, it would be nice if BEFORE doing the backup it told you how much available space the phone needs to have. Not that it was the case, but now I am seriously considering quitting iPhone and any Apple products altogether.

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    I had the a similar problem when asked to update to the ios 6.  I've lost all my photos, personal settings, favorites and now it won't even sync with itunes.  what to do????

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    This happened to me as well. I chose to enable iCloud when I updated, and all my contacts were deleted. I logged into the site, and my contacts where there. Now they are on my phone as well. Seems like a sync issue perhaps... if you have never logged into the icloud web site.

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    Contacts and calendars (and other syncing data) are not included in an icloud backup, since they are already stored in their icloud databases.  To get contacts to a device, you need to turn on icloud (the correct account) and turn on contacts (Settings>icloud).


    To be sure the data is still in icloud do the following:  Using a computer browser, log into and look at the contacts page.  If the entries are there, then you haven't lost them.  If none are there, then they are truly gone, unfortunately.

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    Yes, that's how it went for me too. Before the update I hadn't bothered getting an iCloud account. So I answered yes to almost every question, as they all seemed reasonable. I got my iCloud account and before even reading your post i went there and I saw neither my contacts or my notes were there. So I am thinking I am done with this. My point is that for non-computer-savy people Apple is doing a lousy job, not warning about the few steps that have to be done BEFORE updating the stinking iOS. Like I said, I am so disappointed and upset at Apple right now that I will gladly quit giving them my money for their products.

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    Same happened to me!

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    Same happened to me. Few of my contacts are in 75% of them are not and i have plenty of storage space! Is there a way to restore to how phone was before and get my contacts back?

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    Well, maybe it's time to consider backing up in iTunes as well (in addition to iCloud backup). You'll never know when technology acts up so it would be better to have multiple backups in such cases. It's also worth checking to see if you have a previous backup in iTunes where you can retrieve your lost contacts from.

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    Same thing. iOS6 came out, I backup my iPhone 4 to iCloud as suggested, install the new OS, try to reinstall all my data - LOST! Valuable photos, 6 years of music, all gone.


    Then try to troubleshoot, all Apple has to offer are a myriad of forums like this one where we're all supposed to self-help a repair? WTH is that? Even the cheapest PC has better support.


    I'm with the OP. We've been snowed again.


    APPLE *****!!

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    Hey i have the same problem. I have an Iphone4 and a Ipad 3. In my ipad i only had two contacts and i first synced with it. Then yesterday i updated my iphone to ios 6 and lost all my contacts and have only the two contacts that were on my ipad!! HELP PLEASE!!!

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    I first bought an iPhone 3 years ago. The sales pitch was "up to 5GB all of your pictures, contacts, and Notes" will be saved on the Cloud". So over a year ago I lost my iPhone and bought a new 4S, and guess what? All of my Notes and pictures were restored. Now here we are in February 2013. I had accessed my Notes just this past weekend. Today my iPhone tells me I need to update my IOS to 6.1 so like a blind Apple sheep, I did so. Guess what? My Notes are GONE! I call AT&T where I have Apple support, and they have no idea what the 6.1 change did to the old instructions. Apparently there is a NEW "create an iCloud email" setting but I have no idea if that is going to bring back my Notes. I have to make an appointment and something on the Apple site says if I need help it will cost me $19. Wait, I already pay AT&T and they cannot solve the issue because of the new 6.1. Something fishy here and I am not happy about it. Where did my Notes go? My phone is not broken, but it looks like by updating the phone to 6.1 wiped out my Notes from my phone!!!

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    I've tried logging onto iClouds and retrieving or searching for my lost data - nada. No response from Apple either. These forums seem to be electronic dead-letter offices, somewhere to vent and be buried under thousands of new, similar posts.


    The entire Apple organization insulates itself from any trouble, complaints, or criticism. Palm support was never this bad, and they got to be pretty bad.

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