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  • danfo Level 1 (0 points)

    Somehow, I don't pretend to know, my AppleTV resumed proper AirPlay after I restored factory settings. I was working on getting the login information for the iTunes account my company was using before I reset the ATV, but then it started working without even being logged in. Strange, and I'm kind of scared that I don't understand it, but nifty to have it working again.

  • Gplayer Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm in the same boat, using my airplay thru my AVR it plays music but not the videos, for instance I will chose a music video of my phone it will only play the song but not the vid. portion it just displays the album photo.

    any ideas?

  • justinfromvenice Level 1 (0 points)

    Same here... I got tired of trying to figure this out... EVER SINCE THE LATEST UPDATE... My phone wont play video over AirPlay, and it worked for EVERYONE I know before the update. Now, just audio...



    Apple TV - Fully Upated (whatever version it is)

    iPhone 4 - Fully updated (iOS6)

  • Deddiekoel Level 1 (0 points)

    I ran into this issue today and I think this thing is intentional!

    When I was trying to stream a video from the Google Youtube app I got a popup saying I should enable mirroring to stream video. And once I did I was able to stream video to my Apple TV!

    Mirroring isn't needed everywhere, as mentioned Air Video works fine (beyond fine as it keeps streaming the video in the background!). But in the Youtube app and the "Video" app I need to enable mirroring.

    This is not an improvement to me, so I hope they change it back in iOS 6.1!

  • justinfromvenice Level 1 (0 points)

    I tried mirroring but all it did was display my iPhone screen. It was pretty obnoxious. We used to just stream the video right to the TV and the audio came with it.


    This apple google ******* contest is EACTLY Why i'm considering switching. This kind of nonsense is ridiculous.

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    I had this same problem since updating & low & behold whoever said unplugging the hdmi cable and plugging it back in was correct! Don't know why or how but it worked for me, all AirPlay is working fine now! Thanks

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    I buy apple as in the current market they are leading with no faults ......up until now!!! I use my iPad daily and I use my Apple TV just as much since the up date it's a load of s£*t, this has angered me no end and to anger a customer even more you charge £1.53 a minute on your customer service help line which you get put in a 10 minute queue straight away. I'm now £15.30 down and no further forward with the answer to EVERYONE'S question. WHY DONT VIDEO STREAM FROM OUR DEVICES TO OUR TV'S???


    Your customer service is shocking I see apple a brand that rarely fails and when it does you can not provide answers straight away.


    i see apple just like Facebook, we as a customer we are on our iPhones everyday, we swish the lock slide across to hear that click and we do it by habit we sometimes don't even know we are doing it we check the time and forget 2 seconds later. We use our devices cos they are faultless. Facebook is exactly the same we log on to facebook cos we know it will be working it does not skip a beat we check our status updates we check for friend requests etc cos we know that it works BUT when it crashes and it will crash soon enough people won't know what to do. You don't seem to be listening to customers and you have not made clear trouble shooting for any such problem that we are experiencing.


    Sky go and you tube will not stream picture only sound.





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    Ok guys I had same problem, but worked out how to fix it, and now I have my mirroring and everything back without the need for factory resets or anything like that so this is how you do it


    1) hold the square button on iPad and the off button, and wait for it to restart


    2) go into your music and in the top right corner you will see the telly icon with the triangle, click on this and click on Apple TV..... Your not done yet as this will just give you audio


    3) double tap the square button on you iPad like you would normally do to close your apps down


    4) swipe across until you see your music panel like play pause etc


    5) you will see next to it the same icon as you saw on the music one .... Click on this click on Apple TV and activate mirroring.... It may fail the first time but do it the second time and it will work... As first time it stated couldn't find network.... Make sure your apple this on during the whole process


    It's will then fix your Apple TV just like new :)

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    Seems like it's Google who's the one that dropped the ball on this one. Enabling video out over AirPlay is something devs need to build in. Audio only is the default behaviour.

    In stead of building in this feature Google is now depending on the mirroring function on devices with an A5 chip and higher. They even have a popup pointing in this direction. What you need to do is activate mirroring and then hold the device in landscape to get it to play fullscreen on Apple TV.


    The fix for me for Youtube was to switch to a different YoutTube app. I now use Jasmine, it's styled in the new Google style and AirPlay works as it has in the past.


    What really puzzles me is Apple's own Video app. It becoming more and more buggy. Not displaying the correct images for files and poor AirPlay support. "Normal" AirPlay support isn't there, but when you activate mirroring it seems to switch to the 'normal' way. This is something Apple needs to fix as devs will use that app as a reference I think.

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    What I do is to use Youtube web based, not the App. It is quite similar on the iPhone and AirPlay works fine

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    try to connect your iphone or device to your apple tv connected internet.. it should work fine after that

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    Apple TV latest update is 5.1.1 - after updating all works great for me. (I had the same issues before)

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    For what it's worth, you may want to try your Apple TV on WiFi only.  I've had mine connected via ethernet for speed and bandwidth reasons, but the 5.1.1 software update failed every time over ethernet.  I read a recommendation that said the new update was buggy with the ethernet connection, but over WiFi it should work fine.  I unplugged the ethernet and tried the WiFi for the update, and it worked perfectly.  Later, I lost all audio streaming from any browsers (essentially anything but iTunes).  I had reconnected my ethernet (for the aforementioned reasons).  I finally tried again after unplugging the ethernet and going to WiFi again, and the sound streams perfectly.  If you're having issues streaming, try WiFi if you're not already.  I don't know what the bug with ethernet is, but PLEASE APPLE FIX IT.

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    Without stating the obvious, this as been a problem for some time, after trawling for answers for several days after not being able to get my ATV3 working straight out of the box with AirPlay, I have come up with some solutions to some but not all of the problems raised.


    1 there have been several updates to IPads, Macs & ATVs. Make sure you have the latest and greatest on all devices.


    2 make sure that the apps that you are using support AirPlay, if they do not you will see a music symbol on the ATVS.

    See the list on this page for some of the apps that work. This is not the full list, TVCatchup now works over airplay.



    3 if you are not using an apple router then reduce the security on your NAT firewall in the router settings


    3 this may be a little patronising to some of you but make sure your device is set to Apple TV.


    If you are getting an HDCP error on the screen you will require a new HDMI cable, preferably a good quality one.






    If all else failed backup and restore your devices

  • sonokinetik Level 1 (20 points)

    When streaming from newest itunes to newest atv3 , the connection always drops...

    Cant watch a 20 minute show without crashes...


    (Rude comment)