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  • mcpdb Level 1 Level 1

    Same here : after installing iTunes 11 on my windows pc everything seems to work just fine, except the search-function that keeps crashing. Albumillustrations are correct now and all music is showing. The new remote also works fine : search-function doesn' t crash here.


    The other issue I had remains : when uploading for example a PDF to iTunes or when downloading for example a picture from safari to my windows Pc, iTunes and Safari are giving a runtime error and crash. I guess this problem sarted introducing IOS 6. Hoped that the issue would be solved releasing iTunes 11, but nope...

  • collier Level 1 Level 1

    It's all working fine for me now. After I updated to 11 on my MPB, only about 1/6 of the music in the shared library on my Win7 desktop was showing up. Updated to 11 on the desktop, still no luck. Turned sharing off/back on for each of them, still nothing. Then turned the sidebar back on in the laptop, clicked on "collier's shared library", and it populated everything (and everything remained present and correct when I turned the sidebar back off and went back to the sort-by-artist view). Hooray!


    Search seems to work fine on both machines for me. It's still not grabbing missing album artwork, though.

  • Dirty Norris Level 1 Level 1

    Sadly, signing out of home sharing on my Ios6 Ipad 3 and signing back in again only fixed the problem temporarily. Today it's back to the way it was - only a small subset of the shared library appears on the Ipad, and the wrong artwork displayed. It the intervening period the host PC (Win 7 64 bit, Itunes 11) had gone to sleep.


    As far as I can tell, this all worked prior to the IOS6 upgrade. I can't believe Apple haven't fixed it yet, let alone even acknowledge the problem. Oh, and the search facility is still broken on the music app, it crashes as you type the 3rd letter.

  • MisterMisterMister Level 1 Level 1

    I can also confirm music app crash bug upon search and also incorrect album art.


    iTunes 11 and latest iOS on iPad

  • wwhite139 Level 1 Level 1

    Was having exactly the same problems as most here, and have discovered that you must use your Apple I.D. password on the IOS device, not the one you are able to set in iTunes sharing preferences, as this doesn't appear to work. The box accepts a password, but I had all the symptoms as described when using my "sharing " password, until I used my Apple store password, even with a different "sharing" password entered via iTunes preferences ! Seems to work for me, can anyone else confirm ?

  • wwhite139 Level 1 Level 1

    And then it crashed, again. Ah we'll back to waiting for a fix.........

  • kblessinggr Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem here, using an iPad 1st generation, and ever since I upgraded iTunes to 11, my listing fro my macbook's library is blank if I try to switch over to it on the iPad.

  • kblessinggr Level 1 Level 1

    I *thought* have found a solution. Normally when I'm messing with sharing I'm going to iTunes -> Preferences -> Sharing, and then adjusting the settings there.


    But I noticed that if you goto File -> Home Sharing, there was a menu option to turn off home sharing, and showing a different id than my main apple ID, so I turned it off then re-enabled it with the correct apple id.


    closed out both iTunes and 'Music' on the iPad.


    ... but alas nothing and I even made sure the apple id in music settings under the iPad settings was identical.


    Right now the only work-around I have is to use the Plex app and enable iTunes sharing within the Plex media server.

  • gunnard-iMAC Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem like many reports. Have iTunes with 15000 songs, all with apple lossless audio. On iPhone 4S , and on Apple TV 3 things work fine, but on iPad2 the Music app closes (not crashes) and close connection with home sharing when starting a search. The number of artist available is dimished after a few "crashes". When logging off, and logging in to home sharing on the iPad the full artist list is back. But search is still not working. Have tested on even the newest iTunes ver. 11.01

  • kblessinggr Level 1 Level 1

    The only solution I've found so far was this: Wifi sharing from my macbook.


    I normally hook my macbook up to ethernet in my home (which is connected to the same wifi router... oddly enough I could ping my iPad from the macbook and vice versa normally like this). So my wifi is usually off on the macbook itself.


    Meaning with just the ethernet, my home sharing would show my macbook's name in the sharing section of my iPad, but going to it would either 1) crash music player, or 2) show just blank.


    when I enable internet sharing, and connect my iPad to my macbook's wifi access point, home sharing on my iPad suddenly works just fine, just like it did with iTunes 10. So I don't quite understand what's going on here, and why I can't do home sharing thru any other local LAN.


    It's odd that this won't work:


    Macbook -> Ethernet -> Wifi Router -> Wifi -> iPad


    But this will


    Macbook -> Wifi -> iPad


    even though in both cases they can ping/see each other over their local IP addresses.

  • icerabbit Level 3 Level 3

    I am struggling with this too.


    Remote & Music under iOS 6 seem very buggy. No amount of troubleshooting has fixed it. It only pulls about 1/4 - 1/3 of the artists or albums. In some cases it will apply no cover art or have the art work for another album?! Dozens of albums are missing, but, in the song list it looks like everything is there?!


    I am actually rebuilding a library, started a couple days before 11 came out, on a dedicated mac mini. Upgrading from iTunes 10 to 11 isn't fixing anything for me.


    When I had 80 albums, I could see 20 on the iPad 3 iOS6 while all of them appeared on the iPad 1 iOS5.


    Now with 274 albums ripped, I get about a hundred, on the iPad 3 in iOS 6.


    The iPhones with iOS 6 only lists one artist under A, while there are three. So rightaway we know stuff is missing. B correctly lists 9 in iTunes and iOS6.


    Everything is there on the original iPad with iOS5. 


    Most frustrating for the holidays when some holiday favorite albums can't be found without reverting to song list.


    But, comparing across three devices, one detail I just noticed when I picked up the iPhone (which I hadn't used to access music really)  is that it doesn't list a couple of my favorite mainstream artists from the 80s & 90s in the artist list, which were some of the ones I ripped first under iTunes 10.7 a few weeks back. It does seemingly list everything added in the past week for the artists beginning with B C D on the iPhone??  


    I just re-ripped a "missing" album (invisible on iPhone 4 and iPad 3) that I ripped right before iTunes 11 to see if it would now show up in iOS6. It doesn't. It is not on the iPad 3 & iPhone 4.

  • mcpdb Level 1 Level 1

    So, Apple, this seems very clear to me : nothing to do with PC or Mac, but a IOS 6-issue

    In my case loggin out and in homesharing on the iPad 4 solves the problem each time.

  • icerabbit Level 3 Level 3

    Well, logging out and in off home sharing on the ipad 3 gave me the missing artists and albums, this time around.


    The unsatisfactory thing is that it (music) is not caching the art work and keeps showing blank tiles when I switch views, and populates them as I go up / down the list.


    We'll see how it goes from here.


    Oh, word in the vineyard is that iOS 6.1 is going to developers, but no details yet on what exactly it fixes.

  • GabrieleNano Level 1 Level 1

    "Nice" to see that I am not alone with this problem...

    However the sign out sign in trick has worked well so far...but I find the music app very poor compare to using the remote app for driving the home sharing stuff....the only problem is that it seems I have to go trough Apple this the only way around?

    The music app to run home sharing does not allow to create queue, has a slower interface compare to e remote app...on top of not properly update the library has posted above... Have you guys figure out something better?


    Looking forward to get something who works really fine since this airplay game has required some effort!

  • icerabbit Level 3 Level 3

    With 325+ albums currently in my itunes library, and signing in/out of home sharing on the ipad 3, the remote app seems stable and will list newly added albums and cover art on its own.


    The music app on the ipad 3 is still buggy as a ..., it currently lists 11 artists and 108 albums?! 

    No rhyme or reason that I can discern, old rips from old hard drive copy, new rips, ...

    Song list is useless with several thousand titles to wade through.


    Hoping with sending more feedback to aplle they'll fix this soon.

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