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    Has not worked for me at all, I've signed out of everything signed into everything, reinstalled least one machine, I've even restore my first generation iPad with the latest iOS 5.1.1, and home sharing on the ipad itself still shows empty. The library name will be at the top of the screen but the content will be completely empty regardless if I connect to my windows 7 desktop, or OSX Lion macbook.


    Yet both machines with iTunes 11 can view each other's library, the iPad can't view either of them (both macbook and desktop are on a wired connection which is connected directly to the back of the wireless router, all three devices are on the exact same subnet/IP).


    The ONLY solution I've found was to connect my macbook wirelessly to the router instead of wired (which isn't all that great a quality due to location), then the iPad will see files [yet it'll connect to the machine regardless if wired or wireless, main difference is being completely blank with Computer -> Wired -> Wireless router -> iPad)


    And the person that made the comment about IPv6... completely false, the wireless router we have (from AT&T UVerse) doesn't even support IPv6 right now, and yet works if all the devices are wireless.


    I feel like Apple intentionally broke wired connections.

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    Just get the app AudioGalaxy. get the client for your computer.. works fine. and if you're in wifi elsewhere, you can stream your itunes library from there..

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    Audiogalaxy aren't accepting any new users since 12 December 2012 due to hook up with Dropbox. Googles Gomusic app is good, as long as you have unrestricted downloads, and good network coverage when mobile. ( limited to ? 22,000 track storage )

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    So far the only working solution I've found in the mean time is to use the Plex Media Server and enable iTunes sharing, then install the Plex app on my iPad, and stream from there, since it works with the control talk cable and all that.

  • blametheadmin Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    I'm currently using QuikIO and it's working great.  Check it out

  • Griffter18 Level 1 Level 1 (30 points)

    Alternative Apps are ok if sharing to some I-Devices but doesnt work for users who also need ATV3 compatability.

    Ive got all my devices working and only the ATV3 loses the share every now again and needs to be restarted.

    Ipads sometimes lose the ability to pause part way through a film which is another listed issue.

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    Can confirm that ipad iOS 6.0.8 crashes when trying search in spotlight. Apple TV also in the mix.

  • KFDavis Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Correction: searching a homeshare'd library via spotlight

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    Turned off home sharing on my iPhone and then signed in again.


    Now entire library showing.

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    I turned off Home Sharing on all devices, then renamed my iTunes library  (iTunes/General Preferences/Library Name), then turned on Home Sharing on iTunes and then on other devices. Other devices then recognised new Library name and fresh-loaded all songs, albums and artists correctly. It seems to have stayed stable for a full day now on my the family's iPad3,  three iPhones and Apple TV.

    Does this work for others? I hope it's a permanent fix, but not holding my breath!

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    does the ios music app still crash when you do a search in airplay music library?


    i got slightly better functionality yesterday (although this may be a fluke) with all artists showing up and album art in-sync with the original.


    however the app still crashes when typing into the search box

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    My renamed iMac's iTunes Library mentioned above continues to mainatin its correct display of all songs, artists, albums artwork.However, on my iPad3, searching within the renamed Shared Library still crashes the iPad's Music app, which then requires me to reconnects to the Shared Library. Reconnecting quickly brings back everything with no loss of songs, albums or artists etc..


    Interstingly, searching the same Shared Library using either iPhone 3 or 4 provides fast and correcy results and no crashes at all. iPad3 has something wrong with mainatining a stable connection to Shared Libraries.


    My Shared Libraries only started to loose integrity after I connected the iPad to it, and was fine before hand when only iPhones were connected.

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    I noticed something a bit odd the other day that may or may not be a fix.  I was loading a third-party iTunes Remote app on my Windows 7 phone and trying to get it do be recognized by iTunes.  The instructions said to make sure that the iTunes preference "Look for iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad Remotes" is enabled.  Well, that preference was removed a while ago and it seems like this is a "feature" that cannot be disabled.


    After trying to figure out why I couldn't connect get the Remote app to connect to iTunes, I notices that there was an icon in the iTunes window that I hadn't seen before.  Clicking it allowed by to have iTunes recognize not only the app running on my Windows 7 phone buy also to recognize my iPad 3 (which had been failing to pull in more than a handful of artists or albums).  Once these devices were clicked, I was suddenly able to see everything.  No idea why this worked, but I haven't had a problem since then.

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    @shortnuke, what version of iTunes are you using?

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    11.0.1(12) on a mid-2012 iMac (OSX 10.8.2).

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