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GTunney Level 1 Level 1

Having a bit of an issue with home sharing and it's driving me nuts as I just can't seem to solve it.


I enabled home sharing today as my mrs wanted to listen to music on our iPad while she was cooking.


Now here comes the issue, all songs in the iTunes library are showing under the songs tab of the music app but nothing will show under the artist or album section so I don't get any album artwork etc. How ever on my iPhone they show up under albums and artists tab.


The only way to play a song would be to look through the entire library where I'd rather just select the album.


Does anybody have any idea why this is doing it?


Some basic info on my setup.


Ipad 2 running ios6 and latest iTunes installed on a pc.


Pc is hardwired into a wireless router.


All music is stored on my NAS.

iPad 2
  • 19dc60 Level 1 Level 1

    Hi. I don't have an answer for you but have exactly the same problem.

    The question I have is about your phone. You say that works, but have you ios5 or 6? Somehow I feel you will say 5.


    If you agree then I feel we will all be waiting for the dev guys to sort this one out.

    I have re saved my 40000 tunes and see different results on different ios6 devices.


    I've even true filling in metadata fields like sort etc.

  • GTunney Level 1 Level 1

    So glad I'm not the only one experiencing this issue.


    Well I did think my phone was working fine but after going back and in and checking everything there's content missing and my phone is running ios6.


    How ever on my mrs iPhone running iOS 5 all content is there and showing so looks to be an issue with iOS 6.


    Hope they get it all sorted quickly. I was planning on buying an Apple TV so I can play the music through my amp without having the tv on but if all the content isn't showing there's no point in buying the Apple TV.

  • berniecmills Level 1 Level 1

    No answer for you but i thoguht i would make feel better by saying i have a very similar issue. I only switched on home sharing on the iPad yesterday for the first time and i believe it was working all ok. I believe I saw the artists and albums and songs all listed. I remember searching for 'Any Winehouse' on the iPad and her albums appeared ok on the iPad. I was then able to drill down into those albums and them play them on the iPad. i thought this was an amazing feature of PC iTunes to iPad integration. What with all the Apple bashing and the iOS6 map issue that has been going on in the last few day i emailed a mate to rant about how great this feature was. My point to him was that is not a revolutionary idea but that the Apple softway is very slick and works well. Maybe my comments wer a bit premature.


    Anyway today I opened the iPad and tried to do the same thing. Only a few artists appeared so i am not able to easily find the albums and therefor songs to play. The songs are all listed but only a few of the artists are shown.


    I have checked iTunes on the PC and all the artists are there and i can list them correctly. I had thought that maybe there was somethign wrong with my album tagging but this is all ok. I was able to search for an artists on the PC  iTunes and they appeared ok. I could find that albums on the iPad but only if i knew the album name. About a dozen artists do appear on my iPad but this is only a fraction of my library so really is not much use.


    I am using iOS 6 on all devices too with the latest iTunes on the PC.

    I have tried rebooting both the PC and the ipad but this made no difference.

    I also tried switching off home sharing on the ipad and back on again in the hope that this migth also help.

    Not wanting to waste all of my Sunday mornign I have no decided to give up on this feature.


    Its a real pity as this is a top feature of using iTunes in the house and playing our music library on any device.

    If it dont work then it is ally a big let down.


    Lets hope it is a buglet with Itunes and that it can be fixed soon with a PC iTunes update.

  • berniecmills Level 1 Level 1

    I have a follow up message on this. I could not resist trying to sort this so spent some more time on it.


    In my last message i thought i had switched off home sharing on the iPad to see if that helped. Actually i had not tried that yet. So anyway I went to settings, music and clicked on the home sharing email. It gives you the option to sign out. I did that then signed back in again. I then went back to music, Tab More,  and waited for the sharing menu to appear. I cliked on my library. This seems to take a while but eventually all my artists appeared again.


    So I am working again. I can only guess but perhaps the library only gets updated when you sign in.


    I think Apple still need to look intothis but at least we have a work around solution in the short term.

    Let me know if this works for you.



    PS please excuse the typos.

  • berniecmills Level 1 Level 1

    I have another follow up which might help Apple with this.


    After I managed to fix my home sharing issue above I then experienced the issue again.

    The music app crashed while trying to search for an artist name.

    I was left with no option but to close and restart the music application.

    When it restarted the music app artist list was much smaller.

    I suspect that the search crash corrupted the music apps artist database.


    I did my fix above ( switching off/on home sharing in the setting menu) and that worked again as long as you deselect sharing on the music app then reselect it again.


    As it is i think home sharing on the iPad is unusable if you ever search for artists.

    It seems to work ok if you just scroll throughthe list of artists.

    Lets hope Apple fix it.

  • khfromvoorhout Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem, I've tried some of the given options, but nothing really solves this problem. On the iPad2/iOS 6: only one artist, almost all the albums and - ithink- all the songs. Keeping it’s own album cover was already an issue the last months, after a while some albums got a cover of another album. Rebuilding the library could 'solve' this. Not anymore, the problems are getting bigger and bigger. Yesterday I've noticed: not only cover problems, but also artist names. What a mess. A new Apple standard? What kind of test methods is Apple using? Anyone can see this!

    Apple please fix this . Until that my conclusion will be: I need a new music player (or Spotify), and I hope this will not end in: another tablet or back to a PC . I'm really disappointed about this (and some other updates of iOS 6).

  • zxe018 Level 1 Level 1

    I don't have an answer but wanted to provide some info on where home sharing was/is working and when I'm having the same issue.


    Current Configuration where Home Sharing does not show all songs:

    iPod Touch - 4th gen with ios6.

    iMac with Mountain Lion OS 10.8.2


    Configuration where Home Sharing was working with iPod Touch:

    iPod Touch - 4th gen with ios6.

    iMac with Mountain Lion OS 10.8.1


    I also have an IPhone 4s with ios5, and Home Sharing works with Mountain Lion OS 10.8.2


    I may try to revert back to Mountain Lion OS 10.8.1 and see if Home Sharing with the iPod Touch works.

  • 19dc60 Level 1 Level 1



    Could it be the iTunes version rather than the OS X?

  • Dizzley Level 1 Level 1

    I'm getting exactly these symptoms on OSX 10.8.2 and iOS 6 on iPad. First, very few albums were listed when home sharing. Fixed by logging out of Music app. Then, looking at Songs, Search function crashes Music app.

  • Dizzley Level 1 Level 1

    Oh- iTunes 10.7 too.

  • Mo Noyz Level 1 Level 1

    OK, I have the most out of left field fix ever for this.


    I experienced this same problem when I tried to access my iMac library via my iPad last night. Only a random few albums showed up, no album art, etc. Signed out of homesharing, signed back in, same thing. Restarted both machines, so on and so forth.


    I complete exasperation this morning, I signed out of home sharing on my iPad, went into the music app, tried to access my library, and blam! Had my entire library download, album art, the whole nine yards.


    And I am completely signed out of home sharing on my iPad. Don't know what to tell you, but it's still working...

  • Nonicknamesleft Level 1 Level 1

    This worked for me too, but my artwork is not scaled properly in the album section. The artwork is fine in the artist tab but appears magnified in the album section so only a corner of the actual cover is visible. Only a small point but very annoying as just looks wierd.

  • aurora_watees Level 1 Level 1

    Hi I had exactly the same problem and after many internet searches found a solution that worked for me.


    Apparently if you re-create your itunes library it fixes the problem.


    Follow the instructions from:


    It doesn't take too long for your library to reload, and once I signed back into home sharing on itunes my entire library showed up through sharing on my iphone.


    Good luck!

  • berniecmills Level 1 Level 1

    I tried autora_watees sugegstion.

    I recreated the itunes library following the instructions on that apple support page.

    The library took about 20 minute to recreate as I have a lot of songs.

    I switched back on home sharing and went to my iPad and opened the sharing music library.

    The iPad started reading the library. My hopes were high.

    Unfortunately as before only about a dozen artists were shown.

    So I could not click on  an artist to find their songs.

    So again I tried filtering the songs to find the ones I wanted.

    Music app then crashed as it did before.

    So it was worth a go but this made no differnce to the problem I was experiencing.


    Perhaps this only happens with large music libraries or there is somethign else wrong with my iTunes library.

    Whatever the problem I have decided to give up. As it stands I cannot resolve the problem. It would be good if in future versions of iTunes that it was able to diagnose problems with the library itself and maybe just fix them automatically.

    Unfortunatley this means that home sharing between iTunes and an iPad which should be the coolest feature ever... is of no use to me. I do wonder howe many people actually use home sharing and if it actually works for them.

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