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Has anyone experienced any problems charging the iPhone 5. When I hook up my iPhone 5 to the charger included with the packaging, or to my MacBook Pro, it charges. However, if I move it slightly or position it differently, it stops charging and I hear the disconect sound. I have to reconnect the conecter to the phone for it to resume charging. I have found that it charges without a problem if held, but if laid on a desk it easily disconects.


Perhaps this is an issue with the cable its self, maybe mine is faulty, and not the phone.


Has anyone experiecned an issue similar to mine?


Thank You!

  • bhazel Level 4 (3,525 points)

    does it do the same thing plugged in to the wall?

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    Yes, I had plugged it in overnight and left it on my drawer. It was charging when I went to bed, but I woke up to find it only charged to 35%.


    It does it when plugged in the wall charger, my iPad charger extender and my computer.

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    I just connected it to another outlet with the charger that came with the iPhone and placed it on the desk. I touched the cable very lightly and the iPhone played the disconect sound, and right after it reconnected. So it may be a faulty/lose cable.

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    it believe the cabel is faulty as well

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    I have to plug my phone into the cable a number of times to get it to charge as well.  I have tried multiple new lightning cables with the same result. Not sure what to do??

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    I have similar problem, and Apple is not prepared for it, only listening to clients with appointments.  My iPhone5 bougth yesterday (Serial No. F2LJD9MDF38W) at Best Buy Dadeland Miami only starts charging when has Zero power (I guess).  I left the iPhone5 charging all night.   This morning the battery was charged 20%, and try for several hours to make it work.  No success.  I went at 11AM to the store, and with the phone dead, it started charging up to 6%. Ivan Ruiz, an Apple employee at Best Buy told me to go the Apple Store, since Best Buy did not have replacement cables (hopefully this is the problem).  I arrived 45 minutes ago at Apple Dadeland Mall, two employees of Apple Mike L and a blond lady (with freckles) told me I needed an appointment, so they can take care of my problem.  Mike L reacted and said that he can give me an appoitment at 1PM, and had to wait one hour more.  I said that I wanted the problem to be solved now.  Chris Gomez jumped into the issue and help me with a replacement cable, but reminding me I should buy Apple Care, since many thing could go wrong with the phone.  I refused the offer.  I am now charging my iPhone5 at Apple Store.  I hope this is the real problem.  I have been a satisfied BlackBerry user for almost a decade, and I tried to make the change to iPhone5 yesterday. Let see if I stay with it.


    Now, it is 11:15PM and the iPhone5 seems to work fine with the new replacement cable.

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    Mine connected to the computer fine to activate but when I went to charge it last night it charged a total of 10% in 3 hours.  When I unplugged it, it jumped from 30% to 34%.  Then I turned over the 6 pin connector and plugged it back in and it began charging very quickly.  It went from 34% to 99% in about 90 minutes but would not go to 100%.  I unplugged it again and plugged it back in and it immediately went to 100%.  I'm really confused if its the cable or the battery meter that is having issues.  Any info greatly appreciated.

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    I am experiencing the jump from 99% to 100% when not connected and then 100% to 99% when it is connected. I also seems like one side of the connector charges better/stays connected better than the other.


    All I can say is that I have already made an apointment at the Genius bar for tomorrow and I recorded my problem on a video to show them.

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    HI all,

    I too got my iPhone 5 Friday battery was almost full when it came, but tried to charge it last night before going out and nothing? Thought it was my outlet socket so tried another room this worked for about 10 mins then stopped,

    I phoned Vodafone straight away but was on hold for 45 mins so gave up which killed my battery further, then rang apple who said as the phone is less than two weeks old it's vodafones responsibility, however the apple guy did say if it needs replacing I my have to wait up to 5 weeks as the demand is so high!! Gutted :-( iPhone 4 here we come again lol will let u know the out come.

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    Please keep me posted on what apple says.  I can't get to an Apple store until Friday.  But if they fix ur issue I'll make my husband go for me  

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    Ok so I just got back from the Apple store.

    The Genius was very nice and efficent. He examined the phone and noticed that the internal dock conector on my phone was damaged, it was for some reason pushed back and skewed so the connection cable was not fully going into the phone and wasn't clipping.


    He replaced my phone and we tested it out. I now notice the cable clicks when you insert it and its not loose, and does not move around no more. I don't have charging problem anymore, the cable stays connected and continues to charge regardless of how I hold it, position it on my table or how much I move the cable around. Whereas before the lightest touch of the cable would cause it to stop.


    If you're still having the problem, I would go to the Apple store.


    Also, here is a common sense tip (I noticed many people in my local Apple store in L.A. completely lacked this) remember that they are people too and it's been very busy lately because of the iPhone 5 launch. Don't be like some people I noticed, don't walk in and demand immidiate help or yell at the employee's it won't get you anywhere.


    Hope you all get your problem resolved like I was fortunate enough to have!

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    I have the same problem. The iphone 5 suddenly failed to charge with the included charging cable. The included cube charger is OK - it charges the other iphone 4S. Then it must be the phone or the cable. I took it to the Apple store at Houston Galleria. The guy tested it and it worked again. I asked him politely to replace the cord for me. I don't need a new one, just a working one. I can give my new one to him. You know what? After 3 mac laptops, 5 iphones and 2 mac desktops - the answer is NO. You come back if the charging problem occurs again. If I am Steve, I shall fire those people immediately. Mark my words, look out for recall of the phone or the charging cord soon.

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    I am having a problem charging my iPhone 5, I just got it via pre order and it arrived 9/28/12 today its 9/30/12. when I first synced and charged my phone there was no problem, I received a full charge last night and it was working fine then just now I plugged it it to charge it with the lightning connector and wall outlet that was in the box, and nothing it wont charge I've tried different outlets and have plugged it into the computer and still nothing. when I plugged it into my computer to sync it it worked and synced and showed this on my computer and my phone but it didn't charge while it was syncing.

    I haven't dropped it or damaged it in any way. there are no scratches or dents, literally if you saw this without knowing that I have used it you would think that its fresh out of the box. please help I need to charge it. II'm not sure it there's something wrong with the phone or the charger. hopefully its the charger because I don't want apple to replace my existing phone with a refurbished one, especially since its not even a week old. if anyone knows of a solution please reply and give assistance !

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    Take it to the Apple store. Apple does not replace products with refurbished products, they're new. Each store to my knowledge carries a replacement stock that come in brown boxes straight from the manufacturer in China, and not from Texas where they actually package the products in their White/Black retail boxes, iv been told my a couple of geniuses.

    I know because I once had my iPad replaced and I asked, they made it clear it's not a refurbished product.

    Plus, I replaced my phone two days after it was released, it's impossible for them to have had a refurbished stock. And I am pretty sure that 10 days after release is still too early for a refurbished stock, especially since there is a shortage of new phones since demand is so high.


    So just go to your local Apple store.



    What I did is I recorded my phone having the issue using my iPad and another friend's phone, just to prove my issue in case I couldn't reproduce it in the store. But I didn't have to show it as It was quickly apparent it had an issue.

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