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    I had the same problem lastnight I followed a couple of the post here and my batteryis back to the ways it was when I bought it last week. 


    Here is what I found:


    1.  practically all of my notification were turned on.  I turned all of them off except for PHone, Messages, Calendar, and email.

    2.  I reset all of my defaults...I did not lose any data

    3.  Resarted my phone.


    This worked for me but I really think think the cause of the problem was number one...everytime my phone asked fi I wanted to use notifications or allow my locations..i was saying yes.  I turned everthing off that Idid not need an now my phone is back to being great.


    The post about it stayin on after 1% is so true...I was trying to test ot see how long it would take to charge after being dead and it tood forever to die at 1%..great.


    Try different things but they did not lie about the batter life being phone has been on since yesterday at 7pm and it is still going evern after working out htis morning and playing my play list!!  34% right now.

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    Solution! Solution! Solution!

    I struggle with same battery problem last 2 weeks when I got my new iPhone 5. Battery drop overnight from 100% to 75% and show 50 (!!!) minutes usage (I didn't touch my phone). I did everything what is possible - call to Apple, go to Apple store by appointment and spoke with they "genius" - no results. They solution was - do not restore from back up - set up as the new phone. Just FYI - I try everything - restore couple time from back up (3-4 hours each time), set up as new phone (5-6 hours to transfer all data - where this is possible - I have ~ 200 apps.), turn off location, push etc. Nothing helps.

    But... Finally!!! What I did - I completely discharge my phone until it's shut down itself. After this left charging overnight... At the morning.... My phone keeping charge as crazy now! WiFi, PUSH, location - everything is on and it's working as should work!!!

    Try this solution before doing anything else! It's simple! Avoid my mistakes - I'm telling you - I spend several days trying to restore firmware from backup and also set up as new. Everything was much more easy!!!!

    Let me know if you succeed on your phone!!!

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    Turns out my iPhone 5 is officially less then my iPhone 3GS. I had most things off when it had better battery life. Apple plz call me to diagnose. My battery is horrible and really diss appointed with it 

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    (copied from other thread)


    I've been dealing with these non-caring people at Apple.  Jason Cupps had me do a battery profiling log and telephony log.  The battery one we did twice.  I have found over 100 bugs so far in iOS 6 that Apple is blatantly ignoring.  You want to know why the battery life stinks?  I'm going to tell you all why.


    Apple has combined WiFi and Cellular into one, like they had the option for in the Beta version.  The bug is that when you are on WiFi it is still trying to do things over cellular.  How do I know this?


    1)  Often I can't send texts or e-mail when on WiFi and have cellular enabled.  I have to turn off wi-fi, then turn off cellular, then turn on cellular, then turn on WiFi just to be able to send an e-mail.


    2)  I just checked my Sprint data usage page and it's a good thing Sprint is unlimited because it shows I've used 145GB of data this month.  145GB of data on my iPhone 5, in one month????  I never used 145GB over cellular or Wi-Fi on my iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPad 3, and iPhone 5 combined in their entire lifetimes!!  I use my iPhone on the average of 10-20 minutes a day, if that, and mainly for browsing the web or texting.  Rarely do I even make voice calls, and if I do they are in the car over bluetooth.  I've used 170 out of my 450 Sprint voice minutes this month, and normally I only use around 50 voice minutes a month.


    This is why your battery is draining.  I have advised Apple of this repeatedly.  All they would have to do is disable the Wi-Fi + Cellular option that is built into iOS 6.  Why haven't they?


    Want some more bugs?  Go to your tether data.  I don't even have tethering options on my iPhone.  Hit reset statistics over and over.  It will change at random.  One time it will show "1.0KB", another time it will show "144TB", another time it will show "-303498934820349..." or some other crazy long negative number, another time it will show "(null) EB".


    These are just a few of at least 100 bugs I've reported to Apple, and they have done nothing.  NOTHING.  Is it any wonder their stock is sinking like a rock?  This will be the last iDevice I ever purchase.


    I have reset all my settings on the phone, reset it to factory, restored from iTunes as new, tried everything, nothing works.

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    (copied from other thread)


    Also, Foxxconn workers have rioted twice this week stating that "the iPhone 5 is a flawed design and they cannot possibly build it to Apple's specs."  An undercover worker revealed factory work conditions, too.  Apple lost it's visionary.  They have no more vision left in them.  I personally have prevented 6 people (family members and associates) from purchasing the iPhone 5 after sharing my experiences with them.  That's $4000 in sales I cost Apple.


    Even worse is that you think Apple would compensate us testers in some way by offering us a free adapter or cable, but no.  They expect this of us because we need a working phone.  This should have all been working before the public release of iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 went on sale.


    I've been an Apple/Mac user since the Quadra 840AV and have probably spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $30,000 - $40,000 with them over the years.  I thought the iPad 3 charging and heat issues were the final straw, but I gave them one last chance.  This will be the last product I ever purchase from Apple unless they SERIOUSLY, and I mean SERIOUSLY get their act together and make amends and sincere apologies for all the garbage they have put us through.


    I forked over $924 (tax included) for this iPhone.  I expect a working product, not a piece of garbage.  I received the latter.

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    The United states government is ethier stalking you or there just listing to everyone over there brand new sellout iphone 5 made by sellout tim cook.

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    Interesting and well written. I hope your right that it is a bug. However, you might as well give up on buying computer/electronics all together. They all got bugs.  More you buy. More you'll find.

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    After reading this, I also checked my data usage through AT&T and it was actually lower for last month. There must be some background apps on some of these phones that are using up data like crazy and killing the battery.

  • Noicc Level 1 (0 points)

    iOS 6 Battery Issues Resolved

    Posted on October 10, 2012

    Filed Under System | 4 Comments

    I’ve mentioned a few of my battery and data problems with iOS 6. (here and here) Michael Tsai had linked to a TidBits post about their solution – basically doing a clean install of iOS6. A few people in the comments had told me to do that also. I was trying everything I could to avoid that eventuality. I knew how big a pain it would be. Well last night I’d had enough.

    The basic problem is that there’s a bug in Safari that screws up bookmark syncing via iCloud. It appears to primarily affect people who restored their data when installing iOS 6. You can check if you have the problem by going to Settings > General > About > Diagnostics & Usage > Diagnostics & Usage Data. If you were like me you’ll have a slew of error logs. I tried everything I could short of redoing iOS 6 to solve the problem. Nothing worked.

    So last night I put my iPhone 5 in DFU mode. (Hold home and power for 10 seconds, let go of power and continue to hold home for an other 10 seconds) Then I connected it to iTunes and did a clean install. Of course then all the apps you have in iTunes are synced with the phone. You then have to manually configure all the applications – often having to look up all the passwords and user information.1

    First the good news. This solved my problem. I can’t speak for data usage, since I’m not mainly on WiFi most of the time. (Hopefully no big road trips again for a while) However battery life went from painful to fantastic. There for a while I could lose ⅓ charge in less than an hour of light web browsing. Just being on standby by my bed I’d lose about ⅔ charge overnight. (Since I don’t have my lightning to 30 pin adaptor yet) I’ve been using the phone much of today and I’m still at almost 80% charge. That is pretty impressive.

    Then there’s the bad news. It took forever to organize the apps into some semblance of order. Weirdly Spotlight could find some applications like 1Password but I couldn’t find it on the pages of icons anywhere. It sure would be helpful if Spotlight in iOS could find an app as well as run it.

    My solution was to use the app organizer in iTunes by selecting the phone and looking around. Apparently I had 12 screens of apps and the last two weren’t showing up on the phone – even though I’d cleared out about 5 screens so they were empty. So if you have a lot of apps and are having troubles finding them I’d suggest using iTunes. This appears to be a bug in iOS6 syncing.

    I should add that while technical people can solve these things, this really is a serious bug. And I’ll bet the typical user has no clue why their battery is draining so fast or why they are using up so much cellular data. Hopefully Apple provides a fix soon.

    And hope you added it to 1Password. While I’m very diligent about adding information to 1Password on my Mac I discovered I was far less diligent on iOS – probably because it’s such a pain trying to copy and paste in iOS. Seriously I wish the whole “select paragraph” mode of selection was removed. So often you can select paragraphs but not just the section you want. One reason among many why iOS will never usurp OSX for serious work in my book. ↩

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    Well, if my Carat app is even telling the partial truth then yep, the things causing the battery drain are inherent to the ios, not third party apps. I only had one buggy app, atomic browser which has recently been updated. I am re-running Carat to see what it thinks of the updated version of this app. Most of the problems reported by Carat were things like the ios 6 maps app, countdown timer, etc. Apple had been trying to call me to ask for my help with this battery drain issue, allowing them to mine my phone i'm guessing, but I've blown them off as they did to me in the past. I've already decided I'm ditching this thing once my contract's up. Good luck guys.

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    I have the same issue. Currently doing the while 'reinstall software' thing. I'll keep you posted. Even after discharge I charged my phone overnight to find only 93% when I turned it on this morning.

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    I had this same problem too. I tried most of the things in this thread and they only made a small difference if any.


    The one things that seems to have fixed it was turning off the iCloud sync for Safari.

    All of a sudden, my iPhone battery went from about 3 hours to 12 hours. It was like I had a new phone...


    Things that helped little if at all were:

         Let the phhone completely discharge then charge it over night.

         Turn off location servces

         Only use WiFi, stong 4G signal, etc

         Killing unused apps


         I tried a bunch of other things...



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    This is the main indicator of bookmark problems.


    see earlier post in this thread


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    Maybe wrong section but I think relevant. Dont have an iphone at all. My ipod since upgrading to ios6 the battery drains much faster.

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