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  • zoo tv Level 1 Level 1

    I've also noticed the battery seems to drain quickly.

  • mabad1 Level 1 Level 1

    Does anybody read before posting?

  • glideslope Level 2 Level 2

    I'm seeing slightly better life over my 4S? I'm on 4G most of the time. LTE only in the city. Wi-Fi at home.


    Maybe just some bad batteries? The 10.8.2 update gave my 2012 13" MBP about 25% more battery life. Could be carrier specific also?


    I'm happy.

  • rowanmcdonald1991 Level 1 Level 1

    I've had terrible battery life. Lost roughly 40% over night with the phone locked, no apps open, wifi and Bluetooth off and only one notification that came through.


    I'm hoping this is a software thing.

  • jdk5504 Level 1 Level 1

    Has anyone conditioned their battery? The initial charge needs to be ran all the way down and then recharged. This needs to be done every few weeks or so. I let my phone completely drain last night and then charged it.  It has been off the charge since 2030 last night with lots of use and my phone is just now to 20%. Battery seems to be working fine for being on LTE all the time.

  • selfmadewinter Level 1 Level 1

    I too had this problem.  After reading sevral posts it led me to believe that it is not just the iPhone 5 but on all the iPhones.  It sounds like it is more of a problem with iOS6.  My battery was draining at a rate of over 25% an hour with just occasional texting.  Someone suggested to do a restore to factory settings.  I did a factory restore and now my battery is draining at what I think is a reasonable rate.  I am skeptical that the fix is that easy but it seems to be working.

  • Trot Nixon Level 1 Level 1

    Love the iPhone 5. Such a great step forward.


    Battery life, however is terrible. In a way I am glad that others are having the same issue because I think apple will step to the plate pretty quickly. I just sat down to have lunch. In 40 minutes, no use with only one program sending notifications, I went down 30%. That's insane. I get about 3 hours of standby time where as my iPhone 4S with the EXACT same setting/notifications etc got close to 2 days.


    Mabad FYI those steps did nothing to help me.  I did them to the extreme and still suffered the same battery life. It seems to me that the iPhone 5 should perform at least comparably to a normal 4S but at this point, the battery functions at approximately 1/10th or worse compared to my last iPhone.


    Just writing this email in 10 minutes I lost 10%. I have less than 2 hours of usage of any kind.


    Oh well.

  • darkmarch Level 1 Level 1

    same here! and no audio in maps....weird.

  • keithfromtracy Level 1 Level 1

    Apple Store said they were receiving reports of long lasting batteries. How much truth to that I'm not sure.  I'm going to give it a good conditioning and see if that makes a difference. Will report back soon.

  • netherzap Level 1 Level 1



    Like others I had very poor battery life out of the box. I hooked it up to iTunes and sync'd, leaving it charged until at 100%. Ejected it and the battery drained with5 hrs of light use.  At around 4% I plugged it into ac charger and ran a full cycle charge (w battery dr, tho an app isn't needed).  After unplugging it I've take 30+ pics w flash, and surfed the web via wifi for 30 min. Granted that's not a lot of usage and I hope I'm not jumping the gun, but I'm at 98%. Anyways, try a full cycle charge then evaluate.



  • Pastor-Piersanti Level 1 Level 1

    My phone has poor battery life too, not even a full 10 hours on stand by... But iPhone 5 is sweet, I think I just got a defective one

  • tal1971 Level 2 Level 2

    Most if not all new iPhones require a few complete charges and discharges in order for to get the best out of the battery.


    What I find is. With a new iPhone I do 3 complete charges and discharges (till the iPhone switches its self off). Usually after this the battery level is much better. I then do 1 complete discharge once per month as per Apple's recommendations.

  • dereklad Level 1 Level 1
    Apple Watch

    I'm getting the same with my iphone 5..

    It's loosing battery juice quick..

    I took my iphone 5 off charge 100% about 20 minutes

    Ago ,doing wifi surfing and I'm down to 91%

    Already.wait I'm down to 90% now I can see the

    Battery drain as I'm typing..

    There's something wrong here big time..

    I'm in the uk Birmingham..

  • stainlineho Level 1 Level 1



    You thread you keep REPOSTING does not help, and yes we can READ.


    My battery ***** and I'm returning this phone.  It is a shame becaues it was so fast.

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