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    I followed some of the suggestions, like stopping some of the location services (in particular notifications and passbook).  It made a difference, but I was still loosing 15 to 20% of the battery life an hour.  I called apple.  They said that I could swap it out, but the stores do not have any to swap right now.  So, I decided to do a restore and see what happens.  Will keep you posted. 

  • clansaw Level 1 Level 1

    thats great info cocktail5555

  • clansaw Level 1 Level 1

    I can't believe the answer here is turning nearly all of the phones functions off, it's clearly a bug.

    Apple need to save face and update software quickly.

    Some great help on here though that seems to make the phone's work more efficiently.

  • kris720 Level 1 Level 1

    How do I load everything individually and not by back up?

  • Bellatone Level 1 Level 1

    As a correction to my earlier post, it seems my concern with not being able to save a voicemail greeting through the iOS software is not an iOS related problem.  Apparently Sprint has two towers down in my area as they are doing Network Vision upgrades for enhanced 3G speeds.  I have had ZERO upload data stream in the past two days on 3G (and LTE isn't due to arrive here for at least another month, possibly up to six months but most likely around November, in the San Fernando Valley part of Los Angeles county).  According to S4gru, all the towers in my area are in place for LTE with the nearest being only less than 1/2 mile away, but they haven't flipped the on switch yet.  Quite disappointing since my iPad gets fantastic LTE speeds on Verizon, but my Sprint contract isn't up for another year and I didn't feel like having a data cap on my service, AND paying $50 a month more, AND paying a $400 Verizon security deposit (which is truly outrageous since Sprint only charged $100), AND paying a $240 early termination fee. Plus Sprint has better voice service in my area than any other carrier, and I am on Wi-Fi 95% of the time anyway, but their 3G speeds are absolutely dreadful, albeit unlimited, as will LTE be unlimited, too.  Once Sprint has better LTE coverage nationwide, I can't see anyone choosing to stick with the other carriers as they will just be throwing money down the drain.  Hopefully LTE will be coming sooner than later and I won't have to wait 6 months.  Verizon LTE though is very fast in my area and I get on average with 3/5 or 4/5 bars (I never get 5/5 bars on Verizon) and still average about 22Mbps down and 20Mbps up.  Imagine if I had a full 5 bars.... But $30 a month for 2GB?  That's just stupid, which is why I rarely purchase monthly service for it unless I'm traveling.


    Have you guys heard about Google Fiber gigabit Internet service?  You should read about that.  It looks very promising!


    Anyway, today's report with regards to battery life was as such:

    At about 10:30 a.m. I had a full charge.  Throughout the day I used about 15 minutes of text messaging, and 45 minutes of call time, most of it through Bluetooth.  By 6:30 p.m. I had 39% battery left.  Pathetic.

  • Bellatone Level 1 Level 1

    Cont'd from above:


    What is interesting to note:  it charged from 39% to 100% in just over an hour's time which is fantastic.

    Charging speeds = great. Battery life = garbage.  Definitely an iOS bug.

    And I did a full erase last night and re-downloaded all my apps again, not using any iCloud backup restore.

    I also had almost all location services turned off today, along with a plethora of other things I should never have to disable.  And my brightness ranged between 40 and 50%.


    The only time I ever felt the iPhone getting warm was last night when it was plugged in and charging, and downloading over Wi-Fi and installing over 100 apps.  The rest of the time it remains cool, unlike the 3rd gen iPad which you could practically fry an egg on because the engineers at Apple didn't do their homework.


    And since we're on the topic of battery life, did you know the 10W power adapter that comes with the iPad does not output enough current to keep your iPad fully charged while plugged in while you are using it, even to perform the most minimal of tasks at 80% brightness?  The iPad's battery consumes more power than the adapter is capable of supplying.  That is why you will likely never see a 100% icon with the plug icon (meaning fully charged) like you do with your iPhone or iPad 2.  The only solution I found to remedy this was a $9 Monoprice charger with the 30-pin dock port connector hardwired to the wires coming out of the wall wart adapter.  Most people never notice this because they don't keep their iPad plugged in while using it, but if you do, you will see that you can't keep your iPad fully charged at 80% or above brightness while using it.  If you see the lightning icon it means it is charging and not fully charged.  I'm not sure how the Apple engineers overlooked such simple math, or designed the PCB in such a way that your hands are always placed over the CPU which is the hottest part of the unit.  And I went through three of these iPads, and only kept this one because the screen has incredibly accurate color.  All the iPads on display in the two Apple stores nearest me couldn't stay fully charged while in use either, so it was not an isolated incident,  it was an overlooked hardware design flaw.  Here's to hoping the iPhone 5 doesn't have an overlooked design flaw, and that the problem resides in the operating system rather than hardware.  If not, my iPhone 5 will likely be going back.

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    Cont'd from above:


    I should also note that the terrific charging time I'm getting with the iPhone 5 is the result of charging it with the iPad 10W power adapter, not the included 5W one.  I am using a 10 foot USB extension cord as well which degrades charging ability somehow (to a greater extent with the iPad) yet still getting those fast charging times.  If I didn't use the extension cord it might have charged in 45 minutes instead of an hour and five minutes.  I haven't experimented with that yet but I will in time.


    So if you have a 10W charger from your iPad, use it.  You'll notice faster charge times.

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    Charged it back up to 100%.  Used it to surf the web over WiFi for an hour only.  No cellular data or phone usage.  Battery down to 69%.  A far cry from Apple's quoted battery life; about 1/3 of what they promise, and this is with all important resources disabled.


    What I don't understand is how did they get the professional reviewers to say that their battery life claims were true?  Were these reviewers using some secret version of iOS 6, or were they just simply being paid to lie?  It's one or the other, obviously, since this is apparently a worldwide occurrence.


    Apple's business strategy:

    1) hype up the new iPhone

    2) create false sales results, saying that all units in stock were sold out in 40 minutes.

    3) create intentional preorder delays to create the appearance of serious demand and long lines at stores to create a media frenzy

    4) release iOS 6, not ready for real world usage

    5) generate as much revenue as possible as quick as possible to drive up market share

    6) deal with repercussions after selling product, and make customers wait additional time until updates are released

    7) generate more media attention, because even bad press is good press when it comes to Apple

  • fdotguido Level 1 Level 1

    After dfu restore, still no help. 10% every 30 minutes of usage.

  • clansaw Level 1 Level 1

    My phone too charges really quick, from zero (completely dead, phone died whilst in use) to full, not 100% actual full charge icon displayed in just under 2hrs..

    I'm wondering.. with the rate a full charge is taking and the rate it is taking to discharge through normal use... Could it be an iOS bug that isn't actually charging the battery to full. I'm thinking the phone thinks the batterty is fully charged and shows fully charged however is maybe only 50% charged?

    A theory that maybe true?

    Could any technical people, or Apple Technical people reading this confirm that this could be possible?

    It has got me thinking!

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    I have broken down and done a dfu reset and restore. iTunes didn't have 1/2 my apps, so I needed to redownload a lot. However during that process the battery only dropped 2-3% over 60 minutes of wifi downloading. So I am hopeful the dfu reset and restore has done something. Will post back tonight.

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    DFU reset did nothing for me personally other than make me spend a couple hours reorganizing all of my apps and things on my phone...


    same horrible drain as before. down 95%-74% overnight for 7.5 hours, phone just sitting there in standby with apps all killed.



  • darkfire.shadows Level 1 Level 1

    For comparison.


    The new iPad. Standby 57 minutes, usage 30 minutes. Battery 96%. (Screen on the whole time, mid bright).

    iPhone 5. Standby 57 minutes. Usage 15 minutes. Battery 95%.


    Seems a little light based on promises. Will see how it ends up tonight.

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    Well it looks like we are getting somewhere. A quick google of iPhone 5 battery problems has now shown up in several articles and a few of your comments have been included in them. At least this issue is now being brought public,  but not enough attention yet.

  • Canucks Level 1 Level 1

    I sent a note to Engadget and TUAW.....

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