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  • cjaxx Level 1 Level 1

    If you set up your iPhone as new and then restore from iCloud, aren't you just inheriting the same problems associated with setting it up from a backup from the get-go?


    Could someone explain?


    For me it's not clear how you set up as new and then do a restore, without overwriting the "new" state. We all had a "new" phone with the iPhone 5, then those of us who restored from a back-up had battery drainage.

  • Alien Quattro Level 1 Level 1

    saraology wrote:




    Can you outline the steps to do number one?


    "backed up my data on ios6 so that i could restore it"





    It was a two part backup. When I received the iphone 5 I restored the backup from the iPhone 4. After that was restored, I backed up the phone again with the iPhone 5. Then I performed steps 1-3 and in step #4 restored from the most recent iPhone 5 backup in iTunes. Then I reset all of the settings as shown in step #5.




    restore iphone 4 settings on iphone 5 w/ battery problems

    backup iphone 5 settings in iTunes

    perform steps #1-3

    restore iphone 5 settings

    reset all settings as shown in step #5.

  • Mustang92690 Level 1 Level 1

    AFTER RECEIVING A REPLACEMENT PHONE FROM APPLE THIS AFTERNOON and proceeding to set it up as a completely new phone without any backup imported:



    Overall, much the same battery life I was getting with my initial pre-ordered 5. Bad. Terrible. NO where near advertised. at this point, I think it's safe to say it is a software issue with iOS 6 and not an issue with the phone.


    Knowing it's not a hardware issue I can rest a little bit easier, praying Apple will release an update for iOS 6 soon enough that will possibly combat this issue some. The massive amount of forum topics and posts and the shear number of views everyone of these topics has gotten in the forums should tell us one thing: it's a widespread issue affecting not just those of us with the new iPhone 5 but also people with the 4 and 4S...


    Now we wait...

  • doronpa Level 1 Level 1

    Just to go on record, I'm yet another dissappointed iPhone 5 customer with awful battery performance. Been reading these threads for the last 2 days. Tried reset, restore, DFU restore, turning off nearly all features, etc, almost everything suggested to no avail. Only things I haven't tried yet, and will tonight, are deleting all mail accounts and icloud, and running the battery down until it shuts itself off (I am very suspicious of the fact it charges so quickly, could it be a power/battery management calibration issue?).


    Oh, and I also have the other flaky Wi-Fi issue where it often doesn't see my router running in WPA2, but that is secondary compared to the battery drain issue. I've been using Apple products for decades and I can honestly say this is the first time I have ever been dissappointed. I was going to makea genius bar appt., but based on the reports of many replacement phones behaving the same, may just wait until Apple acknowledges/addresses the issue.

  • fdotguido Level 1 Level 1

    there is also a major wifi bug... sitting in the same spot, ran a test get 50 mpbs then run test again get 12.. they know about this

  • RogerSC Level 1 Level 1

    One factor in battery usage is cell signal strength whereever you are.  Don't know how many people have low cell signal strength, but if my iPhone is an area with only one or two bars of cell signal strength, the battery in my phone goes down very quickly.  Unless, of course, I use airplane mode with wifi turned on, and then I can't make or receive calls.   That's been the biggest factor for me in experiencing really bad battery life.

  • chia69 Level 1 Level 1

    I agree it is with ios6  I only have a 3gs and batery was okay pretty it runs so fast that i cant leave home with out my charger!!!

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    I went to the apple store today. In the apple store my iPhone 5 had no bars. My battery was at 5% with <4 hours use on it. Standby 11. They reset the phone still no bars, when they should have full bars because of the repeater in the store. The genius tech was convinced my battery was fine but possibly my modem was funky. My wife's phone had 55% left with 3 hours usage and full bars in the apple store. So possibly there are some bad radios out there?


    He wiped my phone again to see if that would improve the bars, same result.


    So he ordered me a new phone since they didn't have replacements for online orders in stock, only ones sold by that store.


    I pick up a replacement in 3-5 days, hopefully.

  • DeFective Level 1 Level 1

    Hello everyone,


    So I thought I'd update you on my experience so far. After performing the DFU reset/restore and setting my up my device as a new phone (which pas a pain in the ***, lets be honest), I was able to significantly increase my battery life. With the restore from my iPhone 4, I was getting approximately 10 hours of standby that included 3.75 hours of light usage. I am now getting:


    - almost 15 hours of standby time

    - 6 hours of light usage (this includes approx 2 hours of music playback, 30 min streaming video and the remainder I would classify under light tasks such as FB, email, iMessage, safari)


    Not to sound like the unappreciative spoiled brat, but this still doesn't measure up to my old iPhone 4. I truly feel for those who are getting a fraction of what I've been able to muster from my battery.


    A few things I've noticed:


    - when the phone is locked and idling, it consumes very little battery, maybe 2-3% per hour.

    - as soon as you unlock and start using the thing, the battery drops at a rapid rate of 1-2% per 10 mins of use. This is unusual, I've had 3 iPhones, this is the first that acts like this, unacceptable. I literally focus more on the battery meter than the activity being performed on the device. It actually enrages me.

    - I live in Ottawa Ontario Canada, one of the first locations that Rogers launched LTE, the signal is mostly at the 1-3 bar range. I often pull it out of my pocket to see that it is on 3G mode. Some would say to turn off the LTE, but that's why I bought this phone, for quicker, wifi-like speed. If I need to turn it off to get marginally better battery life, then ill return this phone and stick with my i4. The phone often switches between 3G and LTE, it seems like it is quite an intensive process to transition as the bars fluctuate drastically for a few seconds when going into LTE mode.


    There is no doubt that this phone is the best one on the market. Android/Windows/BB lovers can say what they like, it's a beautiful product.


    Listen, I am a prime example of a faithful apple customer, I've owned ipods, MacBooks, 3 iPhones; I've been the poster-boy who has converted my family  and friends to the apple ecosystem; I've defended apples brazen and often cocky style; I have a @mac email address that dates to 2006 prior to mobile me; case and point, I put all my eggs in Apple's basket, and have been proud to, since now.


    If anyone from apple reads this post, and I know they will, I would greatly appreciate if someone could get in touch with me to discuss this battery issue. I would also like to know when they plan on releasing a fix, so myself, and all the others who are plagued by this battery issue, can rest assured that our hard earned money was well spent on this "flagship" device.

  • darkmarch Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you for this!!

  • DJSticky Level 1 Level 1

    Here is my iPhone 5 vs my wife's iPhone 4 around 6:22pm.

    We work together so we leave the house at the same time and go to work and come back home at the same time. Same network (Fido/Rogers are the same network). I usually get 2 to 3 bars of LTE.


    My iPhone 5 (Fido)

    Usage: 2 Hours, 45 Minutes

    Standby: 10 Hours, 39 Minutes


    Her iPhone 4 (Rogers)

    Usage: 2 Hours, 18 Minutes

    Standby: 10 Hours, 45 Minutes


    Pretty similar usage but her battery life is better. She even has bluetooth on and I dont.

    I unplugged at 7:30am and as of right now (30 min after midnight) I have:

    Usage: 4 Hours, 42 Minutes

    Standby: 16 Hours, 23 Minutes

    Battery is at 13%

    This is after calibrating my battery and a DFU restore and setting up the phone as new.

    I am not happy

  • spyd4r Level 1 Level 1

    another user with terrible battery.


    i have consistenly 1 bar less then my girlfriend's iPhone 4 (Same Carrier). If i'm using the phone actively and charging the phone gets REAL hot. I can almost watch the battery drop while using it.. a percent every minute or two while using it..


    I also notice, the auto dim backlight option doesnt make a difference if enabled/disabled on my phone.

  • Mustang92690 Level 1 Level 1

    Just thought I'd post a little update for everyone with my usage statistics for the last 18-ish hours:


    I previously posted last night that battery life was no better with the replacement phone I received from Apple BUT these usage statistics imply differently. not quite 2x as good as with my initial iPhone 5 I received last friday but better than I was seing with my initial phone the last couple of days.


    still at 50% battery with 4.5+ hours of usage and almost 18 hours standy. I can live with it at this level but look forward to any software update that may come from Apple on the issue


    usage stats.png

  • darkfire.shadows Level 1 Level 1

    That usage is exceptional. If you extrapolate you are getting promised battery life. So I'd be happy with that.


    I am getting a replacement phone but have to wait till it arrives, if I could get close to your results I'd be happy.

  • Mustang92690 Level 1 Level 1

    I was expecting to have to wait but luckily my Apple store had tons of extras for replacements in stock. For sale models, a different story.

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