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  • DeFective Level 1 Level 1

    A little update.


    I think that the fairly poor battery life I have been experiencing is linked to the fact that Rogers has mediocre LTE coverage in my city (Ottawa). Although I have LTE signal in most spots, it seems weak. As soon as I place the phone in my pocket, it seems to revert back to 3G and hunting for LTE signal. In my informal tests, I have disabled LTE when I know the signal is low or likely to switch to 3G. It seems to dramatically improve battery life.


    Has anyone else here in Ottawa or elsewhere tried or experienced this?


    I guess I will be forced to toggle the LTE option on and off when needed if I want to experience good battery life....



  • DonHombre Level 1 Level 1



    I'm writing from Germany too. I contacted Apple to replaced  my iPhone 5. Max. 5 hours of use. LTE and most of the location services off. That can't be true. My "old" iPhone 4 lasts much longer. I tried everything, which was decribed in this threat. Nothing really helped. We'll see with the new one.

  • SandroD Level 1 Level 1

    I dont see why everyone is swapping phones driving apple insane. I am sure they are working on it. for now disable anything that is performing icloud synching ( serveral people reported that the passbook sync with icloud cased their battery to drain very quickly ).


    once you have done that test the phone charge and if goes back to an acceptable level then you may want to turn on 1 sych at the time ( contacts, calendar, bookmarks etc.. ) and see which one is keeping your phone busy.


    also its clearly not an Iphone 5 only isue, tons of people have reported battery issues since upgrading to IOS6 with iphone 4 and 4s.


    with that being said, i would appreciate if you stop all your bad advertising against this new phone and concentrate in resolving the issue itself.

  • eyork Level 1 Level 1

    Good advice. Its not bad advertising its the truth against the new phone that need to be fixed. If we all kept quite then no one would have or use the iPhone 5 due bc it doesnt work correctly. Its ok, everyone is still team iPhone, just want the bugs fixed ASAP, calm down.

  • Canucks Level 1 Level 1

    You are a tool....SO you buy a car which is defective and just wait for the manufacturer to come around and fix your issue?.  I am sure people who have paid upwards of $900 for this agrees with you......NOT

  • BabyFu18 Level 1 Level 1

    My battery life on the iphone 5 is awful compared to my 3G, but I figure a lot of new features (over what I was used to) is to blame. So I've done everything I've read to preserve battery life and am currently letting the phone drain complete and recharging from there. Hopefully a fix will be out soon and it'll allow me to turn back on some of the features I've currently disabled to save battery life.


    My biggest concern is the fact that my phone gets extremely hot. I was holding it earlier checking out Facebook and within about 5-10 minutes in my hand the phone was hot enough for me to take notice. I've checked on it a couple times while its turned on but in sleep mode and its not been hot to the touch, but time I use it even for a short period of time it gets very hot very quickly.

  • platerpus7 Level 1 Level 1

    I think their is a difference with a car and SOFTWARE. I design software for a
    living and there is always problems with New software. Ever wonder why there are
    different versions?  You're an idiot. Anyone who paid more than 500 for an
    iPhone is a moron.  And the problem is not hardware, it's software so I don't
    know why you are crying like a little girl.  You described a car, cars are hardware not software therefore your argument is not valid and you are a *******.  My iphone has no problems at all.  everyone is different.  the iphone is not defective just because there are software issues.  it would be defective if there antenna did not work genius.  Nobody knew there were problems before they bought the phone, so what are you even talking about? or are you just trying to be an angry hating troll?

  • SandroD Level 1 Level 1

    The 2 things are 99% related. Processes are utilizing the cpus as crazy which makes the logic board hot and of course will also drain the battery. The question is what processes...

  • spyd4r Level 1 Level 1

    i agree, the only reason Apple is swapping phones is to give you an answer, something to do. if they said.. we can't do anything right now.. they'd lose you as a customer.


    swapping the phone has a placebo effect, of course you'll fell better with a shiny new phone again.

  • Mike Angelichio Level 1 Level 1

    If I bought a car, and the instrument lights keep telling me there is a problem with the engine (could be hardware OR software) or the computer is giving the wrong info for gas/air mix (software)........   sorry bro.  I'm ******. 

  • Canucks Level 1 Level 1

    That's rich....Troll? naah I have contributed here plenty.  Suggesting people sit back and wait to get something they have paid for REGARDLESS what they have paid is moronic. The fact Apple is switching out hardware is their option.  First thing Apple needs to do is to admit there is a problem, then give people some outlook on what they are doing about it. ALL the posts so far have been from people who have different solutions, gotten different advise without one single conclusion to what the problem is....Getting what has been advertised and what you have paid for it the issue......So call me whatever you want No F's are given from my side Mr "Software designer"

  • darkfire.shadows Level 1 Level 1

    I would say if you advertise 8 hours on 3G or LTE, then you should deliver 7-8 hours real world usage. After my phone swap I still see 3-4 hours of use in a day. I had to buy a second USB to lighting connector to keep my phone juiced during the day.


    If I wasn't so ingrained in the ios ecosystem, I'd seriously look at the droid which is giving 10+ hours. 3-4 hours is just pitiful. I would have preferred the phone stay as thick as it was and have a larger battery than worry about being so thin.

  • SandroD Level 1 Level 1

    Out of my curiosity, if you are browsing under wifi at a moderate rate how often do you lose 1% point of battery ? do you get to 5 minutes or less than that?

  • Canucks Level 1 Level 1

    That is my point EXACTLY. Whjy should I turn off Push email, brightness, notifications etc?. IF you told me that the phone would only give me max 2 hours of juice going full tilt then I would have a choice off the  bat to either accept or buy something else.


    This is not my first Rodeo. I have had 4 Iphones since day one. all my hardware is Apple and I am not going to stop I would just wish that apple would STOP thinking about their stock prices and admit that they have a problem...remember the antenna fiasco?. same thing, they danced around it for months before coming out and offering free cases...

  • darkfire.shadows Level 1 Level 1

    I don't track it that close. I'm just looking for a phone that'll get me all day without running out of power.

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