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    I thought it would be worth sharing. I have done some further experimentation with battery life (using Carat as an scientific instrument of sorts) and, for those who have turned Push off like I have in my experiment, this may be a major contributor to poor battery life for whatever reason. Will others look into it to see if what I have found hold true?

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    I have installed Carat only earlier today, i will give it a week and come back to you however push emails was introduced to reduce the need of checking emails, i still find push emails a way to save battery and i wouldn't turn it off. Just limit to 1 or 2 accounts

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    I think this is signal related. At work where I have between 2-3 bars I consistently get 3 - 3 1/2 hours of use before needing to charge the phone about 7 hours after unplugging it.


    At home yesterday I got 5 hours of use, 14 hours of standby and was still at 40% left.


    I think as noted bad signal will destroy your battery. Nothing a DFU restore or new phone is gonna help. Hopefully a new iOS 6 update will address that issue.

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    I don't necessarily have issues with my battery life being awful, but I am having an issue with charging. I will charge my phone over night and wake up with the battery percentage between 95-98% with the charged plug on the batter. If I unplug and plug it back in it will charge to 100%. This has only happened twice in the two weeks since having the phone. I am wondering if the phone reaches 100% and then discharges to maybe 90% and back up to 100% like most laptops have the feature to do. I have done a reset on the phone (hold+home button) followed by letting the battery drain to recalibrate it. I still have 28% left so I haven't seen if the reset or battery drain will fix it yet. Has anyone else had this issue?


    More information can be found in the link below. Although it pertains to the 4S it is the exact same issue as I am describing. Thanks!


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    Guys, you also have to realise that many of the apps you have installed have not updated i.e. not only do they need to update to take full use of the 4" screen but I have a feeling they need to be updated to be optimised to the new antenna system. I had terrible battery life, I deleted a few apps which I thought were not so optimised and the picture is completely different now.


    Just a suggestion.

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    I should clarify what I was saying. I actually meant that having Fetch on instead of Push might be contributing to battery life issues.


    After I turned Push off I started having some problems. After some further investigation, I only gained about 4% on my J-Score when I switched it back on. 4% is pretty trivial but, I went back and looked for any other changes, I did find another potential culprit.


    When I very first got the iPhone 5, I turned "Limit Ad Tracking" (Settings, General, About & Advertising) off and my battery life was fantastic... Well after a recent restore, in which I thought nothing had changed because I restored settings, my battery life plummeted and I found that LAT was turned off.


    I will admit to this being anecdotal but I am in the midst of testing that as a major culprit. The nice thing about Carat is, once you start getting scores, they update daily.

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    I would like to update on my original message after deleting my ISPW from my macbook pro. So after a few days it seems this has been the best resolution for me. I now get nearly 7 hours out of my iphone 5 64GB model, and to clearify with out settings things off now like bluetooth, personal hotspot and LTE.


    What i can gather from is if your restoring either with DFU or regular restore through itunes and still setting up as new device you might still have a firmware bug if the ios 6 download was sitting on your computer from launch day if you happen to have downloaded it from the 19th of september when it was released and was using it on a older iphone model before getting the 5.


    Everyone here should try this method before trying to get an exchange.




    If your on lion or mountain lion you'll need to do this method to find the file first and delete it so you can redownload the ispw file for restore.


    Go to file finder,


    Then click at the same time, command+shift+g


    You'll see a window which will say "Go to the folder:    Put in it ~/Library then click go


    Then go to itunes, iphone software updates, and now delete the file for ios 6.


    Now plug your iphone 5 in to itunes and just click restore and once downloaded and restored setup as new phone and add email accounts one at a time. Voila

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    I managed to get 12 hours and 54 minutes of usage yesterday. It was a whilst doing a mix of things (I don't actually know if the usage time is completely accurate).


    I do know this however, having good cellular signal = a much better battery life i.e. 4+ bars.

    Anything lower than this and I've had a battery life of less than half of its full potential. For some reason I'm finding cellular signal to be a huge factor in the battery life issue.



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    hi   everybody. bottery problem from japan

    for me  with the same battey problem  this worked perfectly and now is pretty better battery life than my iphone4

    setting >general>reset>reset all setting.  and then let the battery go o zerro  after that fully(100%) charge. then check every thing manually ,,, if you really need that let it run and  if no really in need then turn it to off ,,, this must work i think

    good lock

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    So I've done the diagnostics testing with Apple and they're checking out the logs now. Still no improvement in battery life, the one thing I did that helped was reset settings, so now the phone dies at 8pm instead of 5pm.


    I'm going to do one last thing, the reset as new phone and back up manually, before throwing in the towel and asking for an exchange. Can I ask if anyone's gotten an exchange and managed to get the battery problem resolved? Thanks!

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    Hi all,


    Just want to contribute to this lenghty thread.  I also was experiencing  short battery usage on my IP5 (I was getting around 3 hrs of usage on mine), and I think I have found a work around to this problem.


    After an interesting trip to the Genius at my local Apple Store (they did an analysis on my battery which turned out to be normal), I came across the 'Date & Time' setting and noticed that mine was set up to 'automatic'. I also noticed that 'beach ball' that was constantly spinning, like it was continually searching for a time zone.


    So Iast night, after unplugging my phone at full charge, I went to: 'Date & Time,' and changed 'Set Automatically' to OFF.  Wouldn't you know it, my phone is still at 52% with 4 hrs of usage!  I also noticed that the battery percentage indicator is slow to change not like it used to.


    I encourage you to try it out to see if it works for you.

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    I'll throw in my two cents...


    While I wasn't having quite the horrible battery life reported by some on this thread, my new iphone 5 only lasting about 7-8 hours with minimal usage. We bought 4 of them at the same time and I noticed that even though I had push, 4g and location services off while everyone else had thiers on I was the only one experienceing the poor battery life.


    I decided last night to delete all the extra apps I had installed the first day and also to turn back on 4g, push and location. This morning I took the phone off the charger at 7:03am. I had 100% battery life until 9:38 when it dropped to 99%. I've had excellent battery life today. it's 6:25pm and I'm at 54% with pretty heavy usage today. While, I'm not sure which app was causing the trouble, if you are having poor battery life, I suggest trying to uninstall some of the extra apps and see if it helps. If it does, reinstall one at a time and try to determine the one that's chewing up your battery.


    Hope this helps someone.

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    I've found out that Skype is draining my battery out.

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    If it's anything like my android thunderbolt, I think it's the 4G.  I turned off 4G since 3g works ok.  My iPhone will last about 4 days with Wifi off, location off, 15 email sync and no bluetooth...

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